My Masseur Neighbor

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Moving into a new apartment, Autumn meets her neighbor, a scrappy massage therapist named Jack. Helping her with stiff and sore muscles after hours of unpacking, she find out how talented this masseur can be with his hands.

Erotica / Romance
Bella Bellua
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Chapter 1

Boarding the elevator for the twentieth time, I was praying that this was everything. Moving is always a major pain, and I severely underestimated the logistical difficulty in moving to the seventh floor. All of my apartments up to this point had been on the ground floor, a trend that I hadn’t fully appreciated until now.

Putting as much force as my tired body could muster into tilting the hand cart at the necessary angle, I pushed my last load of boxes over the lip of the elevator door and down the hall to my door. I chose save my many boxes of books for last, which had seemed like a good idea in conception was rather difficult in practice as I was really looking forward to just being done with unloading my moving van and taking a nice hot bubble bath.

Awkwardly positioning the cart while holding the door open with my leg, it caught on the bottom edge of the doorway and would not move. Re-aligning the carts wheels, I gave two more hearty shoves and a plethora of curses to no avail. Just when I thought I was going to cry in sheer frustration a deep voice startled me from my thoughts.

“Need help with that?” he said. Peering around my open door, I came face to face with the owner of that alluring voice. With tousled brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, a lean muscled frame and faded jeans, this man was a dream. “Ummm, that would be greatly appreciated.” I stammered with a smile, now cursing myself for not even thinking about applying makeup this morning. With a wide smile he repositioned the handcart so he was pulling it into the apartment, rather than pushing, and those accursed wheels crossed the threshold with ease.

Seeing my surprised expression, he chuckled. “It’s all about the angle.” He said with a grin. He had a boyish grin and adorable dimples when he smiled. “And brute muscles don’t hurt.” I commented, chucking in turn. God, that sounded cheesy, I chided myself internally. Still, I couldn’t help by eye his V-neck shirt that hugged all the right places. “Over here?” he asked, gesturing to the other boxes marked books to the corner of the room. “Yes, please.” I said smiling. Offering my hand in greeting, I took the first step. “I really can’t thank you enough. I’m Autumn, by the way.” Wiping his hands on his pants, he grasped mine with his much larger palm. “Jack, it’s nice to meet you Autumn.” He gripped my hand lightly, his strong hands melding perfectly over mine causing me to smile wider.

“Well, I would offer you to sit but my couch is being delivered tomorrow,” I apologized. Turning to look at the massive stack of boxes, I let out an unintentional sigh. Rubbing my lower back with my hands, I groaned as the tense muscles hurt under my light pressure. “I can help you with that too you know,” he murmured. I looked at him questioningly, my face flushing from the sexy smile that now crossed his features. Clearing his throat, he dug through his pocket, pulling out his wallet and handing me a business card. “I’m a massage therapist at the fitness center in the plaza down the road.” I took the card, reading the print. No wonder he’s so fit, I thought. “Moving wreaks havoc on back muscles, so if you need it, give me a call. That’s my personal cell and my place is right next door.” He offered smiling. I nodded with enthusiasm. “Thanks, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.” I responded, pocketing the card.

Striding towards the door, I couldn’t help but stare at his toned rear end. He could be a jean model, I swear. “Thanks again Jack, I look forward to running into you again.” I said, walking him out. “No problem, and welcome to the building” he replied waving over his shoulder. I watched him walk towards the elevator, thinking how cliché the saying was that ‘I hate to see you good but damn it’s good to see you walk away’ used to be up until this moment.

Sighing, I got back to work unpacking, swearing that I was going to get through a few boxes before turning in for the night. I kept my promise to myself by unpacking both bathrooms and most of my clothes. Sinking into the warm water of my new tub I couldn’t help but smile thinking that I was going to really enjoy this new apartment.

