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A few days later, Axel woke up without Sky asleep next to him and panic set in once again. He dressed quickly and headed downstairs in search of her.

β€œAre you ok?” Jake asked as he almost ran into the kitchen.

β€œWhere is Sky?” Axel asked, β€œShe wasn’t in-”

β€œThe gym,” Jake said and watched Axel run his hands through his hair, β€œSit down. Are you hungry?”

Axel nodded and sat at the breakfast bar staring at the wall. It was obvious that he wanted to say something but Jake didn’t start the conversation wanting Axel to feel comfortable enough to talk.

β€œI was scared,” Axel whispered and Jake handed him a tea.

β€œScared of what?”

β€œSky,” Axel said, looking at him, β€œScared of her hating me. Scared of her pitying me. Jake, I was scared that she’d pack her things and leave because I let those things happen to me,”

Jake sighed and sat down, β€œYou and I both know that Sky would never leave over something like that. What happened to you wasn’t your fault and you didn’t let that happen. You did your best to fight back but you were a teenager and those were fully grown men,


β€œStop,” Jake said putting his hand on his shoulder, β€œI don’t want to hear it. What happened was horrific and there’s nothing that I can say to make that part of your history better, but it has happened now. Axel, it doesn’t make you a different person and Sky loves you. Even though you can be such an asshole, she is still here. You need to trust her more and the love she has for you,”

β€œShe felt sorry for me,”

Jake tutted, β€œShe didn’t feel sorry for you. She understood you. Do you honestly think that girl could feel sorry for you after everything she has been through? And we don’t even know what happened in her life before we met her,”

β€œYeah, you’re right,”

β€œI know I’m right,” Jake said, with a grin, β€œAnyway, there is a package that came today for the both of you but she said you can’t open it without her or she’d beat you with one of Jake's riding crops,”

Axel smirked, β€œI might enjoy that,”

β€œGross. She’s in the gym sparring with a few of the boys and I have to say, I never want to spar with her again,” Jake said, β€œI’m telling you that she was born a ninja or something. She is quick and fights like a dancer,”

β€œYou should have seen her when she tried to attack me in the dress,” Axel said getting to his feet, β€œI’ll be up to eat once you’re done,”

Axel grabbed the package and walked the short distance to the basement door and went down stretching his arms above his head. There had always been two doors to the basement for obvious reasons. One was the door that led to the gym and the other door led to the holding cells for traitors or people they needed to torture. A shudder hit Axel when he remembered locking Sky and Jason in one.

There was a loud thud and a groan, followed by Sky laughing. He walked into the room to see, Zeke face-down on the mat, with one of his arms bent behind him and Sky sitting on his back.

β€œYou cheated!” He said into the mat.

β€œYou were too slow, babe,” Sky grinned and climbed off him still not noticing Axel, β€œYou asked me to help you, so I am helping you. If you think you can turn your back on a fight then you are wrong. You need to be prepared at all times especially with everything that is happening right now,”

Zeke sighed and punched the mat before getting to his feet, β€œAlright. Don’t hold back,”

β€œWhat?” Sky said and Axel frowned.

β€œDon’t hold back,” He said, β€œYou’re right. I asked you to help me and if we were on the street and I didn’t have my gun, they wouldn’t hold back. Only if you are ok with me not holding back,”

β€œI’m not sure that is a good idea. You don’t have to hold back but it’s stupid,” Sky said, β€œI’ve been training since I was 4 years old and-”

β€œPussy,” Zeke said and Axel rolled his eyes, leaning on the wall.

β€œThey’ve been doing this since they got down here,” Blake said walking over to Axel, β€œIt’s been interesting to watch,”

Zeke lifted his hands up preparing to fight making Sky sigh.

β€œThat’s enough,” Axel said making them both jump, β€œYou won’t be-”

β€œHe is right,” Sky said, β€œZeke asked me to train him so that is what I am going to do. Just don’t go crying to your friends after I kick that juicy butt of yours,”

Zeke smirked, β€œGlad you think my butt is juicy,”

β€œIt won’t be when I am through with you,” Sky grinned lifting her hands up, β€œGuys if things get out of hand, break us apart or call an ambulance for him,”

Zeke shot forward, throwing jabs at Sky's face but she dodged each one, slapping his fists away quicker than Zeke had imagined. Axel stared with his mouth wide open as he watched her chop Zeke in the neck, pushing him back.

β€œI thought I said don’t hold back,” Zeke said, breathing heavily.

As they started again, Axel was getting angrier at the punches and kicks Zeke was sending to Sky. A few landed but he saw how she remained calm, despite being hurt. Zeke was starting to lose his temper and when Sky was grabbed it was over. She threw herself around him, taking him down and Zeke yelled slightly, tapping her leg making her let go of the armlock.

β€œWhat the fuck?” Zeke groaned, holding his arm, β€œHow the fuck did you do that?”

Sky sat next to him and used a towel to wipe some blood off her face, β€œYou lost your temper. It’s not good if you lose your temper,”

β€œI can’t believe I got beaten by a girl,”

β€œYou can fight and my god, do you hit hard, but you are never going to win if you let your anger and frustration take over,” Sky said, β€œTry meditation,”

β€œSuck my dick, you bitch,”

Sky laughed, β€œHey! Is that the package?”

Axel nodded and walked over to her, β€œWhat is it?”

β€œYou will have to see,” She said, taking the small box from him β€œI did order something but I didn’t think it would come this quickly,”

β€œYou ordered sexy pictures of yourself?” Axel tutted.

Sky looked up at him with a pale face, β€œI’ve never taken sexy pictures of myself,”

He snatched the box from her and his hands shook with anger when he saw more photos of Sky in her towel, underwear or relaxing in the house. It was obvious they were taken from outside and his stomach rolled when he found photos of Axel having sex with Sky.

Lots of them.

β€œI’m going to fucking kill him,”

β€œHow do you know it’s from your brother?” Zeke said, glancing at the photos, β€œHoly shit! You have an outfit like that?!”

Sky snatched the photo away from him and punched him in the chest, β€œShut up!”

β€œTurn that photo over, Sky,” Blake said.

β€œHow do you like my present older brother?” Sky aloud, β€œThis is only the start. Catch me if you can,” Sky threw the picture across the room, β€œOh, I’ll catch you, you perverted mother fucker and I am going to shove a gun up your ass and pull the god damn trigger!”

A/N: If you want to know what the fight scene was like, just look up John Wick, Ip Man etc just to get an idea of how she moves and that. I’ve made her a badass so why not be able to fight like that, eh?

Stay weird. Stay fierce <33

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