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Axel heard her giggle before he saw her and he let out a small groan when Sky walked into his office with Chelzi behind her.

β€œDamn,” She said, rushing around the room, β€œThis is your office? Nice. Very nice. Wait, is it safe to sit down or have you fucked on every surface?”

β€œWhy the fuck are you here Chelzi?” Axel said getting to his feet, β€œAnd no. We haven’t fucked on every surface,”

β€œSo, this chair is safe to sit in?” She said, biting back a smile.

β€œYes. Now, why are you here?”

β€œAxel, you need to hear her out,” Sky said, sitting on the sofa, β€œIt’s important,”

β€œFine,” He muttered and walked over to sit next to her, β€œBut if she mentions us fucking, she is out the door,”

β€œYou can’t do that!” Chelzi exclaimed, β€œIf I go outside I will get killed,”

β€œStart talking,”

Chelzi folded her arms, β€œI witness a murder and now I’m on his radar,”

Axel pulled his phone out and sent a quick text to Jake, and a few minutes later he walked through his office door with everyone else. Tyler and Jason were there as well and she spotted Sky's brother glare at his hand sitting on her thigh.

β€œYou tell us everything you know or I kick you out. You dying isn’t my main concern right now,”

β€œAxel!” Sky snapped, β€œWhat is your problem?”

Axel tutted, β€œTalk,”

β€œWow,” Chelzi said, β€œYou are a bigger asshole than I originally thought. Do you know what? I don’t want your fucking help. I’m going,”

β€œChelzi, wait!” Axel said jumping to her feet, β€œYou can’t-”

β€œIf I get killed by his fucked up brother, then so be it,” Chelzi said quietly, β€œI’m easily replaceable I just hope that when he does get his hands on me my death is quicker than Ali’s,”

β€œAli is dead?” Zeke asked, β€œHoly shit,”

β€œIf you let her walk out of that door, Axel. I’m going with her,” Sky glared at him and he sighed.

β€œChelzi, what happened?” He asked.

β€œYour brother is sick in the fucking head but I already knew that when he asked for a dance from me,” Chelzi said, looking at the floor, β€œHe forced me into having sex because I thought he was charming and it was a bit of extra cash, you know? I had bills to pay and I had spunked my paycheck on sexy heels and food,” Chelzi laughed bitterly, β€œI wish I had just turned him down but then it probably would have been worse. Do you know what he likes? Blood. When he first sliced my skin I wasn’t sure what it was because the knife was so sharp but then he slammed the blade into the table he was fucking me on,”


β€œZeke is rough but that’s great,” She sighed and swallowed hard, β€œBut this wasn’t. It was painful and all I could do was scream. When he finished with me he laughed with no emotion, licked the blood clean from his knife and left. I thought he had his fill of me but he was back a few weeks later but he was rougher. I won’t go into that,”

β€œWhy didn’t you tell anyone?” Sky asked, going over to hug her, β€œYou poor thing,”

Chelzi wiped her tears away, β€œWhen you told me that he was back, I wanted to vomit then and there. I would be in Ali’s position right now but I had a night off,”

β€œYou mean he was there? At the club?” Axel asked standing up, β€œWhy the fuck did no one call me?”

β€œYou and Julius aren’t on good terms right now, but he didn’t go into the club,” Chelzi said, β€œHe is banned to enter. I was out in the alley smoking after hours. I was asked to close up and I agreed to it. Ali came out in a rage because her latest boyfriend just dumped her for drugs and when she left the alley a car pulled up,”

β€œDid you want a drink?” Blake asked and she nodded, letting Sky sit her down again. Blake opened a bottle of whiskey and handed her the drink, β€œWhat happened next?”

β€œI did what all people should do when they see Finley. I hid behind the bin,” She whispered and her hands shook. Sky held her hand tightly and Chelzi downed the drink, β€œAli giggled when Finley slammed her against the wall and started to kiss her like she was the air he needed to breathe. The next thing I knew, she let out a horrible scream as he bit into her neck. I did my best to stop myself throwing up but when I saw him start slicing up her body, I threw up and he turned to see me,”

No one spoke as Chelzi burst into tears and Sky hugged her tightly, letting her cry into her chest.

β€œI ran. When he turned to grin at me with the blood on his teeth, I ran. I was so scared!” She cried, β€œI kept running until I realised I was at the police station. For some reason, I thought Sky was there and I knew she could help me,”

Axel got to his feet and walked over to her. He hesitated but put his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it slightly, β€œStay here. For as long as you have to,”

β€œTh-thank you,” She cried, β€œI don’ w-want to be of a-any trouble,”

β€œYou aren’t going to be trouble,” Jake smiled, β€œIt’s better for you to be here than out there with a psychopath after you,”

Chelzi gave a weak smile and wiped her eyes, β€œI have to tell the girls. I don’t want him to go after them,”

β€œI’ll pick them up,” Jason said, β€œThey should be at the club right?”


β€œAxel, you don’t have a problem with the other girls being here while that maniac is out there? I’m sure Sky could do with the company,” Jason said, looking at Axel.

β€œWhatever,” He shrugged, β€œI’ll be in my room if anyone needs me. Chelzi, I’ll get someone to go to your house and-”

β€œWhere is she?” Darcy exclaimed and crashed into the room, β€œChelzi!”

Chelzi jumped to her feet, β€œOh my god!”

The girls hugged each other quickly and everyone watched with a frown.

β€œI can’t believe it’s you,” Darcy cried, β€œI’ve missed you so much,”

β€œHey, don’t cry,” Chelzi said wiping her eyes away, β€œYou look well,”

β€œSorry to interject,” Blake said, β€œBut how do you know each other? Chelzi has never walked the street with you,”

β€œHold the fuck up,” Chelzi said, β€œYou walked the fucking street?”

β€œI had no choice,” Darcy whispered, β€œDad, he-”

β€œMartin was a god damn fucking asshole!” Chelzi said, β€œIf I ever see him again I am going to wring his fucking neck! He was no fucking dad!”

β€œYou are sisters?” Sky asked with wide eyes.

β€œYes and I haven’t seen this idiot since she was fourteen years old,” Chelzi sighed, β€œThis...this is too much for me right now. Can someone just show me to a room, please? I need some space,”

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