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Tinder sexting (the relationship) part 7

3 years later

Me and Jack are still in a relationship, still as in love as we are when we first met on tinder and are going out tonight for a meal to celebrate my 30th birthday

We both got showered and dressed (after a little shower sex). I wore my black hair brought round to one side pinned up to show off my cleavage, a black glitzy maxi dress with a slit up the side from the bottom to the thigh, it focused on all my curves which I knew Jack loved, Jack wore a black suit with a white shirt with no tie, i loved him in a suit and he knew that.

I walked into the bedroom and Jack let out a low whistle
Fuck sake Lil, we’re not going to make it out tonight with you looking like that, I just want to rip that dress off you”
Maybe later Daddy if youre lucky”
i loved calling him daddy, ever since i found out it was a turn on for him.

We got an uber to the restaurant, sat down and Jack ordered for the both of us which i loved him doing as im so indecisive to chose.

Our drinks came first, mine a mojito and his a bottle of beer.

We chatted about our day, before getting an uber home.

Can i give your present now Lil, ive been dying to give it to you all night”

“Youve already given me my presents though, you paid for the trip away next month to amsterdam”
I asked confused

This is just another small present we can both enjoy” he said as he gave me a black gift box, in it included a pink 7’’ vibrator, a realistic looking dildo with a suction port and a little bullet vibrator

Wow” i took the dildo and stuck it in my mouth and atarted to suck on it for a few minutes, my pussy was already soaked from him eating my pussy in the blacked out taxi on the way home.

I stuck the dildo down on the dining room chair, removed my thong before easing myself down on the dildo and back up before plunging down and fucking myself with this fake dick.
Jack walked over to me, unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his pants and underwear, and stuck his now erect cock in my mouth and I started to suck him off while fucking myself with this fake dildo.

He slid my dress to the side and started playing with my clit which made me lose my mind.
Jack came in my mouth in quick time without any warning, but he knew this orgasm was about me not him so i knew he wouldnt last long.
I rode this fake dick as fast as i could while he was still fingering me before i felt the strangest sensation to wee when all of a sudden a spray of liquid squirted across the room and hit the couch, thank god it was leather.

“Fuck, it still turns me on when you squirt” he said as he kissed me hard on the lips

Anything for you daddy, i love youi winked him whilst climbing off the dildo and over to give him a kiss before getting ready for bed.

“I love you too nymph”

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