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The Team Room

I never had a lot of girlfriends. Male friends were more my speed.

Growing up with five brothers, I avoided the responsibility of having to constantly validate how someone looked or overshare what I was feeling.
I have male friends from college and a bunch of fuck buddies in my orbit who keep my calendar full. I take one home for family dinners every now and then to keep my mother off my case about my social life.
Not that I have that. With work demands, I only have time to eat, shower, code, and repeat.
I worked as a user interface designer in a software company. I was the only female in my game design team of five engineers.
We hear other teams in the company call us the MI Team — as in “Mission Impossible”. We have been the highest-yielding coding team in the company. Whenever management had a critical partner on a short deadline, they assigned the job to us; and we got it done.
We were good. We were VERY good.
We were so good the company felt the need to give us more non-compete clauses in our contracts. We signed it; but they had to build us a stand-alone structure on campus — a privilege we get to enjoy if we kept the top spot. Our mini-HQ was complete with our workstations, snooze pods, a brainstorming den, a gym, and a fully stocked kitchen.
And it so happened that, just like the MI Team in film and TV, we were all attractive. We are self-aware — enough to do this gag when we walked across the sprawling corporate campus to the main building. We walked in a v-formation and watched the sea of dorks part. It was hilarious!
Will, our team leader, was blonde, 6’ 2” with a strong angular face. He was the only chess protigee I know, who you could mistake for a professional wrestler.
Ed had dark hair, green eyes, and a disarming smile. He had a long lean frame, wide shoulders, and muscular legs. He runs every day and competes in the occasional marathon.
The “twins” Zack and Jack rowed for competing teams in college. They had many fists fights back in the day; before finally bonding over a love for gaming and the potential of making a lot of money from it. They are inseparable now.
Me? Well, I lucked out in the genes department. My dad was an Olympic soccer player with a predisposition to build muscle, not fat. From my physician mother, I got big blue eyes, dark wavy hair, and plump lips. She and I can fill out a bikini very nicely. Like my mom, I was pragmatic, intuitive, and intelligent — “evil genius” intelligent, if my brothers are to be believed.
The team and I have been on lockdown for two weeks now. We had to debug code on a game another team fucked up. The client deadline was dangerously close and it was necessary to work around the clock. Doing this right meant a hefty six-figure bonus for each one of us.
Sixteen days in, at work on a Sunday night, I was getting extremely horny. I had been working for a few days now on the UI for the game milestone when the protagonist fucks a bunch of women. Masturbating the itch away doesn’t work as well as getting hot meat in me. Sigh.
It didn’t help that our next meeting was about all the sex sections. We were all stalled.
I joined them on the leather couches in the common room. I wore a pink silk sheath dress with spaghetti straps. I had on a pair of sneakers. Nothing underneath. I didn’t care.
Will was mid-explanation when I came in. “And the focus group results said the sex in these frames didn’t make sense,”’ He pointed to some key storyline intersects.
Ed sighed, “Whoever worked on these storyboards was a virgin.”
Zack pointed to a particular scene in the deck. “This one was straight out of bad porn. Looks interesting. But genuinely nasty.”
Jack laughed. “Yeah! We tried that position with my ex! Remember, Zack? Our balls were ...”
“... banging against each other!” Zack howled unabashed and reached over to his friend with a high five.
Ed furrowed his eyebrows. “And come on, there is something wrong with the dimensions of the naked bodies in this position on these drafts. The torso is ...”
“Wait.” I leaned forward, my voice raised. “I coded that. My girls are perfect. You can’t tell a woman she doesn’t know what a woman’s body looks like. ”
“If you say so. ” Ed shrugged. “Crazy bitch.”
I threw a soda can at him.
The room erupted. Between restraining me and stopping Ed from walking out, everyone was on their feet.
Will’s hands were raised, trying to get everyone to calm down. “Look, this stretch has been hard on all of us. But we know why we need to lock down. The work won’t get done otherwise. Let’s agree we all want the bonus that comes with this.”
