Erotic short stories

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The naughty babysitter part 1

Goodnight my little man” i whispered as id just put owen down in his crib, turned his dinosaur nightlight on and shut the door.
I looked at my watch, it was 9oclock, owens parents, Mr and Mrs Reid wouldnt be home until 11pm so i had two hours to kill.
I was making my way downstairs when i passed by a picture of the Reids on the landing
Jeez he was so sexy, gorgeous blond hair and a jawline that would make any woman weak at the knees. She was gorgeous too with her big tits and stunning jet black hair, they certainly were a delicious couple
Imagine being with both of them, at the same time. God I was wet just thinking about it.

I wonder what their bedroom looks Laura you cant think of things like that
I considered going past, but i thought what harm can i do just going in and having a look round if i dont touch anything, so i willingly walked in and left any scrap of privacy at the door.

Their bedroom was decorated in a baby blue and silver decor, their kingsize bed taking centre stage in the room with silver pillows on the bed.
God, thats the bed they fuck eachother in every night.
No, i couldnt think like that.
I peeped through her bedside table and shocked myself when i found their sex toy stash of colours. A bullet pink vibrator and its bigger silver version next to it, but what really caught my attention was their realistic skin coloured dildo. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

My horny urges had really taken over now and I lay down on their bed, took my lacy black thong off, lifted my sundress up and began playing with myself.
I started with one finger, putting it against my soaking folds and pushed through the wetness until i found my aching clit. I began furiously rubbing it and then i added two fingers into myself, but i just knew tonight this wasnt going to work tonight so i reached over and grabbed the dildo, sucked it for even more wetness then eased it in just two or three inches
Jesus it felt so good, almost as good as the real thing.

I threw my head back and just let the rest happen naturally, i inserted the rest of the dildo inside my throbbing pussy until the full thing was inside me and began furiously fucking myself with Mrs Reids dildo.

Oh God, Fuck me Mr Reid, fuck me so hard, im a dirty little slut using your wifes dildo, punish me with this dick”

I didnt realise how long id been doing it for until I heard the bedroom door open and Mr and Mrs Reid walked in and Mr Reids mouth dropped in shock

To Be continued.....

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