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The Cabin

“That’s your father’s driver-slash-security guy?” Jenny, my roommate asked, her voice dripping in disbelief.

I walked to the window, my weekend backpack in tow. “Yep, Frank the Fuckable. Hot, yeah?”
Frank was shirtless behind the open trunk. We watched him get into a standard white shirt, tie, and black suit he usually wears when he drives for my father, who was the CEO of a Fortune 500 multinational.
Jenny sighed, “He’s got some major James Bond vibe going on. Is he your 19th birthday gift?”
“I wish. I would take that gift, over this mountain experience getaway my dad feels he needs to take me to “reconnect”.” I drew bunny ears in the air. “I hate how divorced parents overcompensate. This is all supposed to be this back-to-nature rugged experience. I don’t know how to survive without wifi.”
Jenny was pushing me out the door. “Well, enjoy the mountains! Better get going, it’s starting to rain. Don’t get murdered, ‘kay?”
I held the door back just as she was closing it. “And please don’t have sex with Greg on the couch.” I envied the weekend debauchery plans she had with her boyfriend.
“No promises.” Jenny flipped her hair and shut the door.
Frank was waiting for me with an umbrella. His suit hung perfectly on what I imagined to be a muscled body. He was an ex-Marine and did corporate security work for my father’s companies.
“Happy birthday, Sandra,” he said in his usual emotionless tone.
“Thanks, Frank.” I handed him my backpack. I could smell his leathery aftershave as he drew closer. “Where’s my father?”
“He was held in a meeting, but he’ll meet you in the cabin.”
My building doorman walked me to the SUV under an open umbrella. Frank hopped in the driver’s seat and we were off.
The Bluetooth speaker rang as we were a few blocks from my building.
“Hey, Frank. Is Sandra with you now?” the female voice asked — another among my father’s many assistants.
“I’m here. Is my father on the way to meet me?” I asked.
“He’s about done,” she replied. “The chopper is prepped and ready to go, as soon as the meeting is over.”
“Maybe we should postpone ...” I thought, as the raindrops began to fall heavy on the windows.
“No, no, no! He is all set. We are expecting a little drizzle; but otherwise, it should be fun! Happy birthday, Sandra!” Her voice changed as she addressed the driver, “Frank, Protocol Delta please.”
“Copy that,” Frank said in his monotone and the line went dead.
I have been around enough of my father’s security people to figure out some of their proprietary code. Protocol Delta meant my dad was going to take longer and Frank should not leave me until the next team gets there.
I don’t mind that at all. Alone with Frank in some remote cottage sounded fun. I glanced at Frank’s well-chiseled profile and muscled arms. His hands were huge against the SUV steering wheel, making me wonder about the size of his other appendages.
I closed my eyes and daydreamed about fucking Frank in the backseat. I imagined my legs over his shoulders and Frank drilling into me like a sailor on shore leave. I crossed my legs and felt my pulse throbbing in my jeans.
I was jolted awake from my reverie. I looked at my watch. I dozed off for almost three hours.
The view outside my window has changed from light rain to a tropical typhoon. We were sitting on a steep incline and the SUV engine was roaring.
I leaned into the gap between the front seats. “What’s going on, Frank?”
“Hey, you’re up.” Frank explained, “It started pouring like this about an hour ago. Mud started flowing from that direction and it looks like the SUV is stuck.”
Uh-oh. “Are we in danger right now?” I gulped.
“Our best bet is to hike up to the cabin on foot. It’s just beyond those trees. We need to do this quickly. I’m afraid a mudslide might sweep us away.” Frank jumped out and collected me from my side of the car. He slung my bag on his back and called to me, the sense of urgency obvious. “Let’s go, Sandra.”
I jumped onto the muddy ground and felt my shoes sink. The rain was cold and quickly sank into my clothes. My steps were slow and tentative; despite my desire to reach the cabin as quickly as humanly possible.
Frank effortlessly plucked me out of the mud, swung me over his shoulder; and began jogging up the slippery path. I held on to the straps of my backpack and steadied my limp torso. The wind blew and I began to shiver uncontrollably.
Frank had to carry his weight and mine up the path for 20 minutes before we caught sight of the cabin. Icy rain had been pouring on us, and I have gone weaker. It was four in the afternoon, but the sky was dark and the thunder deafening.
I expected him to be winded when we got to the front porch, but he wasn’t. As soon as he set me down, he began to punch the code on the front door panel.
We ran in, hoping to get some warmth; but the large open cabin felt like an icebox.
“What the fuck?” he muttered. He opened the light switches, nada. He dropped my wet bag on the floor and checked the kitchen cupboards, empty.
He walked back out to the porch, fuming. He pushed a name on his rugged phone. After a few minutes, he began to text furiously. I could hear him say, “Goddammit!” punctuated by the roars of the howling tempest.
He walked back in, his muscled chest deflated; just as I was fishing my dead phone from my dripping knapsack — everything in it was drenched.
“Voice calls couldn’t go through but text messaging worked. The advanced team was held back by the weather. They were supposed to bring up the supplies — the fuel for the generator, the food. They said they tried to contact us, but we were already out of range.” He pointed to the window. “Your father’s chopper wasn’t cleared to fly either.”
“Wh-what does that mean?” I shivered.
“We ride out the storm here.” Frank shrugged, “I will drive you back to the city as soon as the rain stops if the SUV was swept away in the mud. Sorry that you have to spend your birthday like this.”
“D-d-don’t worry about it, Frank. I am glad I am with you in an emergency. You were awesome!” My body began to shake more now.” Q-quick question. Is it okay for my legs to feel numb?”
His face turned pale. He rushed to the bedrooms and pulled the closets open. He brought a stack of bed linens to the living room. “Get your wet clothes off. Everything. Cover up with one of these and I will get a fire going.”
