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Double trouble pt 1

Tonight was the night.
Tonight was the night Id forget all about the past and focus on the now.
Tonight was the night id go to a bar and fuck a complete stranger.

After my relationship broke down after finding my fiance Jason fucking my sister in our bed, i decided enough was enough, threw them both out of my flat and chose to forget they ever existed.

Now this brings us to tonight.
I was dressed in my most glitzy sluttiest dress i owned, a black sequin dress that just about covered my arse, showed off my 34D boobs perfectly, my 5 inch black heels finished the outfit off.

Damnnnn girl, if no one wants to sleep with you tonight, come home with me” my best friend Alice paid me with my compliments as she saw me getting dressed I was afraid my head wasnt going to fit through the door.

Thanks Al, hut im afraid you dont have the equipment I require, love you though” I said as i finished applying my lipstick and got my bag together, booked an uber and left to go to the club.

We arrived at Lust, the hottest bar in London, walked straight in and Alice went to the bar to get our drinks and showed me where to go to meet up with the rest of her friends Jen, Jess and Abi.

Alice came back with a mojito for me, i downed my drink in one, winked at Al and made my way over to the dance floor.
I dont know if I was more aware because I was on the lookout for cheap meaningless sex but i felt alot of eyes on me when i started dancing.
Two men walked over to me and started dancing with me and fuck me they were stunning.
Complete opposites of eachother, one with blond hair and blue eyes, the other with black hair and green eyes and I wanted them both. At the same time.

The blond one whispered in my ear “Hi, im Tom and this is Andy, can we buy you a drink?”

Sure, you can start with a drink”

He smirked at me before they both led me to the bar. and Andy ordered us a round drinks and a round of sambuca shots.

So what is a girl like you doing in a bar by yourself?” Andy asked as he downed his sambuca shot

Drinks, dancing, sex, you know the usual stuff” I said with my most innocent flirtatious smile.

Jesus, you dont get many girls admitting that” Andy asked as he looked at me with his mouth open

Yeah? Well im not like most girls” I said as i swiped his bottle of bud of him, took a sip of it and sucked the tip of the bottle

Tom and Andy looked at eachother before Tom said “Do you think youll be able to handle the two of us?”

I laughed. “Maybe, but im sure ill have fun trying”

To be continued....

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