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The water was cool against Sky's oversensitive skin as she floated on her back, enjoying the soft music playing through the speakers. Axel was swimming laps, splashing her every time he went past. Her body felt sore but she loved it. Axel had been rough with her but so loving at the same time, which made a massive difference from their normal sex.

She felt loved when he touched her.

β€œSky,” Axel said, splashing water in her face.

She spluttered and rolled over to tread water, β€œWhat was that for?”

β€œWe should talk,” He said, β€œIt’s important,”

Sky's heart dropped into her stomach at how serious his face was and swam to the edge of the pool. She pulled herself out and Axel followed, his trunks hanging low on his hips. The towel was warm as she wrapped it around her body and she sat on the lounge chair, Axel sitting on the chair in front of her.

β€œAre you breaking up with me?” Sky whispered.

β€œWhat the fuck are you on?” Axel frowned, β€œWhy would I be breaking up with you?”

β€œBecause most people break up with their partner with β€˜we should talk’ and I know that we have been arguing a lot recently but-”

β€œI’m not breaking up with you, Sky, for fuck sake,” He tutted, β€œDo you think that little of me?”

β€œDo you want an answer?”

β€œCheeky bitch,” He muttered and rubbed his face with his towel, β€œI’m not breaking up with you but I need to make something very fucking clear before I tell you, got it?”

β€œGo for it,”

β€œI don’t want you to interrupt me,” He said, β€œJust let me finish before you open that big mouth of yours. I...this isn’t easy for me to say, ok? I also don’t want you to think that I’m pathetic or weak,”

β€œAxel, I have never thought you were weak or pathetic,” Sky said, reaching over to put her hand on his cheek, β€œDespite our differences at times, well most of the time, I love you with everything I have. Nothing will change that,”

Axel closed his eyes and put his hand over hers, β€œDon’t think any different of me...please,”

β€œI won’t,” Sky spoke softly waiting for Axel to talk to her.

β€œI was hurt when I was a kid,” He said, just above a whisper and Sky's heart jumped into her throat seeing the hurt on his face, β€œMy brother was crazy, he had killed my dog and everyone who got close to him. I was never scared of him but I was scared of what he was capable of doing. My hate for him grew and grew, and no matter what he did, I wanted him dead. Especially after he attacked my mum,” Axel gulped, β€œWhen he was let home after his stay in the hospital, he had made friends with a group of men a few years older than me and they...they weren’t nice men,”

Sky moved to sit next to him as his body started to shake and she wrapped her arms around his body, feeling tears in her eyes.

β€œMy parents had a meeting with some allies and they had a few bodyguards look after us, mostly me,” He said, letting out a shaky sigh, β€œWell, my brother managed to get his new friends into the house and kill the bodyguards. I had no idea because I had locked my room and had my music playing loudly. Finley had picked the lock and came in with his friends. I was...I fought as hard as I could but I couldn’t get them off me. At that time, I wasn’t big and they were much bigger and stronger,”

Axel put his arm around Sky's shoulder as he heard her start to cry.

β€œListen, there is a reason why I don’t want you to leave the house. I don’t like to talk about what happened but I have nightmares. Bad ones,” Axel sighed, β€œMum and dad don't know because I was ashamed to tell them. It was the first time I killed someone and I shut my emotions down. I found one of the men that hurt me and I killed him. My brother is unpredictable and he is dangerous. I don’t want to think of what he would do to you if he got his hands on you and I want to do everything in my power to protect you. I know I’m a complete asshole and I’m controlling, but it’s because I love you and I don’t want to lose you,”

β€œI’m so sorry,” Sky whispered, β€œI had no idea,”

Axel scoffed, β€œYeah, well only my friends know. Finley watched the whole ordeal laughing at my screams for help. Then I started having night terrors. Bad ones. I had a girl once in my bed after I tested her out for Blake,”

β€œNice way of putting it,” Sky muttered.

β€œSorry,” Axel said, β€œI had a night terror and I woke up strangling her. I killed her. I killed her in my nightmare,”


β€œI haven’t had a nightmare for years and now that my brother is back, they have reappeared. I don’t mean to push you away but-”

β€œAxel, stop,” Sky said, climbing onto his lap to straddle him. She cupped his face in her hands and rested her forehead on his, β€œThank you for telling me,”

β€œI trust you,” He said, moving the towel away from her body and running his hands up her naked back, β€œThe boys are worried that I’m going to kill you in the middle of the night. I don’t want that. If you are gone then I don’t have much to live for,”

Sky smiled softly and kissed him, β€œDon’t say that. You have so much to live for but do you not want to share a bed with me anymore?”

β€œI don’t want to kill you,” Axel whispered.

β€œYou wouldn’t,”

β€œYou don’t know that,”

β€œTrue but now that you have told me, I guess I should sleep with a stun gun on the nightstand,”

Axel laughed slightly and shook his head, β€œThere is something very wrong with you. You should be scared of me and not want to sleep next to me anymore,”

β€œI suppose,” She said, kissing him again, β€œBut then again, I want to be the one next to you trying to help you through the nightmares. I have been in the same situation but you can’t let them take you back to that horrible time,”

β€œFuck,” Axel said, β€œYou are one fucking special girl,”

Sky giggled, β€œWhy, thank you,”

Axel lifted his hands up to the straps on her bikini and smirked, β€œBut you interrupted me. You know what that means right?”


β€œPunishment,” He said, biting into her earlobe, β€œI’m going to fuck your mouth and you are going to be a good girl or you don’t get to orgasm. On your knees,”

Sky smirked and knelt down in front of him, running her nails up his thighs, β€œYes, sir,”

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