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Office fun part 2

Jonas spun round on his chair so fast, cock still in his right hand and looked so shocked to see me there.

He knew by my question that I wanted this to happen too.

Yes, get on your knees you little slut and open your mouth” oh fuck me, this was getting hot, i did what i was asked and sunk to my knees right before him, licked my lips as seductive as i could and opened my mouth
Good girl, now suck me off you little slut and do what the boss says”
He shoved his cock to far in my mouth i thought i was going to cry at the force but i composed myself as he started fucking my mouth with his big dick.
God, fuck, take my cock, take all of it, fuuuuck” as i took all of his cock to the very back of my mouth and didnt even gag, thank god for not having a gag reflex.

Good, now I want you to finger that tight little cunt of yours while you suck my cock”
I again did what he said, moved my lacy black thong to the side and inserted two fingers into my drenched pussy and started to finger myself whilst sucking my boss’ massive dick.
He then stopped me as he took himself out of my mouth, slid everything off his desk like we were in an american film and threw me onto his desk.
Thats enough of that, as much as i want to cum down that tight little throat, im not cumming unless its in your cunt, now spread your legs and let me look at that magnificent pussy, ive been thinking about fucking this for months”
Oh fuck.

I spread my legs as far as i could go whilst he lifted my skirt off and ripped my thong off me before sliding into me in one swift movement
God, the feeling of being so full made me throw my head back in estacy and i hadnt even orgasmed yet.
Oh fuck youre to tight, how are you so tight?, Fuck its like heaven”
He picked up his pace and fucked me fast. And hard. Hitting my g-spot continuously over and over again, fuck this was amazing.
Faster, right there, fuck me like the dirty little slut i am sir”
He kept fucking me so hard i thought i was going to pass out, hitting my gspot every single time
Oh god, a pool of white liquid sprayed everywhere as I felt my climax overpower me
Oh my fucking god, youve just squirted, fuck thats so sexy”
He kept up the pace as he was looking for his own release, he lifted my right leg over his shoulder so i could feel him at the very back of my pussy.

FUCK IM GOING TO CUM” then i felt his hot liquid hit the depths of my pussy as he stayed in me while he made sure every last drop was in me
He moved out of me and kissed me hard while i was still sat on his desk

Same time tomorrow then sir?”

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