Everyone quieted down with the mention of the B-word. “Between you two fighting and the other two goofing off every two seconds, we’re not looking good.”
Will continued, “Okay. Stop thinking of work for a second. Think of yourselves. Your needs. What do you WANT right now?”
Ed opened up first. “Looking at all these storylines all week,” he looked like he was massaging a giant migraine, “I just need to get laid, man.”
Zack and Jack grinned at each other, and Jack admitted, “Yeah, we been masturbating all over the place, dude. It’s crazy.”
Will began to reassure them, “Hey, I get it. The content is making us all horny as hell.” It was evident our great leader genuinely shared our sexual frustration.
They all looked at me, waiting for a moment of honest, self-deprecating admission. Fuck that.
“Yes, I too am as horny as fuck.” I did not hesitate. “I WANT to get naked with a man. I WANT a big fat dick inside me. I WANT a screaming orgasm.” My honesty shamed their little testimonies.
Then a delicious idea started brewing in my head.
My eyes scanned everyone in the room, as I proposed a solution. “So, this one time, I am consenting to get fucked by all of you tonight, here and now. I am willing to take one for the team — or in this case, four.”
I opened my legs and pulled up my dress to give them a fleeting peek at my perfectly manicured strip of bush. I crossed my legs again and asked, “Do you guys want to fuck me tonight?”
Their faces changed, as the idea became less shocking, more appealing, more increasingly urgent by the minute. They looked like they were ready to poke my every orifice.
“Yes.”’ Ed was surprisingly the first to reply. Zack quickly followed. Even Will nodded — our fearless leader silent for once.
We thought Jack was holding out. “I have condoms in my office.” He sprinted and was back in a heartbeat with a giant box of Durex. “So how do we do this?”
I slipped my feet out of my sneakers and felt the thick carpet beneath my feet. I walked to the middle of the room and let my sheath dress drop to the floor. I offered a longer preview of what they were about to taste.
“I decide fucking sequence.” I began to spin around the center of our brainstorming space, touching my breasts and the small waxed patch between my legs, getting excited about this expected stroke of carnal genius.
“I want one dick in me at a time.” I looked at Zack and Jack. “None of that ball-smashing gang bang nonsense.”
“And everyone stays in this room. We fuck. We watch. Shared joy. Shared regret. Or whatever.” No one moved.
I opened my legs. I ran my hands over my breasts and pinched myself. My fingers crawled to my pussy and I probed, preparing it for penetration. I was showing them how I wanted to be touched. I made myself wet.
I went for the Alpha first. Jack tossed me a condom which I caught in one hand, as I approaches Will, who was seated on the big couch.
He began to protest weakly as I undid his shirt and the front of his pants. “Wait, maybe this is not the best idea.”
His angry snake emerged from his lap. “Your dick is saying otherwise, boss.”
I slipped the condom on his penis, climbed the couch, and began descending on Will, bringing my nipples over his protesting lips before mounting him. The ribbed condoms and his bulky shaft felt good. He closed his eyes but let his hands climb up my breasts as I pumped him.
I had always wanted to touch Will’s broad shoulders. I never thought I would get to do it while I was sitting on his throbbing manhood. Will was a leader, and that was sexy.
As my speed quickened, he opened his eyes and kissed my neck lustfully.
“I am cumming,” he whispered. My boss’ words made me ride him more furiously. I clenched my pelvis and quietly orgasmed with him. I could feel the team’s eyes watching my arched back. Will began sucking my breast until he collapsed like a rag doll. His head cocked back in ecstatic relief.
I kissed him deeply as we de-coupled. That was a good warm-up.
Ed’s shirt was still buttoned, but his erection was patiently anticipating me. He was seated on the armchair opposite Will. I crossed the room to him, grabbing another condom Jack offered up.
I took the last two paces slowly.
“Don’t you need to rest or something?” Ed asked.