I didn’t have the energy to walk to the bedroom to disrobe. I stood naked in the living room with my jeans, shirt, jacket, shoes, socks, and underwear a muddy mass on the wooden floor. I had just wrapped a blanket over my shoulders, as the fire in the living room fireplace sparked to life.
I inched barefoot closer to the fire; and sat in an armchair. Shaking from the cold, I squinted my eyes and focused on the warmth.
Frank shot out of sight. He walked in front of me, wearing a similar blanket around his waist, his wet clothes discarded by the door.
“There’s not a lot of dry wood. I hope it lasts us the night.” Frank grabbed my shoulders and began to rub my arms. “Are you okay?”
I kept my eyes closed. “A l-little. Sleepy.”
Frank touched my forehead and jumped to action again. He pulled a quilt from the linen stack and laid it close to the fire. He scooped me up from the armchair and lay me naked on the quilt, facing the fire. He carefully put a throw pillow under my head.
I felt his warm naked body behind me, under another thick blanket. He threw his leg over mine and his huge hands were rubbing me all over — my legs, my arms.
After a few minutes, the friction under the blanket began to work. I was starting to feel like myself again.
“You feel so good, Frank.” I felt I was in one of my daydreams. “Don’t stop.”
His limp manhood began to rise behind me. Wait, I felt that. This is not a daydream.
I arched my back and pushed my ass to his groin. I led one of his hands to my breast and guided him to squeeze my hard nipples. I groaned timidly.
“You are making it impossible for me to do my job right now.” he sighed, in what I recognized as reckless abandon.
I let his hand fondle my other breast vigorously before heading south. His middle finger drew circles over the mound between my legs. I widened my thighs and guided his fingers further into me. His thick digits tore my insides into a frenzy. My weak groans grew louder.
He pushed another finger into me and his thumb rubbed my clits. The cold dissipated as I felt his hot breath on my neck. He worked on me furiously until I exploded into my first orgasm from getting fingered.
I turned around to face him. We kissed feverishly. It felt good to feel his wide chest against me. His muscled arms enveloped me protectively. His angry manhood pressed against my legs.
I straddled him, letting the blanket drop seductively to my hips. He was gawking at my firm, ample breast, stroking, pinching. The fire was beginning to warm us; but the lost inhibition, more so.
“I had a daydream of fucking you in the SUV on our way up here,” I confessed between kisses to his well-formed chest and hard abs.
He chuckled, “So did I.”
I reached for his erect penis and put it in my mouth.
He sat up. “I want to watch you enjoy sucking my dick.”
No one has ever done that with me before. I felt my pussy get wet with the request. I licked the tip, my eyes locked to his. I playfully licked all around his penis and sucked his tight scrotum.
His excitement was growing. He buried his finger in my hair and guided me. “C’mon, have a popsicle, babe.”
I took his dick in my mouth. In my head, I saw a thick sweet popsicle and I sucked his member like it was melting. I wanted his sweet sweet juice. My fingers were coaxing him, massaging his balls and the base of the shaft. My hunger grew as he climaxed and hot semen squirted into my throat. I sucked harder and swallowed.
I expected his erection to wane after he came in my mouth but his dick remained hard and throbbing. I rose up from consuming him, licking his saltiness from my lips.
“You are so sexy.” His hands cupped my buttocks and lifted me towards him, my wet core over his lap. He kissed my neck and pinched my nipples.
I took his manhood into me — I couldn’t wait. I rode him slowly. “Frank, you bad boy. Fucking the boss’ daughter.”
Frank showed me a side I have never seen before. “If the boss’ daughter needed a good fuck, I am happy to serve.”
“My breasts need tending, Frank. Help? ” He smiled and sucked my pinkish peaks. His tongue ran circles around them while he took my breast into his mouth. He grabbed my D cups in his hands and pushed them up closer to his face. He sucked on them alternately.
I began to ride him, my pace quickening. I was pushing my pelvis forward with each descent, my clit rubbing against the rough texture of his pubes, igniting my desire with every beat. The rain and thunder were the perfect backdrop to the storm brewing in my pussy.
“Not yet, babe. We’ll get there together.” We uncoupled and Frank rolled me onto my right side. He knelt, straddling my right leg and curling my left leg around his left side. He pounded into me, our legs locked like a pretzel; our eyes locked. He was grinding hard against me, stimulating my clit.
“Play with those beautiful breasts. Pinch those nipples.” I obliged, looking up at this beautiful man, exploring my core. He bore into me like a jackhammer.
I screamed, “Yes! Fuck me!” It was a delicious kind of pain.
“You like this?” He quickened the pace while shifting my right leg to his right side. He raised both my legs to his shoulders, narrowing my vagina. He rocked me side-to-side, in an up-and-down motion. His thick shaft pounded into me, making contact with my G-spot.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed, unconcerned about anyone hearing.
“Say my name, babe.” He was smiling, his skin glistening from a light sweat.
“Frank! Frank! I’m popping!” He continued to drill into me until I felt the wave of my climax ebb. He withdrew and sprayed his cum on my body.
He collapsed on top of me and buried his face in my neck, kissing me. He rolled behind me, covering our bodies in a blanket and we spooned, staring into the fire.
“This was a bad idea.” He said.
I giggled, “That’s not what you said when I had your dick in my mouth.” I turned to face him. kissing him on the lips. “I wanted you. You wanted me. No regrets.”
“So it’s just sex with us then?” His hand found mine.
“Yeah. I’m not about to mess with your job with my dad. And it doesn’t make sense for you to be in my life.” I kissed his hand and sucked one of his fingers. “I’m in this for crazy wild sex.”
He smiled triumphantly.
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