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Love can make you or break you. But what if you plan to protect your heart and what for the one you love, and in the mean time, keep your bed warm.... Lets see if you can read and not react while i put walls around my heart and warm my bed during the nights

Erotica / Romance
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Love is something that can build you up, or tare you down. Some men and women have flourished in love with others get devoured by heartbreak.

Well in my case it was eating me alive. The day she cut me off when I called and pretended to not know me is when my world shattered and crumbled. How did we get to this point? Well that is for another time. But she was my world, my reason for living and she was gone because of me.

So after putting a gun to my head one night. I thought of the one thing I can do to keep sane. Distract myself with another and keeping my bed warm at nights. Even though I still love her more than life itself. Chasing her is only going to push her away.

So I picked up the pieces and place then in a room in my chest and put up WALLS AROUND MY HEART. Hoping that one day she will miss me and need me again. But if that never happens, then My broken heart will at least be in pieces with a protection around it.

But the craziest thing is that I put a key hole in the my wall. Her heart is the key. Who is this woman that controls my daily thoughts? Who is the woman I use a distraction?

Well if you really want to know press the like button and add this to your reading list. But remember, Walls around my heart is just so I can wait for her return, if she ever will.

Shall we.

Playlist for my songs you can find on Spotify.

ROSE sung by Shawn Mendez

HURT LIKE HELL sung by Fluerie

NEVER ENOUGH sung by Loren Allred

HARD FOR ME sung by Michele Morrone

YOU COULD BE HAPPY sung by Jonny Brenns

THE DANCE sung by Garth Brooks

I MISS YOU sung by Løv Li

FALL APART sung by Post Malone

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