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Office Fun

I had just taken a temp job in an office working beside the absolutley stunning man that is Jonah Blake.
God that man could make me forget my own name when he asked me to a simple task such as confirming a meeting.
I walked into work on a tuesday like any other day, but i decided to give in and update my wardrobe, I wore my blond hair down, a short black skirt, a white lace button up blouse that showed off my 32D boobs just perfectly without making it obvious, and my trusty black high heels. I felt so sexy walking into work and sat down at my desk at 9am sharp.
Jonah was already in his office, he came in every day at 8am to get a head start to the day.
He came out to greet me when his eyes widened just a little bit, enough for me to notice.
“Hello Sir, what is my first task of today?” I loved calling him sir because I could always see him stir in his pants when i called him it
He cleared his throat then replied “Oh erm, could you fetch me a bottle of water from the office kitchen, im just about to start a conference call”
“Yes sir, it would be my pleasure” i made emphasis on the pleasure as i walked to the kitchen to fetch him his water. While i was there i opened a can of sprite which caught me by surprise when it exploded all over me drenching my hair and making my blouse see through. My first instinct was to change my top and tie my hair up but I thought id test the waters and take Jonah his bottle of water first.

I knocked on his office door knowing his meeting hadnt started yet
Here you go sir, here is your water” I placed it down on his desk “im just going to change my top, a can of sprite exploded all over me, my top has gone see through and im quite wet as you can see” I giggled as i pointed to my now see through top
He squirmed in his chair before answering me
Er yes i can see that, go ahead and get changed”

I made my way to the bathroom to change my top to a cute little red button up blouse and tied my hair up into a messy bun.
I made my way back to my seat when I heard a noise coming from Jonahs office. His door was slightly open so i peeked in and saw him facing away from me moving his arm up and down fast
God youre such a little slut arent you? With your tight tops and your big tits, youre just asking to be fucked arent you? You little slut”
I was shocked at what i saw but god i was so fucking turned on I could feel myself getting wetter by the second, I decided it was now or never, I decided to be brave and walk into his office

Im back Sir, is there anything youd like a *clears throat* hand with?

To be continued.....

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