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My favourite teacher

I sit in my last class of the day in university , daydreaming looking outside the window at the sunny weather when my teacher catches my attention walking to the classroom, although its not my normal teacher but a substitute teacher when he immediately catches my attention
“Hi, my name is Ben, I will be filling in for the next month while your other teacher is off”
All the girls sit up and immediately take notice
Ben has a jaw that could cut glass, the hair of a greek god and the face that could make you wetter than an ocean
My god.
Just hearing him talk about a non sexy subject such as contract law was such a turn on I could feel myself squirming in my chair.
Two hours later, when the class ended i was packing up my stuff, putting my pink fluffy pens in my bag when i swear i saw him smirk at his desk.
I left the room looking forward to tomorrows lesson.

When 3 oclock rolled around I practically skipped into the lecture hall and sat down on the front row
I wore a red vest top, a short skirt with a white thong underneath finishing off with white converse. When Ben walked in I notice him look around and i felt he spent them extra few seconds on me and looked me up and down and smirked. I took this then as my cue that he liked what he was looking at. I uncrossed my legs allowing him a view and sat there with my pen in my mouth looking at the whiteboard while he spoke more about making contracts
When he turned my way and saw my legs uncrossed watching him, his eyes bulged out just a little bit, not for anyone else to notice him but I did knowing what I was doing
When class finished again this time he asked me to stay behind which i knew was a green light to get what I wanted

When everyone else had gone he walked over to lock the door and i had to cross my legs to stop me from touching my myself.

Hannah I really didn’t appreciate your little show today”
Im sorry sir but I dont get what youre talking about, what did i do?” I asked as innocent as I could say without laughing
“Oh you know exactly what you were doing sitting on the front row with your legs spread like a little whore waiting to be fucked” he said as he pulled me onto his lap. One of my biggest turn ons was dirty talk and being spoken to like I was a slut, so i lapped up the attention and sunk down on his lap grinding against his now hard erection.

He grabbed my neck and smashed our faces together kissing me so hard i knew my mouth was going to ache tomorrow, but god it was going to be worth it
He pulled me up and leaned me over his desk and pulled down my lacy white thong which was now soaked, he shoved my underwear under his nose and moaned while he inhaled my scent.
I started touching my now soaked pussy at the thought of him doing that when he batted my hand away
I didnt say you could touch yourself you little slut” he said sternly
God he was so fucking sexy.
Please sir, I need to touch myself, im going to burst if i dont”

I shut my eyes in frustration when i felt a single finger slide across my opening and I moaned so loudly at the contact, then he proceeded to slide another two fingers in to my wet pussy and started fingering me so fast i felt i was going to pass out. He then pulled out and i whimpered from the loss of him inside me.

He then lifted me up so i was sitting on his desk, ripped my vest top off me and unhooked my bra and licked his lips at the site of my perky 34D tits
Since the age of 16 id always been blessed with big boobs and a small frame and as i watched ben take my right nipple into his mouth and suck on it like his life depended on it i began playing with my left tit i felt like i could have came from this foreplay alone

He then took my nipple out of his mouth with a pop
“God your tits are perfect but now im hungry. Open your legs as far as you can while i eat your delicious soaked pussy
I immediately did as i was told as his tongue lapped against my folds and found my clit.
God the sensation of his mouth and teeth on my clit was enough to drive me to climax
Dont cum yet you little whore, im just starting with you”
He carried on sucking my clit for what felt like an eternity, iknew i was going to cum soon and he did it too when he gave me permission to finally climax
Oh fuck ben im going to cum, OH MY GOD IM GOING TO-”
i couldnt finish my sentence as i came hard and fast in his mouth, he carried on licking me and sucking on my clit, drinking in all my juices so his chin was covered in them when i leaned in to give him a sloppy kiss and taste myself on his tongue
He pulled me up and bent me over his desk and sunk into me in one movement
He thrusted in and out of me like a man possessed for what felt like seconds until i saw we’d been here for 40 minutes.
Oh you like this cock dont you?, you like it buried in your gorgeous pussy; this pussy is mine, dont forget it bitch”
He spanked my arse over and over again while he was fucking me making me moan and scream “Oh god you love being spanked dont you? Spanked like the naughty girl you are flashing me your pussy on the front row”
I felt him twitch again when suddenly he pulled out and forcefully knelt me down and came in and around my mouth.
God it was delicious, I swallowed every last bit as I sucked mine and his juices of his cock and wiped my lips
He kissed me and began to get dressed
Same again after the next lesson my favourite little slut, your pussy belongs to me now”
Yes sir, my pussy is yours now”
He kissed me again as i got dressed and left his classroom
God i cant wait for tomorrows lesson.

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