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It’s not a mistake to make mistakes, but it is a mistake to repeat the same mistakes. Georgia Kim is the daughter of the infamous Jaejoong Kim, the boss of the most feared mafia in the country. No one is allowed to get close to her. Especially the men who work for him. But what happens when his new recruit ends up between her legs?

Erotica / Romance
Mama Hoe ♥️
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Chapter 1

My dad was someone who many feared. He had money, he had women and he had guns. Not to mention the copious amount of drugs he sold. Many people who crossed him either vanished or were found dead. He had been in jail a few times and wasn’t afraid to fight or kill the odd person.

But when he was locked up, I was left with his flavour of the month.

It was something I had gotten used to and even though I didn’t particularly want anything to do with his lifestyle, I couldn’t leave. I was the biggest mob boss’s daughter and I was the only one to make him weaken. My dad was a cold-hearted killer and really, that is me being nice. Even though he was heartless he did care and love me. He looked after me as a father should and I had everything I could ever want.

I was his only daughter and I was a spoilt little princess that got away with everything. He could never say no to me and I often played upon it. His flavours would always call me a brat because they would be dropped if I needed something. Most of the time I just wanted them gone so I pretended I needed something. I didn’t like any of those women. I didn’t trust them.

My mum had passed away when I was only 10 and after that, he ended up in jail for a few years. It wasn’t too bad but I wanted him home because I had no one to hug me when I was crying or tell me that everything would be ok. I spent most of my time in my room crying myself to sleep. The only person who spent any time with me was my bodyguard and even then he barely spoke to me.

Technically, I wasn’t alone because the building we lived in was full of his men. We lived in a two-storied apartment near the top floor which had too many rooms. A few of his bodyguards lived with us but they mostly stayed away from us.

Tall iron gates surrounded the estate and to get in, you had to go through the guards. If you didn’t have a meeting, work for the gang or have a warrant, there was no way in. We were more secure than prison. I was just glad it wasn’t like living in a prison. There was no way I would survive being cooped up inside.

It was also difficult to sneak out because men walked the grounds 24/7 and there were cameras everywhere. Once I had succeeded to sneak out and I was at a party when a hand fell on my shoulder. I didn’t need to look at them to know who it was and my bodyguard dragged me back home.

Dad never told me off because he didn’t want me to be a prisoner in my own home. He just warned me and that was worse than a telling off.

When dad had his business meetings I was always told to stay away just in case bullets went flying. I didn’t want to get shot, dad didn’t want me to get shot and his flavour of the month didn’t want to clean the blood up.

Overall, I did have a good life if you ignore criminal activities, of course. I did very well in school and college but chose not to go to university. It wasn’t for me and dad didn’t care too much as long as I was happy.

A few years ago he told me I needed more education but he soon forgot what he was talking about when his new bitch walked past in a small bikini. I hated her the most. She never moved out even when he had some new girl in his bed. We hated each other with a passion and she stayed away from me after I broke her nose...twice.

She deserved it. The bitch started slagging my mum off and I snapped. I beat the shit out of her. So much that four guys had to break us apart. Of course, she ended up worse for wear but I didn’t care.

I was trained from a young age to be able to fight and stand up for myself. I was raised in a place with mostly men. There were hardly any girls around so I needed to be tough. The only girls around were the house cleaners but they were ancient.

That was the only issue I had about being raised around gangsters. Bringing a boy into my life was like signing his death certificate. I didn’t have a boyfriend longer than a month because he was always scared away. I tried to keep them a secret but it never worked. I was sure they tracked my phone and read my messages.

Which was why I had just broken my brand new phone.

My boyfriend had just dumped me over text and said that if he ever spoke to me again, my dad was going to kill him.

I yanked my bedroom door open, making my dogs jump and I stomped my way to my dad’s office with them following behind me. I didn’t bother knocking, I just kicked it open letting it slam into the wall behind.

Dad looked up from his desk with a raised eyebrow, “Yes?”

“You did it again!” I exclaimed, “Why can you never leave my boyfriends alone?”

“He was no good for you,” He said, turning his attention back to the paper on his desk, “I didn’t get a good vibe from him.”

“You say that about every boy I get with and you didn’t even meet him.”

“And what is your point, Princess?”

“Daddy, I don’t want to die alone!”

“You aren’t going to die alone,” He sighed, “If you are that desperate to marry, I will find you a good boy to marry.”

“I will not marry some prick who wants to lick your asshole,” I said, “Dad, I want to have a boyfriend who I can enjoy spending time with. I don’t want to have a gangster boyfriend.”

Dad exhaled heavily through his nose, “I know baby. If it makes you feel any better, his uncle was a police detective. I didn’t want to risk your safety for some boy.”

“Alright,” I sighed dropping onto the sofa, “You did something right for once.”

“I always do,” He said, “No one is good enough for you, Princess.”

“If you say so,” I sat forward, “What are those for?”

Dad glanced at the paper on his desk and linked his fingers on top of it, “Nothing of your concern. The pool has just been cleaned. You should relax.”

“Only if your bitches aren’t there.”


“What? You know I don’t like them. It’s not like my feelings towards them are one-sided.”

“You don’t have to like them. You know they will never replace your mum. It’s just a bit of fun,”

I shrugged and he motioned me over. He gave me a quick hug and kissed the top of my head.

“Relax for a bit. I have a meeting in about an hour so you need to stay away. Ok?”

“Yeah. Got it.”

“I know you don’t always see eye to eye with me but I am only doing this for you,” He said, “I want the best for you. If I finish early I will take you out for dinner.”

“Just the two of us?”

“If that is what you want.”

I smiled, “Can I pick the restaurant?”

“Don’t you always?” Dad chuckled, “Now run along and play in the pool.”

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