My Harem of Beast

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I am but a girl from a small village town... A young woman that no suitor wanted, and in such cost me my doom. Unworthy and unwanted I am to become a Blood Bride... Among many other young women, we our taken to the forest of the beast and monsters. Where a kingdom many fear and know so little of, a powerful queen awaits our arrival, along with the many hungry beast ready to eat us like a feast. But is it in the way we all fear?...

Erotica / Fantasy
Puya Tenshi
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!Please read before continuing!

Before we start this story I warn you of many triggers that could be involved in the book.

Everything is fiction and not real, there will be many 18+ content of different types, you have been warned!

I make up a lot of content at times off the top of my head, so things I may list may not happen but could happen or may not even be mentioned.

SO have an opened mind reading this book! I will not take kindly to people hating on things in this book that others may actually like. We all have dark pleasures and I'm wanting to be more open about some in my story.

If you do not like or are disgusted, please stop reading and just leave!

Many creatures like, centaurs, mermaids, and Minotaurs will be highly part of the erotic content! This can disgust and trigger people so I wanted to give a fair warning.

I have warned you, now it's up to if you'd like to continue!


NOW thats out of the way, I hope you enjoy my story, and for those who have read my work before I hope you are excited!
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