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Meet John, He works at a local grocery store and goes to the community college. John meets this girl Macy, who just started at the grocery store he works at and also had a class with him. John was not prepared for what was going to happen over the next few weeks. Follow along as John and Macy share their deepest desires and battle the physical sexual tension between them. Neither of them were prepared for what happens...

Erotica / Romance
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First Day

It was the start to the Fall semester at the local community college. John was excited to start this school year knowing he had one more year left until graduation. John was in the Criminal Justice program and had hopes to become a police officer.

First class that Monday morning was Criminology at 8:00AM. This was a cool class, the teacher was laid back and pretty funny. John was early to class and made small talk with some of the students when this girl walks in. Immediately catching his attention due to her smile. She was about 5 feet tall, athletic build, great smile, brunette with brown eyes. John couldn’t help but look at her. They connected eyes for a split second and she made her way to an open seat. John was in the back of the room and she sat near the middle of the class, two rows in front of him. John couldn’t help but stare...although she was beautiful, John was staring at her because she had such a nice body. She wore those special booty lifting yoga pants, and a crop top in her tennis shoes. She definitely takes care of her body. John couldn’t help but stare at her ass as she spun around and sat down at her seat. “Who is this?!” John said to himself.

“Stop staring at her you jackass” Rick said sitting next to him.

“I wasn’t staring” John replied.

“Yes you were, because I was too!” Rick said jokingly.

“Are you going to talk to her?” Rick asked John.

“I don’t know, we will see what happens” John replied.

The teacher, Mr. Jones ran through the class list naming off the students to mark for attendance. There was a total of 10 students, 6 guys and 4 girls. This girl definitely was the beat looking of them all. John just had to know her name.

Mr. Jones called her name “Macy?”

“Here” she said raising her hand excitedly.

Now John knows her name. “What am I going to say to her?” John thought. Mr. Jones called my name next “John?” he raised his hand quickly and said “Here”

At that moment she turned her head and looked back at John and gave him this little smirk staring directly at him. Their eyes connected again and at that moment he was intrigued. She looked at him as if she was inviting him to sit next to her. John sat back in his chair and waited for the lecture to begin.

Class went on and ended at 10:00AM and everyone started to pack up to leave. John thought, should I talk to her now? Would I seem desperate? I mean it’s only the first day of school. John packed up quickly and on his way past her seat Macy said “Hey John” with this energetic voice. John looked down at her.

“Hey! Macy...right?” John said.

“Yeah, good memory” Macy replied.

“This seems like a fun class, should be a good semester” John stated.

“I agree. I was looking forward to this class. I heard from other students Mr. Jones gives a lot of extra credit and has a lot group assignments” Macy stated excitedly.

“Maybe we will get the chance to work together” John replied. Thinking to himself “that was smooth”

Macy quickly replied “I hope so!”

John smiled from ear to ear and told Macy “I will see you next class. I wish I could stay and talk more but I have to get to work”

“No problem, maybe we can talk another time” Macy replied

John left the classroom and felt he was on top of the world. Never would of thought the first day he would get the chance to meet such a hottie.

John made it to work and clocked in for his shift. John worked in the bakery and was informed by his manager there was a new hire starting today. She will start a little later in the shift.

“Do I need to train her?” John said out loud

“Yes, you have the most experience and I have a meeting today. I expect you to train her correctly” his manager said.

John was a little upset because he always has to train the new hires. He is frustrated because they don’t typically last long. A few hours went by and as he was stocking the shelves in the front of the department The manager stated “Hey John, the new hire is here” John looked up and his jaw dropped and stated “Uh..Hi” surprisingly. Macy stood next to his manager smiling happily.

Macy giggled and said “Hi John” making him blush.
“I didn’t know you worked here!” Macy stated.

“You already know each other?” The manager said confused.

“We have a class together, I just saw him this morning” Macy replied.

John proceeded to fill the case with fresh bread and then joined Macy in the department to go over some of the basics and their job duties. He couldn’t help but notice she was still wearing those yoga pants. He tried his hardest not to stare. The manager left for his meeting and John, Macy and two other workers were in the department. John told the other workers he will be right back as he shows Macy around the department, cooler, loading dock and the back rooms.

John took Macy into the cooler to show her where she can find certain items that need to be refrigerated.

“It’s cold in here, I don’t think I wore the right clothes” Macy stated. While they talked John couldn’t help but notice Macy’s nipples began to harden. John’s mind went crazy with thoughts. He wanted to see her tits so badly. He was so curious as he could also see she had them pierced...John’s mind went crazy and tried his best not to look or draw any attention. Macy looked down and covered them up.

“Oh jeez, I am embarrassed” she stated

“Don’t be, I mean not trying to make it awkward but it’s natural. It’s cold in here” as he laughed calmly.

“I just need to warm them up. I don’t normally wear bras” she claimed

John’s eyes grew wider and was at a loss for words. Macy giggled as she made John blush again. “Really? I mean it’s what you are comfortable with” John stated.

“Are you curious?! You keep looking at them” Macy said to John “Do you want to see them?”

John hesitated..”Are you serious?”

“Sure, why not? You have seen boobs before, right?” Macy asked him.

“Yes, I mean aren’t they all the same?” John exclaimed

Without hesitation Macy lifted her shirt and exposed her breasts. John was amazed. Her boobs were perfectly round, plump, just beautiful. Nipples were hard as a rock, and looked like candy gum drops. Both were pierced and John couldn’t help but stare.

Macy asked “Do you like them John?”

John replied “Like?...I fucking love them. They are amazing, but you better put your shirt down before we get caught”

“I will, as soon as you warm them up. My nipples are so cold” Macy said

“Right here?!” John replied

“Yes! You want to suck them don’t you?” Macy said

“Are you serious? Right here?!” said John

“Yes, I want you to suck them” Macy demanded

John sat down on a box next to him and pulled Macy close to him. He opened his mouth and gently started to suck on her right nipple. Macy started to take deep breaths and moaned softly as John continued to suck and gently bite her nipple.

“Oh John, please don’t stop!” Macy said frantically

John moved to her other nipple and continued to suck. John used his thumb and pointer finger to gently pinch her other nipple making Macy’s body tremble with ecstasy.

“Please don’t stop...keep going....” Macy again stated

Macy grabbed the back of John’s head and pulled him closer as he continued to play with her nipples. John began to nibble and bite them which caused Macy to lose control. John caressed her boobs and massages then going back to gently pinch her nipples as he goes back and forth between them she stated “oh fuck, I think I am going to cum”

John wasn’t sure if she was serious but he couldn’t help but continue. Her nipples were so hard and swollen, she is practically begging for it. John continued for a few more minutes and Macy’s breath became more shallow and intense. John could feel her body tense up and she jerked away from him and her legs started to quiver.

Macy took a step back as she had to catch her balance as he left legs went numb for a moment.

“Holy fuck John, I don’t think I have ever experienced that before” she stated

Macy took a few steps and had to compose herself.

“We better get back, we have been gone too long. Don’t want anyone to catch us” said John

“Well maybe I can return the favor?!” Replied Macy

“Depends on what you have in mind!” John said curiously

Part 2 coming soon...like and comment below.

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