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Being neighbourly pt 2

*a few days later*

I had cooked myself a pathetic ready meal and i was washing the dishes when i glanced up at dave and alisons window and saw hannah, in a towel and her hair wrapped in one too, she’d obviously just had a shower.
She waved at me so i felt it was only polite to wave back.
She then dropped her towel to reveal her young 18 year old tits.
She then sat on her windowledge and spread her legs so i could see her pussy.
Fuck, what was she playing at? She obviously didnt care if anyone else could see her
She then took her hand, sucked two of her fingers and put them into her pussy and started to finger herself, her head rolling back
I took my throbbing cock out of my boxers and started to stroke myself when my housephone started to ring
I was going to ignore it when i looked up and saw hannah with her hand to her ear so I decided to answer it against my better judgment
Hello” i said still pumping my rock hard cock
See anything you like?” She said as i could hear her moaning as she continued to finger fuck herself

God, what are you playing at, anyone can see you doing that”

“Iknow, but thats half the fun, aslong as you can see me doing it, i dont care about anyone else watching”

“Fuck sake Hannah, youre gonna get me in trouble” i said as i carried on stroking my 8 inch cock watching her

Do you live alone?”


Good, im coming”

She hung up and i couldnt see her in her bedroom anymore, 5 minutes later i heard my doorbell go and there she stood on my step wearing shorts and a vest top with no bra, nothing unusual for July in London.

She invited herself in and walked into my lounge, by the time i shut the door and walked into the lounge she was completely naked infront of me

Fuck” i said as i walked in and saw her on the couch with two fingers in her pussy fingering herself infront of me

Iknew you liked what you see, so I thought id come over and give you a private showing” she said as she pumped two fingers in and out of her pussy and now started playing with her nipples.

Fuck hannah, dont do this, once it gets to a point, i wont be able to stop”

“Good, i want you to fuck me, i want your fingers on me, your mouth on me, ive thought of nothing else since dinner the other day”

Thats all I needed, i closed the gap between us and kissed her hard and replaced her own fingers with my own and plunged two fingers inside her now soaking pussy. Her moans were deafening but god this was so sexy. I brought my mouth to her nipple and sucked before biting it and letting it release.

She stripped my boxers off me and sat down on the couch before taking my cock into her mouth and started sucking me, licking the tip and cupping my balls, god all i wanted to do was explode into her hot little mouth and for her to swallow every bit of cum, but i needed to be inside of her.

I sat down on the couch and she straddled me sinking down on my rock hard cock and started to ride me.
Fuck, this girl was only 18 but she knew how to ride cock, i was trying my hardest not to cum there and then but it was gonna be hard. I wanted to last.
She carried on riding me gyrating her hips and playing with her gorgeous tits.
She pulled my head down and i took the hint and started sucking on her tits again.

Fuck me harder, fuck me like the slut i am, give it to me”

God, she was a dirty talker, my turnon was a girl who liked it rough and to be spoken down to during sex.

I grabbed a handful of her wet hair and pulled it backwards which resulted in the loudest noise id ever heard in my life

Yeah, do you like that? do you like being treated like a slut? Because thats what you are, a little slut who loves to be fucked”

“Fuck i love this daddy, i love being treated like a dirty little slut, i love it rough”

I stood up still inside her and grabbed hold of her hips to support her and slammed her against the wall, fucking her hard and fast

Oh thats it, Fuck me harder daddy, fuck me like a slut, im so close”

I upped the tempo and fucked her with everything i had, trusting my cock hard hitting the back of her walls hitting her gspot over and over again

Yes, take it, take my cock like a good little girl, take it all, i want my cock covered in your cream, then i want you to suck it off”

I could feel her legs giving way so i knew she was close so i stuck my finger in her pussy and started playing with her clit to speed her up

Yes daddy, im cumming, oh fuck im cumming, yeeeesssss”

I felt her walls clamp my cock as she came on my cock , a few seconds later I came in her now drenched pussy as we both groaned, i set her down on the floor as she knelt down on her knees and began to lick her cum off my cock, every last droplet onto her tongue

God, that was amazing, i love being treated rough during sex, its such a big turn on for me” she looked away embarrassed

“Hey, dont be embarrassed after weve just done that” i kissed her to show her there was nothing to be embarrassed about “id say that was the best sex ive ever had, it was so hot”

“God me too, thats not going to be the last time is it?”

“Not a chance, im having you again you little slut” i winked at her and she started laughing

....fuck, tomorrows dinner at dave and alisons was going to be interesting.

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