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Something poked Sky's cheek and she swatted it away, wanting to sleep some more. It happened once more and she groaned, swinging her arms around hoping to hit what was annoying her.

β€œBaby,” Axel whispered in her ear.

β€œWhat?” She mumbled in annoyance, β€œI’m trying to fucking sleep in for once,”

Axel chuckled, β€œBaby, it’s almost the afternoon,”

Sky's eyes shot open and sat up, β€œWhy am I in bed?”

β€œI carried you here last night. You fell asleep in the library,”

β€œWhy?” She frowned.

Axel's lip twitched and he pulled her into his chest, holding her tightly, β€œ, forget it. I can’t-”

β€œDon’t you dare walk away from me Axel,” She said knocking him back onto the bed and she swung her leg over him and pinned his wrists to the bed next to his head, β€œSomething is bothering you. So tell me,”

β€œWhat if I don’t want to?” Axel said a playful smile on his lips.

β€œDo you really want to find out?”

β€œIt would be interesting to see,” He said, β€œA hot girl straddling me is turning-ah! What the fuck!”

β€œStart talking!” She said, grabbing his nipples between her fingers, β€œIf you don’t talk, I will have to borrow some clamps from Zeke,”

β€œThe fuck you will!” Axel hissed and swatted her backside making her yelp. He easily switched their positions and buried his face into her chest biting her nipple.

β€œOw!” She gasped, β€œDo that again and I’ll send your teeth to your asshole!”

Axel looked up at her with a boyish grin and Sky's heart went mad in her chest. It had been a while since he had grinned at her like that and it made her forget what an asshole he was at times...well, most of the times.

β€œDon’t try to distract me from your gorgeous face and dimples,” She said, pulling him closer to her by his hair. He winced and looked down at her, β€œWhat’s bothering you?”

Axel bit into his lip and shook his head, β€œI can’t explain right now,”

β€œWhy not?”

β€œBecause it’s not easy to say,” Axel grumbled, β€œGo have a shower and get a bikini or something,”


β€œBecause we are going swimming,”

Sky frowned and watched Axel get rid of his boxers, β€œBut you said I can’t leave the house,”

β€œYou dumbass,” Axel said, β€œI have a fucking pool. Jesus. How dumb are you?”

β€œYou have a pool?” Sky said, jumping out of bed, β€œSince when?”

β€œSince forever. Idiot,”

β€œWell, I’m sorry. But you never told me! You’ve only just told me about the bloody library,”

Axel grinned and pulled her back against his chest, lifting a hand across the front of her body, holding onto her neck gently, β€œSurprise. Now get moving. If you don’t hurry up, I won’t fucking wait for you,”

Sky elbowed him in the gut and rushed out of the room. Axel rubbed his chest as his heart began to race at how excited Sky was over a pool and the door reopened.

β€œWhat now?” Axel said, β€œCan’t you see I’m naked?”

Blake rolled his eyes, β€œPlease. I’ve seen you balls deep in Sky's pussy. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before,”

Axel tutted and pulled some swimming trunks from his drawers. He stepped into them and looked at his friend, β€œWell? What do you want?”

β€œHave you told her?”

β€œDid her happy squeals look like I fucking told her?” Axel snapped, β€œI will tell her. Don’t fucking put pressure on me, Blake. It’s hard enough to talk about it anyway,”

β€œAlright, alright,” Blake said, β€œDon’t take your anger out on me. But, she needs to know,”

Axel sighed in frustration, β€œI fucking know that. I just...need to make her somewhat happy before I tell her,”

β€œYou better tell her, Axel,” Blake warned, β€œI’ve grown to like that stupid bitch and if you kill her, Darcy will slit your throat and Tyler? I’m not sure of what he is capable of but you’ll be lucky if he just shoots you in the face,”

β€œI will tell her!” Axel yelled, β€œNow, do you have anything else to fucking say or can you just fuck off now?”

Blake shook his head, β€œNo. Nothing else,”

β€œGood,” Axel said pushing by, β€œNo one is to bother Sky and I unless it’s a fucking emergency. You keep everyone out of the pool. The girls are not to know about it until Sky and I have some time alone,”


Axel sighed and turned to Blake who was looking pissed off, β€œIf you want to know what’s really going on in my head...I’m fucking scared to tell her,”

Sky felt the excitement rush through her body as Axel took her hand, leading her out of the back door and across the garden. She had no time to explore the house or its grounds and after she was told about the pool.

Axel led her further away from the house, she couldn’t help but admire the gardens. The flowers were in full bloom and were well looked after. She could see no weeds and it made her slightly jealous as she was never able to keep plants alive in her garden at home. The weeds had taken over so she just gave up trying to garden.

β€œHere,” Axel said pushing a door open to another building, β€œThe pool is through those doors. A changing room is in there but no female changing rooms. You can change with me. A sauna is in the room upstairs with a small bar and a few pool tables. There is a code to the door so no asshats break in and destroy the place. I’ll give you the code another time but you are welcome to come here whenever you want,”

β€œThank you Axel,” Sky beamed up at him, β€œYou have no idea how much I needed this,”

Axel put his hand on her cheeks and nodded, β€œYeah. I’ too. I’ve been an asshole recently and...well, I kinda thought I needed to spend more time with you,”

Sky nodded and hugged him, β€œI’m sorry,”

Axel frowned, β€œFor what?”

β€œArguing back when we fight,” She spoke softly, β€œFor trying to get you to talk to me when you aren’t ready. I guess that comes from being a cop. I should probably reel that in a bit because I don’t want to argue with you anymore. I’m sorry. I will back off and when you are ready to talk to me, I will sit and listen to you,”

β€œShit. You don’t need to be sorry. It’s me that should be. I...I can’t always control my anger and in a way I like it when you fight back,” Axel said, hugging her back.

β€œNah,” She said, β€œWe are both as bad as each other. I just know how to control my temper, but, I do have to agree with you. I like it when you fight back as well. The angry makeup sex is out of this world,”

β€œI love you so fucking much,” Axel said, grabbing her face and kissing her hard.

β€œI’m glad to hear it,” Sky giggled and kissed his nose, β€œSo, swimming?”

β€œNo,” Axel smirked, β€œI’ve fucked you everywhere in my room, your room and my office,”

β€œOh no,”

β€œOh, yes,” He said, wrapping her ponytail around his fist, β€œDon’t worry. I’ll make it quick,”

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