Dark Knights Angel

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Book 3 in the Dark Knights Series. Angel Knight follows in the footstep of her Uncle Richard as she found she had a good eye in details and she has become the youngest dealer in the underground with black market items. When River Harding, a young guy gets screwed over, Angel is his only hope. Her tough ways frightens most guys off, but River has already fallen for her before she has even met him.

Erotica / Romance
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

Angel Knight, daughter of Melissa and Jay Knight and her other dad Jack Knight Now 20 years old and been brought up in the industry of the black market. She worked alongside Richard who is a long time friend and business partner to her dad's and mom.

Angel has learnt how to handle people from her dads, they still own the clubs in the city, and are known assassin's but that is less nowadays as they are older. Angel has helped her dad Jay out on many occasions and Jack is still good with the sniper. Angel has her older brothers who are both married with kids, and they now run the clubs in the city.

Angel was heading down the alleyway away from the area as fast as she could, they didn't see her but they will be really pissed when they find out that it's been taken. Angel occasionally gets asked to get her hands on certain things, she was running to the Caves or the underground as it is known. That's what everyone calls the place, it's an old subway that doesn't get used anymore, but it's the gathering place for everyone who has stuff and ones who wants certain items. All of it doesn't come easy to get hold of and Angel is exceptional at acquiring things. She was meeting a business man in the Black Market.

"You get it?"

"Of course."

"Show me."

"You show me the money first."

Angel has learnt never to trust anyone. He holds out a small bag with what looks to be about twenty thousand dollars.

"Ok here's what you asked for."

He carefully takes it out of the holder. "Even better than I imagined, thank you." He rolls it up carefully and places it back in the tube. "How do I get hold of you if I want some other items?"

"I'm usually about here a couple of times a week sometimes more, if you don't see me then pass a word onto Mike over there."

"What that scruffy looking guy?"

"I wouldn't say that to him, he's the guy that runs this place, the go to guy, the one who knows everyone down here."

"Oh... it shows I don't come here that often, good to know that, but you on the other hand you've got a name for yourself around the place, I heard you totally screwed over Yamans."

"I didn't screw him over.. he tried to con the guy that hired me to check the authenticity of it... Totally fake."

"Well your good I'll give you that."

"Thank you."

They exchange goods and say goodbye. Angel stuffs the bag of money into her rucksack and heads over to see Mike.

"Hi Mike how are things going?"

"Good, I have business for you, a man gave me his card and asked if I knew anyone here that might be able to help him."

"Ok so what did he want?"

Mike passes her a business card and an envelope. "Take it somewhere private to look at."

"Ok thanks, well I'm heading home anyway so I'll check it out then."

Placing both pieces in her pocket she heads off, as she is going up the steps to get out of the caves someone knocks into her.

"Really sorry."

"My fault I wasn't looking where I was

"Here you dropped this."

"Oh... thanks."

"No worries my beautiful."

Angel watches him as he descends into the caves, as he reaches the bottom of the steps he glances up and catches her eyes. He smiles and Angel can't help but smile back... then he disappears...

Heading back home to what used to be her parents place but Angel loves it, she likes being in the centre of the city. Unlike her parents and brothers, they all basically live next door to each other, and uncle Richard, moved into the same street about 10 years
ago with his wife Sammy and their two kids. They are all quite close as a family, but Angel prefers her city life. She lives in the penthouse apartment that her parents have owned for the past 40 years or so.

Getting in she takes the private elevator up to her apartment and goes straight to her safe and secures the money away. Once she has done that she sits down and checks what Mike had given her. Her mouth drops open as the guy wants the blue diamonds. Angel knows that they are stored in a security vault at the moment. She has safe boxes in most secure places now as she has worked out a way of getting into others if she needs to.

With all her dad's equipment and computer programs he has, Angel can find out most information that she needs about a person. Needing to get in and access one of the rooms so she can get the blue diamonds, she needs a second pair of hands for the job.

She remembered the guy she passed on the stairs gave her a card which she had dropped. Pulling it out it's definitely not a card that she had dropped as it has a name and a number on it.

Checking it out on the computer and to see what data it brings up on the name River Harding.

"Wow.. that's definitely him."

Looking at his picture she notices how gorgeous he is, but wonders why he gave her his card? Angel has never given time for guys really in the past as she has been too busy learning about fakes and rare items. She ponders for a second and wonders if she should call him? "No, I'll leave it for now. I've got to think about how to get
these blue diamonds."

