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Sky cracked her knuckles and watched as Axel walked into the gym, taking his jacket off and dropped it onto the bench. Behind him was everyone else and Zeke was trying to convince Axel not to fight her.

Her blood was boiling and she could feel her body shaking with that anger. Sky loved Axel but he needed to be brought back down to reality. And what better way to do it than to kick his ass?

β€œYou don’t need to do this,” Zeke said, β€œSky, seriously. Fighting each other physically isn’t the way to-”

β€œOf course, it is,” Axel said, rolling his shoulders back, β€œOur fights whether they be verbal or physical always ends with great makeup sex,”

β€œYou think I want to have sex with you after what you just said to me?” Sky snapped.

Axel smirked, β€œBaby, I know you’ll want-hey! What the fuck was that for?”

Sky managed to land a punch to his stomach and she stepped back glaring at him, β€œWhat do you think it was for? Maybe if you weren’t focusing on talking out of your ass, then maybe you would have been ready,”

β€œYou think I won’t knock you down?” Axel said, β€œI won’t lay a hand on you because that’s not my style, but I will put you on your ass,”

Sky scoffed, β€œThen show me what you got, jerkoff?”

β€œThis is stupid,” Axel rolled his eyes, β€œWhy are you in such a touchy mood? I have already told you that you can’t leave the house,”

β€œAnd I have already told you to go fuck yourself,” Sky seethed, β€œIf you wanted a girl to control, go find one of your whores. You of all people should know I hate being some god damn possession,”

β€œAre you going to attempt to fight me or are you just going to stand there and be a miserable bitch?”

β€œUm, maybe you should just yell at each other,” Jake said, β€œThis really isn’t what-”

β€œJake. I love and respect you but please stay out of this,” Sky said, β€œThis is between my asshole of a boyfriend and me,”

Axel tutted and rushed at her, but she stepped to the side and jabbed him in the ribs making him gasp in surprise. Sky's hit wasn’t hard enough to leave bruises but hard enough to show that she meant business.

β€œSeriously?” Sky said, β€œYou’re supposed to be the scariest mafia boss around and you rush at me like that?”

Axel clenched his jaw, β€œWatch your mouth. I don’t want to raise my hand to you,”


Axel's nostrils flared with anger and he once again rushed at her but this time he was prepared. As Sky ducked his punch he lifted up his knee almost catching her in the jaw. She stumbled onto her back where Axel threw himself on top trying to gain control.

Sky tutted as he grabbed her wrists but he was paying no attention to her legs. She caught his nuts as she shifted underneath him, and he grunted easing his grip on her. With one quick motion, Axel was face down on the mat with his arm wrenched behind him, Sky's knee pressed firmly between his shoulder blades.

β€œGive up?”

β€œFuck you,” Axel snapped and Sky let his arm go getting to her feet.

β€œI’m more suited to be boss,” Sky said, β€œYou can’t even take a girl down. Imagine what other gangs would think if they found out,”

β€œWas that a threat?” Axel said darkly and rose to his feet.

β€œSky, don’t antagonise him,” Blake said, β€œNot right now,”

β€œI’m disappointed, Axel,” She said, β€œI mean, you’re so dominant in bed but you can’t beat me in a fight,”

β€œSky,” Axel said, β€œI’m trying really hard to keep my cool but if you keep pressing my fucking buttons, then you and I will have a problem,”

β€œWe already have a problem,” Sky whispered and she let out a shaky sigh, β€œWhat am I to you?”

β€œWhat the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

β€œAm I your girlfriend or am I your slave?”

Sky let Axel slam her against the wall and she grunted in pain, staring up at Axel with tears in her eyes. He wrapped his hand around her throat and applied some pressure.

β€œRight now, you’re being a stubborn bitch,” He growled into her ear, β€œYou’re no good to me as a slave because you never do as I fucking tell you. And being a girlfriend? Who the fuck knows. All I know is that you’re being a shit girlfriend right now. You’ve got no respect for me and you keep acting like you’re the fucking boss of this relationship. You do as you are told or I can easily replace you with someone who has more respect and knows that her mouth is only used to suck my dick. I’m the god damn boss so do as you’re fucking-ugh,”

Axel dropped to the floor clutching his nuts and Sky swallowed the lump in her throat trying not to cry at his words.

β€œWow,” She said, β€œIf that’s how you think a relationship works then maybe I don’t want a relationship with you anymore,”

Axel groaned in pain and Sky quickly wiped her tears away, stepping over him. He was trying to call her but his words were more like mumbles. She took one last look at him and went back upstairs.

As she reached the top her friends pulled her into a hug and Darcy led them upstairs to Sky's room.

β€œWhat a prick!” Jenna said, β€œwho the fuck does he think he is talking to you like that?”

β€œI want to go back down there and cut his dick off with a old rusty knife,” Sara said, β€œNo one treat my booby goddess like that. No one,”

Freya sat down next to Sky, β€œI’m not sure what to say but you can’t let him get to you. You know deep down that you are worth more than this,”

β€œI just love him so much,” Sky cried, β€œBut I feel like I’m just some whore he can fuck around with,”

β€œYou can’t let him treat you like that anymore,” Darcy said, β€œIt’s time to make a stand. We are all strong, beautiful women and no longer will we let men stomp all over us,”

β€œI agree,” Chelzi said, β€œAnd not because she is my sister. Just because they are super hot, have lots of money and are respected in the mafia world, doesn’t mean we can’t make a name for ourselves,”

β€œAnd what do you suggest we do?” Freya said, β€œWe can’t piss them off too much when they have taken us in for our safety,”

β€œI agree,” Jenna said, β€œWe have to think logically about this and don’t act on anger. Sky is upset and I don’t want to make the situation worse. Why don’t we watch a movie or something?”

β€œRubbish! That won’t do at all,” Chelzi grinned widely, β€œWho is up for a good time?”

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