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The naughty babysitter part 3

I started sucking on James’ delicious 8 inches of cock when he did the one thing i craved during sex, he started to talk dirty
Yes, fuck, take my cock, take it all in that young mouth of yours. I want you to fucking gag on it and hit the back of your throat, fucking slut”
God, that tipped me over the edge and i slipped a finger in my drenched pussy. Emily walked over to me and added another two fingers in my pussy and started sucking on my tits, my 34DD tits. She sucked on the right nipple while still playing with my pussy.
James then took himself out of my mouth and moved over to his wife, picked her up and started putting the strap on around her waist.
They started passionately kissing and i felt like id overstayed my welcome here.
Laura come here” Emily said in a sultry voice
She told me to bend over and then I felt the tip of the strap on glide against my pussy lips which made me groan so loudly
She then kicked my legs further apart with her knees and slid the whole strap on into me which made me buck backwards
Go on you little slut, be a good little girl and fuck yourself for us, i want that strap on covered in your cum when i pull out”
God they were both talking dirty to me now
So i did what she said and began fucking myself. Hard. And fast against her fake cock.
She thrusted into me so deep it hit my Gspot and i realised James had rammed his cock in her arse when she screamed against my ear.

The three of us then picked up a rhythm of moving in sync with eachother. I came first living up to Emilys demand of covering her fake cock with my cum, then they were in unison of cumming with eachother and he emptied his cock into her arse as i heard them both groan. We stayed still for a minute managing to get our breathing back to a normal rate when i whimpered as she took the strapon out of me and I collapsed on the bed allowing myself a relax before he come good on his promise.
James then summoned me to come over and straddle his legs, as I did this i sunk down on his still hard dick, i was shocked he was still hard.

I moved myself of it and sank back down on his cock and groaned as he hit my gspot. Over and over again.

I looked in emily direction and saw her sucking my cream off her strap on which made my moans louder at the thought of my cum on her tongue, she then found a vibrator and began fucking herself with it.

God look at my horny wife fucking herself while the babysitter is riding my cock, your pussys both belong to me, is that understood?” He said sternly

“Fuck yes Mr Reid, fuck this pussy hard and fast, i want you to cum inside me”
He then inserted a finger over my clit as he pounded into me hard and fast destroying my 18 year old pussy.
We heard a moan coming from the corner and saw a pool of liquid coming out of his wifes cunt onto the carpet

God my wife is a squirter, i hope you are too”

He then thrusted another finger in me and picked up the tempo of fucking me and fingering me to the point were i couldnt take anymore

Be a good little slut and come for daddy, cum all over my cock” thats all i needed before i felt a sensation that i needed to wee and felt a spray of liquid come from my pussy all over his cock, he then came inside of me, deep inside of me.

We all fell into bed, exhausted after the events of tonight

I think we’ll start going out more often if this is what happens when we get home”

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