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Reece lifted his eyebrow when Tyler dragged Sky into the front room.

β€œToo busy to speak with your old boss?”

β€œNever,” She said and sat down, β€œWhat’s up?”

β€œI need your help,” He sighed, β€œA body has been found and we need you to make a sketch,”

Sky frowned, β€œWhat happened to the person who usually does the sketches? I thought you-”

β€œBecause the witness will only talk with you,” Reece tutted, β€œI’ve tried to tell her that she can trust us, but no. She has refused to talk,”

β€œI supposed I should get dressed,” Sky said getting to her feet, β€œGive me a few minutes,”

As Sky followed Reece into the station, everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at her. It had been a while since she had been there and her face still had to heal properly. Sky knew they were thinking that it was Axel who was beating her.

β€œDo I not get a hello anymore?” She asked making them grin, β€œOr is it because I’m fucking the enemy?”

β€œSky,” Reece said, β€œGo to interrogation room 5,”

A few of the cops smacked Sky's hand as she made her way through the building and a few new faces stared at her with wide eyes but she didn’t have the energy to explain who she was. A cop looked up from his phone when she approached and his hand went to his baton.

β€œWho are you? You shouldn’t be back here,” He said, β€œLeave before I arrest you,”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œThere would be serious changes if I was the captain here,”

β€œWait,” He said, β€œI know you! You are Skyla Channing,”

β€œI am,”

β€œWow,” He said, β€œI didn’t think you would look like that. I mean that in no offence. From the stories we heard about you from the academy, we all thought you were much taller and had bigger muscles,”

β€œWell, now you know what I look like, so excuse me,”

β€œBut that doesn’t mean I can let you go any further,” He said, β€œYou are no longer part of the police force and you are now on the wrong side. If you don’t want to be arrested, you should turn around,”

β€œI don’t have time for this. If you try to arrest me, you will be on your ass quicker than you can grab your cuffs,” Sky said, β€œSo take a shot,”

The cop hesitated, β€œYou think I’m scared of you? Everyone knows your story. You pretended to be a whore and ended up fucking around The Red Devils. So, you became a whore and quit being a cop so you could be a criminal alongside Axel Dalton. You help them cover up their murders and you still fuck-ugh!”

Sky throat slammed the cop into the wall behind him and grabbed his baton, pressing it hard against his dick, his eyes wide, β€œCall me a whore, one more time,” She spoke softly, but the cop knew better to open his mouth again, β€œLet’s get one thing clear before I hear more rumours float out of your disrespectful mouth. I am no whore. I did pretend to be a hooker so I could get to the bottom of my best friends murder and yes, I did quit my job,”

The cop gulped and looked over her shoulder, his eyes going wider. Sky glanced at who he was staring at and held in a sigh.

She turned her attention back to the cop, β€œYou are also right about me fucking Axel but you are wrong about me covering up their murders. Reece, you should teach your cops to keep their mouths shut when they don’t know what they are talking about,”

β€œYou can let him go now,” Reece said and Sky stepped away, handing the cop his baton back.

β€œThe rookies need more training,” Sky muttered and walked towards the interrogation room.

β€œTrue, but then again, no one is up to your level Sky,” Reece said with a chuckle, β€œNot even Jason who finished at the top of his classes,”

β€œWhy is he here?” Sky asked, looking at the other man following at a short distance.

β€œUnfortunately, I couldn’t keep him away,” Reece said, β€œAfter the incident with Hugo, my boss has been on my ass. He wanted to speak with you but I told him it probably wasn’t a good idea,”

β€œI hate him so much,”

β€œYou aren’t the only one,” Reece said pushing the door open for Sky, β€œTake your time. You have everything you need. We will be on the other side of the glass. I’ll send someone to give you water,”

Sky thanked him and couldn’t help but smile when she saw Chelzi sitting on the chair filing her nails, β€œMy day keeps getting better,”

β€œAt last!” Chelzi said rushing over to hug her, β€œDo you have any idea how annoying cops are? Oh, wait. You do. You were a cop,”

β€œDon’t I know it,” Sky laughed, β€œLet’s sit. Reece said I had to sketch someone for you,”

Chelzi nodded, β€œWe can save that for another time. We should chat. How have you been? Still having problems with Axel?”

Sky sighed, β€œI will always have problems with him,”

β€œDid you want me to kick his ass?” Chelzi said lifting her fists into the air, β€œI could hurt him for you,”

β€œNo, don’t worry about him,” Sky said, β€œWe should probably save this chat for another time,”

β€œOh, I see,” Chelzi nodded and leaned back in her chair, β€œDon’t want your old boss to know how often you have sex? Or that you had Axel and-”

β€œOk!” Sky said, quickly, β€œNot the time for that. Reece said a body was found and you are a witness,”


β€œDid you want to tell me what he or she looked like so I can sketch?” Sky asked, spinning the pencil in her hand.

Chelzi shifted in her seat, β€œI know who the victim was,”

β€œWho was it?”

β€œYou know...sorry, you knew her as well,” Chelzi said quietly, β€œDo you remember the first time we met? You came backstage after dancing and that girl tried to insult you?”

β€œThere were a few girls trying to do that,”

β€œYes, but this girl had her claws in Nico,” She said and his name made me shudder, β€œThe girl was Ali,”

β€œHoly shit,” Sky said, β€œYou saw her get killed didn’t you?”

Chelzi nodded and picked at her nails, β€œSky, she wasn’t killed. She was slaughtered"

β€œTell me what they looked like. I can-”

β€œYou don’t need to,” Chelzi whispered and looked up at Sky with tears in her eyes, β€œIt was Finley Dalton,”

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