The blue diamonds are extremely rare, so rare that there are only a small amount. Angel wonders how much this man is willing to give to get one. She calls his number to find out what he wants.

**I've been waiting for your call.**

**How did you know I would call**

**I have my ways.**

**So tell me, why do you want the blue diamonds?**

**Doesn't everyone want them?**

**You know you wouldn't be able to show them off or anything, are you planning on selling them?**

**An undisclosed client wants the biggest of them, I only want a souvenir, so a small one would be ok for me.**

**Ok well this is a hard one to get.**

**I know but I'm hoping that your reputation for quality of spotting a real one and fakes can pull it off.**

**How much?**

**25 thousand for doing the job, then 75 thousand after if you pull it off.**

**Ok well give me a couple of days to look into it and I'll get back to you.**

**Good I'll speak to you soon.**

Angel sits and thinks about it for some time, having run through things she will need some help with the replicas, she knows who it will be but doesn’t really want to deal with him.

Checking her computer she looks over the information about River before she gets her head down for sleep. In her dreams River keeps popping up. She is dreaming of running her hands through his hair, his blue eyes look deep into hers and she is imagining what those plump lips of his would feel against hers. He threads his fingers through her hair, touching her skin with his hands. Sitting up in bed wondering what she was thinking. She had never let a guy distract her before, she wonders why he is getting in her thoughts.

The next day Angel decides to head down to the underground to see Mike again.

“Hi Mike.”

“Hi gorgeous, I've had someone asking about you.”

“Oh, who has been asking for me?”

“Some guy.”

Angel rolls her eyes at Mike's lame answer. “Young or old?”

“Definitely young, maybe 21 something like that.”

Angel thinks back to yesterday. “Tall, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes?”

“Sounds like you've already met him.”

“I might have bumped into him on the stairs yesterday. So what was he asking?”

“Well he knew who you were but he wanted to find out more about you personally.”

“How personal are we talking here?”

“Just wanted to know if you were single?”

“Oh right well I guess you told him I was then?”

“I said I didn't know as you don't talk about anyone, but as you come here on your own.”

“Ok... no worries, anyway I need your help. I need to get some counterfeit diamonds made for specific measurements.”

“Ok... the best person I know is Jimmy.”

“Jimmy, really that creep.” Angel knew it would be Jimmy as she has had dealings with him before.

“Afraid so.”

“Fuck... I hate dealing with him.”

“Yeah I know you do but like I said, no questions asked and he will do them for a good price for you.”

“Yeah ok, what time is he normally floating around at?”

“Usually about 10pm.”

“Ok, I'll be back for then.”

“See you then gorgeous.”

Angel waves her hand up as she leaves muttering to herself. “Ugh... I hate dealing with Jimmy, he's a total sleazebag, but I need to get the best possible fakes ever, otherwise I won't be able to pull this off.”

Coming back for around 10pm with the dimensions and weights for the specifics that she needs she heads over to where Jimmy is.


“Ahh sweet little Angel, I heard you were looking for me.”

“I need some fakes... here is the list of what I need.”

“Interesting and what do I get for these?”

“15 thousand dollars.”

“20 and I'll make them exceptionally well for you, even you will find it hard to tell the difference.”

Angel knew he would bump up the price she put out to him. “Deal.”

“Give me a week and come back here.”

“Ok, I'll see you in a week, and you know I'm good with the money.”

“I know I trust you.”

Giving him a nod she walked off thanking that he didn't sleaze after her that time, he looked pretty sober to Angel which is always a good thing. He can be quite hard to deal with when he's had a few but he is good at what he does, and that's making fakes. Checking her watch she realises it is now late and thinks about heading back home. Harris calls Angel over to where he is standing, there are a couple of guys with him.

“Hey there Harris what's up?”

“Angel can you look at this for me, these guys want ten thousand for it... I'm not sure?”


Harris has always had a sweet spot for Angel and she thinks he is rather cute but never thought
of him in any sort of sexual way before. She looks at what he is showing her.

“Mmm... I'd offer him 8 max.”

“Thank you darling.”

“Anytime Harris.”

Angel heads off back towards her place. When she gets to the building, she sees him standing
there... Waiting...

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