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Being neighbourly

I had divorced from my wife Julie about a year ago, moved out and found a cute little house.
I had the best neighbours ever and had gotten really close with Dave and Alison, our gardens faced eachother so we decided to knock the fence down snd have a big garden for all of us, sounds strange but iknow it was going to be great fun
We had dinner once a week, sometimes at my house, sometimes at their house, it was at their house tonight so i grabbed the bottle of wine from the fridge and walked through the garden and greeted them.
I shook daves hands and kissed alison on the cheek before going into the living room

Dave came in and gave me a beer and sat down
We have company tonight, our daughter hannah is home from university for christmas, shes been away since september so itll be lovely to have her home”
“Oh thats nice, i cant wait to meet her” i said as i took a swig of my beer

I heard the door slam and this gorgeous young woman walked into the living room wearing a short denim skirt, black vest top and black converse,
She ran towards dave and he picked her up and spun her around.
Fuck, her skirt had rode up and i could see her red lacy thong underneath her skirt
Oh fuck, i was in trouble now, i could feel my cock in my pants stirring so i took a swig of my beer and moved the cushion over my lap.

When Hannah got out of her dads hold, he introduced me
Honey, this is Greg, our neighbour, the one we told you about”
She glanced at the cushion on my lap so i stood up to shake her hand when she kissed me on the cheek making sure her stunning what looked like D cup boobs to me were pressed firmly on my chest
Lovely to meet you Greg, itll be nice to finally get to know you, mum and dad have spoken alot about you
She said as she winked.

Alison shouted that the food was ready so we sat at the table with dave and alison to my left and right and Hannah opposite me.
This night was going to be torture.
She kept leaning over so her boobs would spill out of her vest top, i thought i was imagining it until i felt a foot on my thigh moving slowly upwards towards my now rock hard cock.
I glanced up at her to see her smirking while still eating her food.

We ate dinner with the occasional chitchat, i offered to help alison with the dishes until she told me to go and have my after dinner cigarette, she knew me too well.

When i got out there, i found Hannah already there smoking on her own cigarette, god why was i jealous of a cigarette with her mouth wrapped around it

Hi there” she said as she set next to me
Oh Hi” i said as i smiled and squirmed in my seat, she knew the affect she had on me

How old are you greg?

“Erm, ill be 24 next month”

“Perfect, you look good for 24” she said as she took a swig of her beer and seductively sucked the tip of the bottle

Fuck” i mumbled under my breath and she just smiled at me

We’d both finished our cigarettes and stood up when she pulled my arm and dragged me down the alleyway and started to kiss my neck and play with my cock through my pants, i grabbed her face and kissed her, hard.
I moved my hand underneath her skirt and began teasing her rubbing her wet folds before fingering her clit

Fuck, we shouldnt be doing this, your dad is my best friend, as much as I really want to, we just cant, im sorry” i said as i moved away from her

“Thats fine, but we will do this again, thats a promise greg”

She said as I walked inside.

To be contined.....

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