The week went by in a flash, my new couch arrived and I had just finished building my last bookshelf when I again faced the mountain of boxes of books that I had been purposely avoiding. Starting to sort through one of the lower stacks, I daydreamed about my super cute neighbor. I had stopped by the fitness center earlier this week but Jack wasn’t in. I did, however, meet a really nice personal trainer there who convinced me to sign up for a free month of membership.

I also looked him up on the gym’s reviews and all his clients gushed about how nice he was and how their sessions really helped them with various muscle problems. From physical rehab from car accidents to muscle stretching for athletes, he had a good reputation as far as I could tell. Maybe I’ll give him a call, I thought. I’ve run into him in the elevator twice and he was all flirty smiles and happy chit chat. No red flags there, I mused happily.

Turning to lift my current box of books, I felt a horrible sharp pain sear across my lower back. Crying out I fell forward, pulling the box down with me. I cursed, tears welling in my eyes as the intense pain in my back seemed to throb in addition with my ankle, which now ached from the books falling on my exposed leg. Tears streamed down my face and I focused on steadying my breathing. For the love of anything holy, my muscles spasmed causing waves of pain to resonate across my lower back. A loud knock at my door, pulled me from my thoughts. I heard jack’s voice “Autumn, are you in there? I heard a crash and wanted to make sure you were ok?” he called. “Jack? Please help! I’m in here!” I called back.

Entering and seeing me splayed across the floor he rushed over and began carefully picking books off of me. “Autumn, what happened?” he questioned, concern overtaking his soft features. “I’m ok, nothing broken. I think I pulled something in my back, though.” I said, gritting my teeth. “Ok, well try not to move, I’ll help lift you to the couch” he said reassuringly. Wrapping an arm around my shoulder and the other around my waist, he carefully lifted me and placed me on my new couch. “Can you show me where it hurts, I can try to work out some of the knots.” He offered gently, kneeling next to me and rubbing his hands together to warm them.

“Are you sure, you’ve already helped so much” I argued, trying to sit up, I inhaled sharply as even small movements caused shooting pain. “Absolutely sure, now let me help you turn over,” he said commandingly. “Yes, sir!” I joked with my broken voice, causing him to smirk. Slowly, I inched over until I was laying on my stomach, positioning himself in front of my back, his hands gently felt across the thin fabric of my tank top and form fitting capri leggings. Luckily, I had just showered and changed right before I got to building my bookshelves, so at least I was more presentable this time around.

As his fingers began to explore my lower back with a little more pressure, he followed my light groans and the tension in my muscles to find the main areas of pain. He began by rubbing his hands in light circled over my muscles, warming up my skin through the thin fabric of my top. Kneading and working his palms along my spine, what started as torture slowly ebbed away into complete bliss. Rubbing his thumbs in small circles, he worked his way up and down my lower spine before moving outwards to my sides. He alternated in applying light and deeper pulling motions with his fingers and the edge of his hands to stretch out the muscles above my hip bones. Relaxing more and more with each passing moment under his touch, I could definitely see why he had so many positive reviews. This man’s hands were magic.

I could feel the tension slowly leave my tense muscles as he worked his way across both sides of my lower back. “How’s the pain?” he asked, pulling me out of the wordless trance the motion of this hands had lulled me into. “It’s getting much better, you’re a miracle worker.” I breathed into the pillow I had hid my face in. He chuckled, “Good, if it’s not too bad, give me one minute I just need to run to my apartment to get some supplies then I can really work at your deep muscle tissue.” “Sure, I’m not going anywhere.” I murmured my acceptance, nodding to show that I was ok. Not daring to make any more motions, as the severe pain I felt earlier had finally stopped, I only heard him walk across my apartment. Hearing the opening and closing of doors, he returned in a few minutes. Carefully, I turned my head to see what he was doing, making new rustling sounds. He was setting up some kind of a table. Meeting my eyes he smiled, “This will work much better if I can reach on your back properly.” Nodding in understanding, I pushed myself up into a sitting position, my back was feeling much better already. “Don’t overdo it,” he cautioned. “I’ll be careful.” I replied smiling. “Thank you so much, again. You’re aiming to be the best neighbor I’ve ever had.”

