Naturals (Heathen's book 2)

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After seeing some strange things, Branndie Knight has realized the world is not as seems. However, before she can get a handle on what the world is really like she is kidnapped by a gang of people determined to keep her. Through her imprisonment, she will learn the history of these magical beings as well as some things she didn't know about herself. Will she stay loyal to her thoughts and beliefs? Or will she cave in to the temptations of her captors and fellow inmate? Find out in the sequel to Heathen's, Naturals.

Erotica / Fantasy
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1 Big Trees Fall Hard


I run out the door pausing as I take a look at the full parking lot. The place is still and quiet almost like it was in the gym just moments ago. The cars don’t move and there’s not a person in sight. If it weren’t for the sound of sirens in the distance I would have thought the world was on pause once again.

I slowly walk through the parking lot taking a long look around me. Though Branndie doesn’t seem to be anywhere. I stop in my steps when I find a black stain on the ground evidence of someone’s burnt tires. Its Branndie I just know it. I follow the track to the exit stopping as the trail runs cold. I turn to my right up the mountain when something tells me I need to go left.

Its an odd feeling and I don’t know how or why I get it. But nonetheless I find myself running in that direction. My feet slam down against the pavement, a race between me and the ever thickening snow. In no time at all the dense fluff will stick to the ground creating a slippery foundation that will make running impossible.

I continue running desperate to find the one person I can’t stand. I don’t know what’s come over me but the second I knew she could be in trouble I pounced into defensive mode. I can’t explain it but I can’t help but make sure she’s okay. Just like with that loser Heathen the other day. He didn’t necessarily do anything to her, but I could sense his ill intent. Hell I almost outed myself in the process of protecting her.

She hasn’t been in my life for more than a few months and she’s already almost outed me more times than I can count. What is it about this girl that has me risking my own safety? On a cognizant level I could care less if she got hurt. She doesn’t really mean anything to me. But on a deeper level, a level that makes no sense to me, I have to keep her safe.

As the snow grows thicker the road begins to disappear and I find myself slipping and sliding all over the place. I’m getting closer. Don’t ask me how but I can feel it. I can see a sharp turn in the distance and I try my best to get there without falling down. A flat black GTR passes me taking a sharp turn and blocking off the road.

I could go around it but that would only mean more work as I tried to climb the mountain around the car. Is possible but I’d rather not waste the energy. Something tells me I’m going to need as much as I can get. I slide to a stop watching as someone climbs out of the car and walks around the vehicle.

When his face finally comes into view I can’t help but feel a little relieved. If Luke is here, that means he isn’t the one chasing Branndie. That means she may actually have a chance at escaping. He walks towards me with a malicious grin, his eyes glowing brightly with his every color. Fucking idiot. Everyone with half a brain knows not to show your hand before necessary.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Jack ass,” he says a malicious smile crawling up his face. I bunch my hands into fists fighting the urge to show him my colors as well. The little shit stain doesn’t need to know exactly what he’s up against just yet.

“Good one. Did you come up with that yourself?” I snort circling around the asshole that has to the nerve to come at me.

“Quick whit. If only that mouth could have saved your little slut,” he sighs looking me dead set in the eyes.

“Don’t call her that!” I growl my colors fighting their way to the surface. I clench my fists tighter refusing to let this guy see it all.

“You know I come up here for a specific purpose. But now that I see you here all alone I can’t help but take advantage of this opportunity,” he says his smile stretching up his face. “Perhaps we can show the little Angel who the toughest guy really is,”

“I told you the last time she isn’t your fucking Angel. Or do I need to remind you of that encounter again?” I say through clenched teeth feeling my eyes start to dilate as it becomes harder to keep my colors back.

“Oh I wouldn’t do that if I were you. My father and the others are dying to meet you. It would be a shame if you didn’t make it there,”

“What is that supposed to scare me? Sorry but I’m not afraid of you or your daddy,” I scoff taking a step around him.

“Oh yeah? I wonder if Branndie would be. You know what… not likely. She’d probably sit well with the entire gang once she doesn’t have you jocks to hold her back. She’d probably jump right into my bed overjoyed with someone who could actually take care of her,” his words boil my blood and just the mention of his bed has me losing all my defenses.

“For the last time she isn’t your fucking girl! I don’t know why you’d want the annoying bitch anyways,” I growl only half believing the shit that comes out of my mouth. I really shouldn’t care about this shit, but somehow I find I do. I saw the way Shayne acted the last time they broke up, and he was the one to cause it. Surely finding her in this punks bed would be even worse.

“Oh yeah? Just picture her down on her knees like a good little slut sucking my cock all the way down to that pretty throat of hers. You’re telling me that wouldn’t bother you?” Without even thinking I pounce for the attack ready to do more than just break his nose this time. I leap into the hair screams as an agonizing pain explodes in my leg. I fall to the snow covered ground cursing as I spot the silenced pistol in the guys hand.

“Mother fucking fuck!” I scream holding onto my now bleeding leg. The excess energy subsides a little from the sheer shock of the pain. The punk grabs me by the lapels of my jacket, dragging me to the car and slamming me up against it. He presses the tip of the gun to my wound, causing even more pain to explode in my leg. What the hell has this bitch gotten me pulled into?
“That’s for taking shit on my girl,” he says releasing one side of my jacket. “And this is for the broken nose,”

Before I can react his fist connects with my face making a crunch noise as he breaks the cartilage. He drops me to the ground and spits on me before heading back to his car. But I’m not about to let him get the upper hand. I concentrate hard letting the full force of my power show. I rev myself up before chasing after him.

Just as I’m about to tackle him he turns around with a syringe shoving the needle into my neck. My power deflates completely disappearing like it never existed. For this moment I’m nothing more than a pathetic human incapable to causing him any more harm than what my muscles can provide.

I do the best I can swinging for an uppercut but the guy is just too strong. He laughs in my face before beating the ass end of his gun against my head. I crumple to the ground as blood pours down my face and into my eyes. He takes a hold of my lapels again only this time he doesn’t slam me into the car. He drags me over to the trunk and pushes me inside.

The trunk is small leaving no room for me to hardly move. Still I find a way to look around for the small piece of glowing plastic. The car begins to move and I take my chance yanking on the lever and popping open the trunk. Without space to stand I roll over the edge crying out as I hit the ground wound first.

Though still I move forward. I quickly get up off the ground taking note of the assholes license plate. EZA 758. I repeat the number over and over again until the car stops moving and quickly moves backwards. I leap up into the air, landing on the top of the car and leaving a pretty decent dent.

The car door opens and slams shut while the bastard gets out of the car and glares at me. “Big trees fall down the hardest I guess,” he mutters holding up a completely different gun and shooting at my uninjured leg. I sway a little to the left, pulling the small dart out of my leg. The world begins to spin and I take a step back falling back onto the icy cold ground.

“Though even big trees fall eventually my friend. I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of fun with you,” he chuckles grabbing the ankle of my injured leg and dragging me toward the trunk.

“Fuuck youuu” I slur trying to kick my way out of his grasp.

“You should have stayed in the trunk, now you’ve only upped the ante. Can’t wait to see what the guys will think of you,” he says lifting me up and tossing me back into the trunk as if I were nothing. He looks down on me one last time a sneer lifted across his ugly mug.

“Goodnight Jack ass,” he says before closing the trunk and making the world go dark.

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