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Double trouble pt 2

We left the club and got a taxi back to their flat that they shared. Tom and Andy either side of me with me in the middle of quite a spacious taxi.
I felt quite self consious and vulnerable now we had left the booming nightclub with its loud music and strobing lights.
I was lost in thought when i felt a hand on my leg giving me a reassuring squeeze
Now or never Hannah, fuck it.
I straddled Tom and started kissing him passionately, while i was sat on him, i took his cock out of his trousers and started stroking his now erect cock with my left hand while kissing him.
Fuck, youre gonna make me lose my mind before we even get home”
I giggled as I carried on stroking and kissing him.
Out of the corner of my eye i caught andy take his dick out of his trousers and was now masturbating to the sight of me kissing and touching his best friend.
I climbed of Tom and sat back in inbetween them and took a cock in each hand and started stroking them both.
The groans of the two of them were making me so wet, when Andys hand slipped under my dress.
Fuck, are you seriously not wearing any underwear? Tom, we’re in for a treat tonight with this little nymph”
I laughed as Andy started playing with my now soaking wet folds sliding a finger along my slit, up and down, up and down before he plunged two fingers in and made me arch my head backwards in delight.
I carried on wanking the two of them off while Andy was fingering me, until the taxi stopped and i stopped and became all to aware we had done this with a taxi man in the front seat, but that just made me more horny

Andy paid the taxi driver as we all climbed out of the taxi
Have a good night folks, be safe” he shouted as he laughed and drove off.
We all just looked at eachother and laughed knowing we wernt as careful as we thought we were in the back.

Tom opened the door to their flat as we walked into their living room
Drink?” Tom asked as he walked to the fridge
No, ive got something else in mindas i smirked, walked over to him and sank to my knees

To be continued....

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