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Sky folded her arms, trying not to look at Axel as he closed his office door. It was obvious that he was on edge and Sky didn’t want to step over another line to cause them both to argue. She wanted to sort their relationship out and she needed to remain calm and collected, or things would get out of control. But Sky knew how quick Axel's mood could change so she had to be careful.

β€œWhat did you need to talk to me about?” Sky asked, watching him sit down behind his desk.

β€œCome here,” He said, and opened his laptop, β€œNow,”

Sky took a deep breath and walked over to him. Axel lifted his eyebrows and tapped his thighs. She let out a sigh and rolled her eyes before sitting on his lap and was pleasantly surprised when he smirked slightly. He moved her legs to rest either side of his thighs and rested one of his hands on her stomach as he pointed to the laptop with his other hand.

β€œWho is that?” Sky asked.

β€œThat is my brother,” Axel said, β€œThis was taken a few years ago without his knowledge. I had to keep an eye on him when they released him from prison but shortly after this was taken he disappeared. After my parents got him sectioned he was locked up for a few years but was released,”

β€œThey let him go?”

β€œUnfortunately,” Axel muttered and sighed kissing the base of her neck, β€œThe police kept tabs on him and when they went to check up on him, they found him killing an old friend of his. I didn’t believe my parents about how brutal the killing was until I saw the photos. I didn’t ask what Finley killed the guy with, but he was beyond recognition. Every bone in his body was crushed and there was nothing left of the skull. He had pulverised the guy’s skull,”

β€œThat is...I have no words,” Sky said quietly.

β€œThere is a reason I want you to keep your distance and not leave the house. I don’t want you to end up like that guy or anyone else he has killed,”

β€œI also don’t want cabin fever,”

Axel sighed, β€œI understand that, but if you get attacked again then I would lose my mind. I would kill everyone who gets in my way and I wouldn’t care if they were innocent. Sky, can you please just listen to me once and stay put?”

β€œWhat if I have more than one bodyguard?” Sky asked, β€œAnd I always stay in crowded places and-”

β€œNo,” Axel said, β€œI’m not arguing with you about this. I won’t ask you. I’m going to tell you. You are not leaving the house,”

β€œI’m not going to be kept a prisoner, Axel,” Sky sighed, β€œI understand why you are worried but I can’t be cooped up here. I will go insane,”

β€œI’m sure I could convince you to do as you are told,” He said, sliding his hand down her stomach and pressed against the juncture between her legs, β€œWhat do you say, baby? Want me to convince you?”

Sky let out a shaky breath as he slipped his hand under the fabric, β€œI w-won’t lose,”

Axel chuckled, β€œYes. You will,”

β€œT-try me,” Sky said, trying not to moan as he rubbed her in small circles.

β€œGuess I’ll just have to fuck you into submission,” He said, almost growling at her, β€œStand up and bend over my desk,”

There was a knock on the door and Axel pressed down harder onto Sky, making her squeak slightly. He ran his tongue up the side of her neck and moved his chair closer to the table, before calling the person in.

β€œWhat?” He said as Jake came into the room.

β€œReece has just shown up,”

Axel tutted, β€œWhat the fuck does he want? I told him he isn’t allowed back here,”

β€œNatalia let him in and he’s waiting to see you,” Jake said, β€œSky, are you ok?”

β€œY-yeah,” She gulped as Axel slipped two fingers inside, β€œTired,”

β€œYou should get some rest,” Jake said.

β€œI’ll make sure she does once I’ve finished talking with her,” Axel said, β€œTell Reece he will have to wait and if he shows up on my doorstep again, I will shoot him,”

β€œAlright,” Jake sighed, β€œSky, your brother wants to talk to you as well. Jason has something important to tell you and I feel like a fucking messenger boy. Please hurry up with your talk and get-”

Jake words were cut off by Sky letting a moan out and she quickly covered her mouth going bright red in the face.

β€œFor fuck sake,” Jake said, β€œAxel! You could have fucking sent me away!”

β€œI’ll do it now,” Axel said, β€œFuck off and make sure no one else disturbs us,”

Jake nodded and quickly left the room. Axel removed his hands from her underwear and stood up, pushing Sky over the desk. He pressed his body hard against hers and lowered his mouth to her ear.

β€œLet’s make a deal,” He said quietly.

β€œWhat kind of deal?” Sky asked, β€œI won’t-”

β€œLose, yeah. I know,” He said, biting onto her ear making her yelp in pain, β€œI’m going to fuck you and I’m going to fuck you hard. If you cum before I tell you too, you stay in the house and only go out if I am with you,”

β€œA-and if I don’t?”

β€œYou can leave the house without me present. You can take Spencer and Ellis with you,”

Sky nodded and licked her dry lips, β€œAlright. But I’m good at holding back my orgasms,”

β€œWe’ll see about that,” Axel said, unbuckling his belt, β€œBecause I’m about to fuck you hard. I am going to make you scream so that the whole-”

β€œKnock, knock!” Tyler said pushing the door open, β€œWhat a surprise. Sky, get your ass out of this office before I drag you out,”

β€œPiss off!” Sky said, standing up.

β€œOk,” He said throwing himself onto the sofa, β€œI will wait here until you leave the room with me. I am not going to shift until you agree to leave him behind and keep me company,”

β€œTy, are you being serious right now?”

β€œDoes it look like I am fucking about?”

β€œGo on,” Axel tutted, β€œBut trust me when I say this, Sky. We will finish this off later tonight,”

Axel pressed a gentle kiss to the base of her neck and Tyler grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the room. Axel sighed in frustration and sat back down, running his hand through his hair.

β€œIf he wasn’t her brother, I’d fucking kill him,” He muttered to himself.

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