I smiled coyly and relieved him of his shirt. “Really, Ed?” I pulled off his slacks and boxers in one tug. “You have no idea what I need.”
I knelt in front of him and took his long, thick penis in my hands. I sucked him deeply. I slurped his delicious peak with gusto. I coiled my fingers at the base and gently pumped his scrotum. I pumped him to near explosion.
I stopped and he put the latex hood on his head with urgency. Unexpectedly, he stood up and pushed me against the back of the armchair. He lifted my hips and took me from behind. There was something angry about his penetration like he wanted to hurt me. It turned me on.
“You NEED a long hard fuck.” he managed to whisper in my ear, amid the quickened pumping. A hand grabbed my breast and another attacked my clit.
The angle of our position and the size of his penis felt amazing to me. His hands ran across my back to my hips and began guiding our rhythmn. He pushed me into him with such force I pursed my lips to hold in a scream. His pelvis banged my ass while his arms forcefully pulled. Fast. Hard.
His runner’s endurance showed as he drilled me for what seemed like hours. I was panting with every bang, enjoying that sensation of near-climax. I wanted to stay in frenzied, delirious heat forever.
My muscles clenched inside me as I came. I felt his hot cum warm the condom against the walls of my insides.
We held our position a little longer until his pumping waned to a halt. His arms were wrapped around my waist, his chest leaning on my back. I did my Kegel exercises, teasing the dick inside me. He was still panting but jerked at the unexpected sensation.
“That’ll do.” I made him chuckle, as he withdrew.
I paused to wipe the moisture between my legs. I turned to find the twins naked on another couch.
Zack opened his arms, presenting his buff physique and ready erection; while Jack emptied the box of condoms on the floor, hinting at their collective endurance.
I narrowed my eyes at them.
Zack assured me. “One dick rule, we know.”
Jack offered, “Tag teaming isn’t off the table, is it?”
I approved. Especially since I know these friends have done it before. I don’t mind benefitting from their experiments.
When I walked toward them, Zack stood, grabbed me urgently, and kissed me hard, his tongue probing. His hands cupped my ass towards his throbbing manhood, lifting me closer to him.
I felt Jack behind me kissing my neck, and my back, making the hairs on my arms stand. He pushed his erect penis between my ass cheeks. I stopped. “No anal.”
Jack grinned, as he fell onto the couch. “Aww. Maybe next time?” He patted the spot where he wanted me — his lap.
Smiling, I obliged. But not before giving Jack a sensual kiss on the lips. He spun me around and pulled me to his lap, his pulsing manhood wedged between our bodies. He continued to kiss my neck and shoulders. His hands took my breasts, roughly squeezed and pinched — a contrast to how he brushed my waist ever so lightly.
Zack jumped in to kiss my breasts. He took a nipple between his lips and pulled, nipping me lightly with his teeth in the end.
Zach opened my legs. He was licking the moisture from my sex with Will and Ed and the condom lubricant like it was ice cream.
Jack held my thighs like a human stirrup. exposing my core to Zack. He dug into me with his tongue, expertly wagged at my clit, pleasuring me. He pushed several fingers inside my pussy and I found myself inching my hips closer to him.
As if on queue, the twin flipped me over. I was on my knees now facing Jack’s engorgement. I did not hesitate to take him in. My mouth claimed the hot sausage, my tongue moved in waves against him as his dick slid down my throat.
Zack’s shaft was pushed inside me from the back, a violation of the one-dick rule; but I was enjoying myself too much to mind. I will deliberate on the technicalities later. The sensation of a throbbing dick in my mouth and a pounding one in my pussy is bliss.
The twins shifted again, carrying me to the carpet. They sandwiched me between them. Zack’s handsome face was kissing me. He snapped off the wet condom from his penis and guided my hand up and down his shaft — I responded obediently. I didn’t realize he had cum inside me. His hand was behind my neck pushing my lips aggressively toward him; the other was enjoying the generous folds of flesh my breasts presented.
Jack raised my leg to enter me sideways. He complemented his shallow pumping with a vigorous play on my clits.