“Aiming? Well I’ll have to try harder then.” He said chuckling. I blushed deeply but chuckled along with him. Standing on wobbly feet, I was able to shuffle to the bathroom. While I was in there he called, “If you’re comfortable, it would be easier to do this if you were to disrobe.” “Disrobe?” I questioned, opening the bathroom door to appraise him with a smirk. “Yeah, haven’t you had a massage before?” He questioned with obvious amusement in his voice. “No actually, this will be my first.” I commented smiling. God he was cute, I hadn’t noticed it before but he was wearing black form fitting jeans and a navy blue muscle tee. “We’ll then I’ll be sure to make it good,” he said winking. Closing the door I took a deep breath. Well might as well go for it, I thought. I had been single for months and here I have an attractive man with talented hands asking me to take my clothes off. Removing all of my clothing, I emerged wearing only a towel as I could feel his eyes appraising my figure. I put on my best alluring smile and sat on the edge of the massage table, pulling him towards me. “I hope I’m not misreading signals but –“ I was cut off when he kissed me. Turning my head to deepen the kiss, I gripped onto the edge of the massage table as I felt his hands snake around my waist and neck. I gasped as a small surge of pain shot across my back at the pressure. “Shit, I’m sorry. Let’s get back to fixing your back.” He smiled apologetically. I nodded, meeting his eyes. Readjusting he helped me lie face down on the table.

Trailing his hands down my exposed back, he refolded the towel to only cover my buttocks, leaving my upper thighs and lower back exposed. I tensed slightly when I felt him apply massage oil over my spine, but quickly relaxed with an unintentional sigh as he began working the oil into my skin. Delicately at first, he rubbed his hands in small circles, warming my skin an superficial muscles under his touch. Starting at my upper back, he slowly worked his hands expertly over both shoulders. I was lost in the feeling, as he worked his way outward from my spine and along the ridges of my shoulder blades. Progressing to my mid back, I was back to my relaxed trance like state. “Now, let me know if anything hurts.” He murmured, his hands drifting lower. I simply nodded, groaning into the face rest.

He spent some time on the muscles of my lower back, making sure each muscle was warmed, stretched, and attended to, before moving to the next. Applying more oil as necessary, as to prevent any undue friction on the surface of my skin, I could feel the tension leave the areas that had hurt earlier as his kneading motions worked deeper and deeper into my skin. “God, you’re a miracle worker,” I breathed. He chuckled in response, and continued to work at my deeper muscle and tissue. At moments it was a little painful, but the pain subsided into tantalizing sensations, that seemed directly connected to my core. I shuddered as his fingertips grazed over the back of my hip bones.

Moving his hands lower and lower, he applied more oil as his fingers glided over my exposed buttocks. I gasped at the sensation; I could practically hear him smirk. He was good and he knew it. Working his way under the edge of the towel, I felt the muscles of my buttocks and thighs quiver in anticipation of his warm touch. Seeing my need, he dove in, both hands sliding over the lower edge of my hips and across each cheek. I tried to keep in my moans of satisfaction in by biting my lower lip. With careful but hard motions he stroked by buttocks in wider circles. Working from the top of my hips to where they met my upper thighs, without realizing it I opened my legs further to his expert touches. Continuing to rub wide circles over each cheek, his fingers grazed lower and lower, closer to where my thighs met. Unable to keep it in any longer, I quietly moaned out. Hearing my response, he positioned my legs wider on the table, now focusing at the top of my thighs. Making the same, slow large circles, I was now raising my hips to meet his touch. He was driving me insane.

With every pass, his fingers got closer to my exposed lips. I was openly moaning now, my body begging him to touch me. But all he did was tease, as he got so painfully close but never directly touched my aching bundle of nerves.

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