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Axel knocked on Sky's door and he heard the girls stop laughing. He gripped the flowers tightly in his hands and his heart was racing when the door opened. Sky's smile faded and she looked at the flowers. It had been a few days since they had argued and he had finally got the courage to talk to her.

β€œI...these are for you,” He said, handing them to her.

β€œFor what reason?”

β€œTo show you that I do care about you,” He said, β€œLook, can we talk somewhere more private? I don’t want the girls to listen in,”

Sky sighed, β€œGirls, can you go somewhere else for a bit?”

The girls scoffed and glared at Axel as they walked out of her room. Sky stepped aside and let Axel in. He rubbed the back of his neck and sat down on her bed, watching her put the flowers on a chair.

β€œTalk,” Sky said, folding her arms.

β€œI’m sorry,” Axel said.

β€œAre you?” Sky asked, β€œBecause you keep saying sorry over again but keep doing the same thing. How can I believe your apologies anymore?”

β€œI’m trying,” He said standing up, and walked over to her β€œBaby, I’m trying to keep my controlling behaviour and possessive nature away but when it comes to you, I really struggle. I don’t want to see you hurt again and I don’t want you to leave the house,”

β€œThat isn’t your decision to make, Axel,” Sky said, β€œYou are supposed to be my boyfriend, not my owner. I’m not a pet and you don’t know how to respect my decisions,”

β€œI don’t want to see you hurt,”

β€œWhich I understand. I have never told you that I don’t understand your reasoning. But right now, you are the person who keeps hurting me,” Sky sighed, β€œAxel, I love you. I honestly do, but it seems that I’m the only one who understands how a relationship works. I keep forgiving you over and over again, ignoring how you keep hurting me. I always give you chances to work on yourself and how to be less controlling over me, but a few days after you say sorry to me, you are back to your usual self,”

β€œI know,”

β€œDo you?” Sky said almost snapping, β€œI am so close to just giving up with this relationship,”

β€œWhat?” Axel said quietly, β€œYou can’t leave me,”

β€œThat won’t be your choice,” Sky said, not looking at him, β€œI can only take so much, Axel and even though I love you, I can’t keep letting you hurt me,”

β€œI won’t let you leave,” Axel said, grabbing her arms β€œI can’t be without you. I’m sorry. I can’t...I don’t want to live without you by my side. I promise that I will do everything it takes to be the boyfriends you read about. I’ll be perfect. I’ll even-”

β€œAxel, it isn’t about being the perfect boyfriend!” Sky said, putting her hands on his face to stop him talking, β€œIt’s about being supportive, understanding and to respect me. Not control me or tell me what I can and can’t do. This is a partnership, Axel. It isn’t an owner, slave relationship. You are my boyfriend and I’m your girlfriend. I don’t want you to be like the men in books. If I did, I would have fallen in love with someone else,”

β€œI don’t know what to do,” Axel whispered.

β€œGet help,”


β€œDon’t pretend you didn’t hear me,” Sky said lifting her eyebrow up, β€œGet professional help. It is very clear you need it and before you start ranting about how getting therapy isn’t what men do, let me tell you that it will be the best thing for us,”

Axel sighed, β€œI don’t like therapy. They tried it but I stopped going because they were useless,”

β€œYou are older now, Axel,” Sky said, β€œI’m being serious. If you want this relationship to work then talk to someone,”

β€œWhat about you? Will you come with me?” Axel asked, β€œWe could do couple therapy and it will be in a controlled-”

β€œIf that’s what you want me to do, then yes. I will go with you,”

Axel let out a sigh of relief and hugged her tightly, β€œI love you, baby,”

β€œI know but you should learn how to show it properly,” Sky said, β€œThe flowers were a nice touch. Thank you,”

β€œIt took me 3 hours to pick the right bunch,” Axel mumbled and Sky laughed, β€œDon’t laugh at me. I didn’t know which ones to get and I was staring at the stupid flowers for 3 fucking hours. I almost bought the whole damn shop,”

β€œIt would have given me something to do,” Sky said, β€œThe girls and I are so bored being stuck in here,”

β€œI know what you are doing,” Axel said, almost growling into her ear, β€œIt won’t work,”

β€œI have no idea what you are talking about,”

β€œYou are trying to convince me to let you and the girls work,” He said, β€œI’m not a pushover, baby,”

β€œHmm,” Sky said, β€œI wouldn’t be so sure of that,”

β€œWhat makes you think that?”

β€œYou say that I have bodyguards, yes?”

β€œYeah,” Axel said slowly.

β€œAnd you want to try to let me have more freedom?”

β€œI don’t think I like where this is going,”

β€œI’m going out Friday night with the girls,” Sky said.

β€œYou fucking aren’t,” Axel snapped, holding her at arm’s length, β€œYou aren’t leaving this place when my psycho brother is out there. No fucking way,”

β€œTough,” Sky said, β€œWe are going to be driven to one of your clubs, Spencer and Ellis will be there, plus a few other of your men to look after the other girls. When we decide we have had enough, we are going to be driven back and we are going to bed. You think I haven’t thought about our safety?”

β€œI don’t-”

β€œI was a fucking cop, Axel,” Sky said, β€œI know how to look after myself, much to your disbelief. I also know what to look out for and the signs of danger before they fucking appear. So don’t you dare tell me I’m not going to leave this place. I’m sick of being locked up. If you have that much of a god damn problem with it, then you can tag along,”


"Nothing. I've been over a few things and I know that club inside and out. The bouncers know what your brother looks like, there is a list of people who can enter and-"

"Fine!" Axel snapped, "Jesus fucking christ. You can go out on one fucking condition."

"Which is?"

"I have to be there but I'll let you and the girls have fun."

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