From the wings, I heard Will and Ed converse; both naked, first-time voyeurs.
“Has she cum?” the boss asked, concern in his voice.
Ed thought for a moment. “I don’t know.”
I delighted at the idea that my sexual partners don’t know if they made me clinax. Makes them work harder to satisfy what they thought were needs unmet.
Jack quivered, reaching his peak. He collapsed beside me, his hand heavy on my breast.
I pushed my legs together, my pussy still a ways away from my next climax. I wanted another one.
“We are not done.” Will’s voice was stern. He stood at my feet, naked. His dick seemed, angrier, thicker from this angle.
Will grabbed a couch cushion and slid it under my ass — my back now in an exaggerated arch, my knees bent. He knelt between my open legs and began to pump me violently. I was taking the full length of his manhood. I wanted him to stop and continue at the same time. He clearly held back the first time.
“I NEED to fuck this hot piece of ass.” my boss confessed as his pelvis weighed on me heavily, in quick jabs. The angle of entry was painful, but the vicinity to my clitoris assured a pleasurable finish. I did not stiffle my moan this time.
“We are going to make you cum.” Ed knelt north of me. He pulled my arms up over my head, and the twins pinned them down so I couldn’t move. Ed began kissing my hair, putting his tongue in my ear. I reached to tug his dick between his legs. He was still hard.
“Cum for us.” Jake pleaded with me. He buried his tongue in my mouth and then my cleavage.
“Yeah, c’mon, baby.” Zach echoed. The twins were working on my breasts expertly.
My center watered in excitement. I closed my eyes and let their hard-handed touch please me. I never felt this before. I couldn’t move. I lost all control. They were in charge.
Will shaft was a perfectly textured cylinder that stretched my inside to its limit. The smell of Ed’s aftershave and the feel of his stubble against my face was sexy as fuck. The feel of Zack and Jack admiring my body and licking, desiring my flesh, was amazing.
I was deliriously hazed. The boys bent closer. I kissed Ed deeply, then Zack, then Jack. The cycle continued at a feverish pace. They were all holding, rubbing their dicks.
I was getting close. The boys fell back and Will’s massive frame lay on top of me. He pulled out the cushion that was keeping my hips up.
Will slowed the pace of his pumping teasingly. “Do I continue? Say it,” he whispered, his weight still heavy on my groin.
I squirmed under him pushing my pelvis up and down. “Fuck me hard. Please. I’m so close.”
That’s all he wanted to hear. Will threw 200 pounds of muscle in every forceful jab. He hovered above me, watching me surrender to the pain and the delight. I moaned and slithered under him.
My mouth was open to receive a kiss that never came. Instead, he barked orders, “Squeeze your breasts.” I followed.
The three were seated around us, quietly watching Will pleasure me. They were vigorously tending to the pending peaks between their legs.
Will. Ed. Zack. Jack. Images of our encounters only minutes before, coupled with Will’s ample manhood satisfying my core, made me scream, almost helplessly, “I am cumming!”
Will sped up the pounding, even as I reached my climax. I could feel the tremor rise from my pussy to my shoulders several times over. I clenched my pelvis and more waves crashed inside me, over and over. “I am still cumming!”
The viewing gallery was busy. Jack moaned with me and climaxed. Zack followed. Then Ed.
Will did not stop. This mountain of a man continued to drill into me forcefully. A final monster tsunami overwhelmed me. I thrashed and bit Will in the chest, while my thin fingers gripped his thick biceps.
I arched my back and moaned in glorious relief before going limp. Holding off his climax until after mine arrived, Will grunted and I felt the pressure of hot squirting liquid in the condom inside me.
Will collapsed beside me and we lay supine on the carpet, silent. His hand claimed my nipple and continued to pinch it playfully. My pussy was purring.
I closed my eyes, and the code that has stumped me for days began to align. My head cleared.
Jack broke the silence. “That was the best fucking team meeting we ever had.”

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