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Sky couldn’t sleep. Not even with Axel running his fingers gently across her skin. He was fast asleep but his fingers still stroked her in a loving way. She could hardly believe that he was such a jackass when he was so sweet in his sleep.

Sky carefully climbed out of the bed and pulled on one of Axel's tops over her naked body and pulled on her underwear. With one last look at Axel, she slipped out of the room and headed downstairs in the hope she would feel tired enough to sleep. The house was eerily quiet as usual at this time morning and Sky was just as quiet.

After making herself a hot chocolate, she headed into the library that was hardly ever used. She turned on the small lamp by the oversized armchair and grabbed a book she had started a while ago. Sitting in silence, she enjoyed immersing herself in a trashy romance novel where the main guy was perfect in every way.

He had no temper, he wasn’t controlling or possessive. He didn’t mind her having male friends and overall, he was the man that every woman wished they had. In a way, she wished that Axel was more like that but she knew it could never happen. Axel would never stop acting possessive or keep his temper under control.

Slowly, he was starting to wear her down and she felt that the love she had for him was going. He never treated her how she wanted to be treated and to her, she felt like a possession that he had finally claimed and would never let her go. And it hurt her. Sky had always imagined love to be sickly sweet, but with Axel it left a sour taste in her mouth.

There was no doubt in her mind that she loved him with everything she had but she knew that if he wasn’t willing to treat her more like a girlfriend, she would have to walk away and suffer from the heartbreak. She had tried so hard to talk to him like an adult but it would always end in a heated argument and a glass or two shattered against the wall. Both sides had smashed a few glasses or plates before storming away from each other.

Sky never felt the need to say sorry for reacting to Axel. He was always the one to become aggressive with his words and start the fight. Sky was stubborn and hot-headed, so never walked away from the arguments because she was never in the wrong. She only wanted him to see eye to eye with her, but it never did happen.

Axel always said sorry but sometimes he never meant it properly. He mostly said it because Jake told him to stop acting like a dick and apologise. Sky just accepted with open arms and they would go back to how they usually were. It pained her to know that he only said sorry because his friend told him too. Jake could see the pain behind her eyes every time they got into a fight and the relationship was getting more toxic by the day. Especially now his brother was back on the scene.

Sky's eyelids became heavy and the book dropped from her hand as she drifted into a well-needed sleep.

Axel jerked awake in a cold sweat and started to panic, looking around the darkroom. His heart slammed against his chest and he grabbed the space where Sky normally slept but it was empty.

β€œFuck!” He hissed out and stuffed himself into boxers, rushing out of the room. He opened her bedroom door and didn’t see her, more panic setting in. Axel didn’t care that as he ran towards the stairs, he knocked over a table with vases sitting on and he frantically searched for Sky.

When he spotted light shining through the bottom of the library door, he pushed it open and let out a shaky sigh of relief when he saw her curled up on the chair. He ran his sweaty hands through his hair and walked over to her.

β€œEverything ok?” Zeke whispered behind him.

He looked over his shoulder to see Zeke standing with a gun pressed against his thigh, his hair sticking out in every direction, β€œYes. I...I panicked,”

Zeke sighed and ruffled his hair, β€œAgain? Have you spoken to her about it?”

Axel glared at him, β€œNo. What good would it do? She’d think-”

β€œYou clearly don’t know her as well as you think,” Zeke shook his head, β€œIf you wake up in a panic again, she is going to ask what the hell is going on,”

β€œIt’s not happened in years,” Axel muttered and turned his attention back to his girlfriend sleeping peacefully.

β€œSo? Now that your brother is back I have a feeling those nightmares are going to come back and they are going to be much worse,” Zeke said, β€œTake her back to bed and think about telling her what is going on. She’s hurting,”

β€œSo am I,” Axel whispered and Zeke left.

Axel brushed Sky's hair from her face and she let out a happy sigh, trying to get closer to his hand. He smiled softly at her and scooped her into his arms, enjoying how she buried her face into his chest, holding him tightly.

When he reached the top of the stairs, his friends were staring at the mess he had caused and woke them up at 4 in the morning. Jake stared at the girl in his arms and then back at the sweat that still shone on Axel's bare chest.

β€œThey are back,” He stated and Axel nodded, β€œWhen are you going to tell her?”

β€œI’m not,” Axel said stepping over the broken glass, β€œIt’s not her concern,”

β€œIt is when you choke her in her sleep,” Blake hissed quietly.

β€œI won’t do that,”

β€œAnd how the fuck would you know?” Blake said, glaring at him, β€œYou are asleep and living out your nightmare. Don’t be a god damn idiot about this Axel. She needs to know before you risk hurting her,”

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