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Sky was pacing up and down the living room, muttering to herself and clicking her knuckles, while everyone watched. Chelzi sat with her knees tucked into her chest on the armchair texting someone and Darcy sat opposite her not looking at her sister.

β€œWhat are you going to do about the photos?” Zeke asked, β€œI can check our CCTV to-”

β€œDon’t bother,” Sky said, β€œI’ve already done it,”

β€œYou did what?” Axel said, narrowing his eyes, β€œYou said you stopped that,”

β€œI said I stopped a lot of things Axel,” Sky said, β€œJust like you promised you would stop trying to control me,”

β€œThis isn’t the time for a domestic,” Jason said quickly, β€œI understand how you feel but you need to take a deep breath and discuss what we should do,”

β€œThat bastard took photos of Axel fucking me against the wall!” Sky exclaimed and Tyler sighed, β€œSorry but I feel violated. I don’t feel safe in my own home because some psycho gets off on private photos,”

β€œDid the cameras catch anything?” Jake asked.

Sky shook her head, β€œNo. I went back weeks to find that the camera time hopped a few hours. I think that brother of yours either has someone on the inside or has friends who can hack,”

β€œMy network is hard to hack,” Zeke frowned.

β€œNot hard enough,” Sky sighed and sat down, β€œWhy can no one find him?”

β€œFinley is like a ghost,” Axel said, β€œNot everyone knows what he looks like and those who have seen him end up dying. If you are part of his gang, you will live until he grows bored of you,”

β€œCan I open the door?” Chelzi said, β€œIt’s just that the girls are here,”

β€œSharon,” Blake said, snapping his finger, β€œAnswer the door,”

β€œYes, master,” She said quietly and walked out of the room.

Sky looked at Darcy who was scowling and folded her arms. Sky knew they were still fighting but she had a horrible feeling that Blake had fucked Sharon out of spite.

β€œSlumber party bitches!” Jenna said almost running into the room, β€œMy God! Look at this place. I hope you know that I am never moving my ass out,”

β€œYou can always leave in a body bag,” Sky said with a smile.

β€œOh honey, you would rather tie me down to your bed,” Jenna laughed and he rolled his eyes.

β€œWhy is this girl wearing a maid outfit?” Freya asked, β€œWait...holy shit! Sky, you wore one didn’t you?!”

β€œMy booby Goddess wore that?” Sara gasped, β€œDamn. I am getting wet just thinking about that. I will be touching myself later.”

β€œOh for fuck sake!” Sky exclaimed, β€œWhat is wrong with you?”

β€œUm, you are hot and my booby goddess,” Sara grinned and jumped over the sofa to grab hold of her boobs, β€œYup. They still feel fine. Can I-ugh! Fuck,”

Sky shoved her away after elbowing her in the chest and she moved to sit next to Axel who was glaring at Sara.

β€œSara, if you don’t behave, I will put you in a body bag,” Freya said, β€œYou promised to keep your hands away from Sky,”

β€œI couldn’t help myself,” She sighed, β€œThey are so...delicious,”

β€œWhy are we here anyway?” Jenna said, sitting on top of Chelzi, β€œSome man told us to pack what we could and we were driven here with no reason why,”

β€œFinley killed Ali,” Chelzi said, β€œI saw it and he knows I did. I didn’t want him to come after you, knowing that you are my family,”

Darcy stood up and walked out of the room.

β€œHave you spoken to her?” Sky asked.

β€œWhat’s the point?” Chelzi muttered, β€œShe still hates me for running out on her,”

β€œI know that changing the subject will be rude but I am scared and need to talk about something better than death,” Jenna said, β€œBut who is that hottie sitting with his laptop?”

Sky looked over at her brother and grinned widely, seeing his cheeks go bright red, β€œThat is my younger brother,”

β€œGod damn,” Freya said letting out a whistle, β€œYou have some good genes,”

β€œAre you single?” Sara said, β€œGay? Bisexual? Transgender? Vanilla sex or hardcore? Single partner during sex or group sex?”

β€œNo!” Tyler said, shutting his laptop and getting to his feet, β€œWhat the hell is wrong with you?”

β€œHorny,” Sara said, β€œIf you were all of those, I do not give a shit. I am open to everyone,”

Tyler let out a frustrated scream, β€œStay the fuck away from me! I don’t want anyone. I am happy being single and Sky if you let those girls near me I will tell everyone your deepest, darkest secrets,”

β€œGirls,” Sky said quickly, β€œLeave him alone. He is off-limits. No touchy. No flirting either,”

"Deepest, darkest secrets?" Jenna smirked, "Interesting."

β€œAs much as I enjoy talking about this,” Axel said sarcastically, β€œDo any of you have an idea about what to do with that bastard brother of mine?”

β€œBait,” Jason said and everyone looked at him, β€œBefore you get angry or start throwing things at me, hear me out. You said that no one can track Finley and that he is a ghost. No one has seen him but we all know that he is after you, Axel,”

β€œGo on,”

β€œWhat if we use you as bait to lure him out?” He asked, β€œOf course, you wouldn’t be alone. There would be plain-clothes around, your gang members blending in so nothing will go wrong. Right now, it’s the only thing I can think of,”

Axel sighed and rubbed his thumb across his bottom lip, β€œThere is one problem with that. My brother isn’t stupid. He would know something is up if I am just walking around,”


β€œBecause I don’t walk anywhere,” He tutted, β€œI get my driver to take me places,”

β€œWell, that went out the window,” Jason groaned, β€œI had it all planned out in my head and everything. I even went as far as thinking about what I was going to wear,”

β€œYou cutie,” Zeke grinned at him, β€œCan you tie me to your bed now and fuck me like a-”

β€œUse me,” Sky said, interrupting him, β€œAxel, just listen. He would know something is up if you are walking and I’m good at being undercover,”

β€œAin’t that the fucking truth,” Axel said almost snapping at her, β€œBut no. I won’t risk your life to get my brother. Not fucking happening,”

β€œOk, but what if I wasn’t alone,” Sky said, β€œI can take Ellis and Spencer so that if anything goes wrong, they can get me out of there. You can be waiting in a car and-”

β€œNo!” Axel shouted and got to his feet, β€œYou won’t be using yourself as fucking bait! I am not arguing with you on this, Sky. Open that fucking mouth and you can see how angry I can be at you. This is my fucking problem. Not yours,”

Sky clenched her jaw as Axel stormed out and she quickly grabbed Tyler to stop him from going after him. Sky rolled her shoulders back and nodded.

β€œThen let’s see how fucking angry you can be at me,” Sky said, walking out of the room after him, β€œHey!”

Axel stopped at the stairs and glared at her, β€œFuck off Sky. I’m not in the mood,”

β€œAnd you think I am?” She snapped, β€œStop treating me like I’m a fucking piece of shit! I understand why you are opposed to my idea but at least hear me out,”

β€œIf you want to go out there and get taken or killed, be my fucking guest,” Axel said, β€œI’ll find someone else who actually listens to me,”

Sky's eyes went wide at the same time as Axel's, β€œDon’t. Say. A fucking. Word,”

β€œSky, I-”

β€œIf you want to take your anger out on me, then fine,” Sky growled, β€œBut you let me take mine out on you as well. Get that fucking pathetic angry ass into the gym. Do you think you are bad when you are angry? Well, sweetheart, you haven’t fucking seen anything yet,”

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