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BOOK 2 IN THE UNDERCOVER SERIES Sky has been found out. But she still has to do her job even with a gun pointed at her head.

Erotica / Romance
Mama Hoe ♥️
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“Take your heels off,” Blake said making Sky jump. Sky nodded and slid them off her feet, not looking at any of the men looking at her, “Go down the stairs and just walk straight,”

Sky let out a shaky breath and winced at the cool metal biting at her bare feet as she walked down into the basement. She had walked past the door on many occasions but never noticed it. It didn’t really need her attention but now she was being made to walk down there, she secretly wished she had taken a tour.

The basement was large with strip lighting scattered across the ceilings. There were doors with padlocks on as they walked further down the halls and Sky's heart began to race when she realised these were holding cells probably used to interrogate or torture those who went against Axel's gang.

Jake was sitting outside a room and looked up when he heard footsteps. He sent a tight smile to Sky and unlocked the door, stepping aside to let them in. The room was small with a single bed tucked in the corner, and a door opened to reveal an even smaller bathroom. A metal chair sat in the middle of the room, bolted to the floor and Sky knew that this would probably be the last room she would ever be in.

“In you go,” Zeke said and Sky gulped stepping into the cool room, “Have a seat,”

Sky's body shook as she sat down on the metal chair not daring to look up at the people staring at her. She kept a grip on her dress and tried not to shiver but it was no good. The room was too cold and they hadn’t given her jacket to her.

“Bring him in,” Axel said and a few minutes later Sky heard Jason groaning in pain. She looked up to see Blake toss him into the room like a rag doll.

A doll that had taken a beating.

Jason let out a small groan and rolled into his back, holding his wrist to his chest. The purple bruise and swelling was an obvious sign of a broken bone or dislocation.

“If you don’t want him to get another beating by my men,” Axel said, “Then get talking,”

“What do you want me to say?” Sky whispered.

“Jake, get me the photos,”

“Maybe we should wait until-” Jake started but Axel cut him off with a gun to his face, “Ok. Here,”

Axel threw the envelope at Sky, “Open it,”

Sky picked it up from the floor and held in a gasp at the photos she was looking at. Her heart was racing frantically as she flicked through them. She slowly looked up at Axel.

“What do you want me to say?” She said quietly, “You have photos of me,”

“I want the fucking truth,”

Sky shook her head, “I...”

“I was expecting this,” Axel said with a sigh and he motioned to his friends who took a step towards Jason.

Sky jumped to her feet and blocked them with her body, “No one is going to lay another hand on him,”

“Or what?” Zeke said narrowing his eyes, “Do you honestly think that you could stop me?”

“I don’t know but I know for certain that I’d put up a good fight,” Sky said, “You saw what I did to that bastard who held a gun to my head or the man who attempted to rape me. And if you don’t remember, I have a very good aim with a gun,”

“If you can take it from me,”

“Don’t tempt me, Zeke,” Sky said quietly, her eyes burning with tears, “Just. Back. Off. Please,”

Zeke tutted and reached for Sky but she was quicker than he expected. She stepped into his reach, grabbing his hand and used his momentum to throw him over her leg. He yelled out in pain when she put him in a wrist lock and she froze when she felt a cold barrel press against the side of her head.

“Don’t make me shoot you,” Blake said. Sky let go of Zeke and slowly got to her feet with her hands in the air, “That was pathetic Zeke,”

Zeke grumbled and got to his feet, “She caught me off guard and I’ve been drinking,”

“So has she,”

“I let her do it,”

“This should be left until morning,” Jake said, quickly “I just think that everyone should be sober so no bad decisions are made,”

“The only bad decision I have made is falling in love with a fucking cop,” Axel said and Sky's heart dropped into her stomach making her feel sick.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” Sky said, “You have photos so why-”

“Just...just top talking, Sky,” Axel said, “Don’t expect to see anything other than this room. I might not kill you but your life is now over,”

Axel took one last look at Sky, with visible hurt on his face and he left her. Zeke and Blake shortly followed and Jake let out a sigh.

“This is all so fucked up,” He said following his friends. The door closed and he locked the door, leaving them alone in silence.

“Shit,” Jason said quietly, “This hurts,”

Sky quickly wiped her tears away and knelt down next to Jason. She helped him to his feet and he used her body to keep him on his feet. They both hobbled to the bed and Jason hissed out in pain as she sat him down.

“Let me take a look at your wrist,” Sky said trying to sound strong.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow,” Jason said moving his arm.

“What happened?” Sky asked, gingerly running her finger across the big purple bruise.

“I don’t know. I was talking with Darcy while we waited for you to finish,” He said wincing, “Then I had a gun in my face. I decided not to reach for mine because I didn’t want to die. Ow! Stop touching my wrist!”

“I’m sorry,” Sky said kneeling on the floor in front of him.

“I was taken outside with the gun still against me, a bag was thrown over my head and when I was here, he got his goons to beat the shit out of me,” Jason said.

“This is all my fault,” Sky said and she quickly wiped her tears away, “Do you want the good or bad news?”

“Good,” Jason said, “Not sure I can take any more bad news,”

“Ok,” Sky said, “Your wrist is dislocated so you won't need a cast or anything,”

Jason winced, “Shit. I know where this is going. The bad news?”

“I have to put it back in place,” Sky said, “This is going to hurt but you’ve had a bit to drink, so hopefully it won’t hurt too much,”

“Fuck. Still better news than a break,” Jason groaned and looked at Sky, “At least someone hot is doing it this time,”

Sky managed a small smile, “Just...grit your teeth ok?”

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