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The naughty baby sitter part 2

Mr Reid stood there with his mouth open in shock, Mrs Reid walked in and her eyes bulged open, meanwhile I am lying there with her dildo still in my pussy.

I took it out and climbed off their bed with a look of shock and horror on my face
Oh my god, mr and mrs reid I am so so sorry, I dont know what came over me, ill get my things and go”
I was about to walk out their bedroom door when mrs reid stopped me by putting her hand on my shoulder softly
“Please Laura, call us Emily and James, you have known us long enough and please dont be embarrassed, we all have urges we explore dont we?”
I nodded agreeing with her, still embarassed about what happened
Tell me laura, were you thinking about James’ big cock while you were fucking yourself in our bed?”
I wanted the ground to swallow me up but i nodded yes
You dont need to use toys when you have the real thing right here, im more than happy to share him with you, god the amount of times we have spoken about bringing someone into the bedroom and now here you are”
This was james’ cue to pull me to him and begin kissing me with so much animal need my legs were going weak.
He realised that, lifted me up bridal style and threw me down on their bed. He then began to strip me of my dress and spread my legs open and dived in and began licking my aching pussy. I groaned with so much pleasure I thought I was going to wake Owen up but at this moment i didnt care, i just wanted him to not stop. I looked over at Emily and saw her sucking on the dildo id used on myself draining off all my pussy juices on her tongue
Fuck that was so sexy.
She then slid her thong to the side and began pleasuring herself with that same dildo while her husband was sucking on my clit. I swear my eyes rolled back when he inserted two fingers in and began fucking me aswell.
I then heard a clatter and looked over to find the dildo on the floor and emily stalking over in my direction. She had discarded of her underwear now, stripped of her dress and bra and climbed onto her bed and straddled my face i grabbed her hips and forced her down more on my face.
Oh fuck, I was in heaven.
I inhaled her as i started licking her soaking folds all while her husband was still eating me out
Fuck, i was so close to climaxing and he knew that so he inserted another finger in. I now had three fingers in my wet pussy aswell as his expert mouth sucking my clit while i pleasured his wife with my own mouth.
I began spasming close to my orgasm but my groans were muffled against Emilys cunt.
Oh fuck, i came all over his face, my juices dripping down his chin as Emily came against my face and in my mouth
God that was so sexy.
Emily climbed of me and James moved away and they discussed something with eachother before coming back to speak to me
This time it was James to speak
Fuck that was so good, me and my emily are not ready to end this night, Ive been wanting to fuck you since i saw you walk into his house with your little slut shorts and your vest top with no bra and so has emily, so im going to fuck her and she is going to fuck you at the same time, okay? And then its my turn to fuck that delicious juicy pussy of yours
I looked confused but then I turned to emily and saw her pull a strap on dildo out of her draw
god ive wanted this as soon as i started babysitting, i knew just by looking at you that you were kinky fuckers but i had no idea”
I walked over to James, unbuckled his belt and slid his pants and boxers down by his ankles freeing his cock. All 8 inches of it.
I sunk to my knees, took his delicious pink cock in my hand licked the tip of his cock covered in a pearl of precum and started sucking.

To be continued.....

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