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Axel found the house quiet when Sky was out. The girls stayed in their rooms and only came down to find food, then disappeared again without saying a word. He did, however, feel their glares in the back of his head but he chose not to confront them about it. He just ate in silence and let them scowl.

It had been a good few hours since Sky had left with Tyler and he had completed all his work. He was bored without her. Even sitting with his friends in the game room didn’t take away his boredom. Axel threw himself back on the sofa and stared up at the ceiling, listening to his friends bicker over who was going to play pool next.

β€œFor fuck sake!” Axel said loudly, β€œSomeone fucking chose who is playing next. You’re pissing me off!”

β€œSomeone is missing, Sky,” Zeke laughed, β€œInstead of moping around like an upset puppy, play pool with us,”

β€œFine,” He muttered and stood up, β€œBlake. I’m playing you,”

Blake set the balls up and Jake handed Axel the pool cue. But as Axel was about to break Sky walked into the room making him chip the white ball off the table and hit Zeke on the forehead.

β€œOw!” He yelped out, β€œWhat the fuck Axel?!”

β€œSorry,” Axel said, gulping as Sky strolled in with Tyler, β€œI was...distracted,”

β€œUnless a fit girl walked in with her tits hanging out then you-”

β€œI’m fit but my tits are away,” Sky said, making Zeke jump, β€œHey guys,”

β€œFuck me,” Zeke said, looking at Sky, β€œAnd I mean literally,”

Sky scoffed, β€œWe have been through this. You and I just aren’t compatible,”


β€œTyler is though,”

β€œSkyla!” Tyler said shoving her to the side, β€œI will seriously kick your ass,”

Sky smirked, β€œWeren’t you the one looking at gay porn earlier? Do you remember? The video where the man was into BDSM and-”

β€œYou fucking bitch!” Tyler said, β€œI hate you!”

β€œYou dyed your hair,” Jake said, β€œIt looks amazing,”

β€œThank you,” Sky sighed, β€œThis dick face decided I needed a change. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my natural hair but oh well. I look good with purple hair,”

β€œShe also got some numbers from decent guys,” Tyler said looking at Axel, β€œGuys that would treat her properly and they had good jobs,”

β€œDon’t forget what I said, Ty,” Sky said smiling at Tyler.

Tyler smiled back, β€œHow could I forget something like that?”

β€œExactly. So watch your damn mouth before I tell Zeke you want his cock in there,”

β€œI fucking hate you,”

β€œSo,” Zeke said, β€œYou want my cock? You should have just asked. It’s been hard since I turned to see you,”

Axel saw the pink tinge appear on Tyler's cheek and he smirked slightly, but he turned his attention back to Sky.

β€œTyler,” Zeke frowned.

β€œWhat?” Tyler mumbled.

β€œYou have something on your lips,”

β€œHuh? Do I?”

β€œYeah,” Zeke said walking towards him, β€œMine,”

Everyone let out a sharp gasp when Zeke yanked Tyler's face towards his, their lips slamming against each other’s. Sky's eyes went wide and she moved out of the way as Zeke pushed Tyler towards the sofa, quickly straddling his waist.

β€œOh hell no!” She said running out of the room.

Tyler struggled against Zeke and when he ended the kiss, Tyler made a crap attempt at hitting Zeke and he yelped when his wrists were pinned to the sofa.

β€œNot bad,” Zeke muttered and they all sighed as he rolled his hips on Tyler's lap, β€œI would prefer if you had let my tongue in your mouth,”

β€œAnd we are out of here,” Blake said lifting his hands in the air as they walked out, β€œZeke, don’t hurt him!”

β€œDon’t leave me!” Tyler called out for help but Axel closed the door on him and followed the sounds of screams. The girls were surrounding Sky and complimenting her hair, so the boys made themselves comfortable on the sofas but Axel couldn’t take his eyes away from Sky.

β€œMaster, Axel,”

Axel looked up at Sharon who was biting her lip as he stared down at her, β€œWhat?”

β€œThis came for you,” She said handing him an envelope and brushed her fingers against his, giggling slightly, β€œSorry, Master,”

β€œIf you want to keep those fingers, go touch someone else,” Sky said and Sharon gasped as Sky grabbed her shoulder, β€œAlso, I need to talk to you,”

β€œDon’t touch me,” Sharon said, slapping her hand away, β€œI don’t need you touching me,”

β€œLook, I don’t want to tell you in front of everyone but-”

β€œYou were the reason why Erin died,” Sharon said and Sky's face dropped, β€œYou killed her. No one else did. You are a murderer. She should have survived and you should have died instead,”

β€œYou fucking-” Axel started but Sky lifted her hand up.

β€œI guess you would think that,” She said, β€œBecause Erin was in love with Axel but he was only using her for some pussy. I know everything because she told me. Even after she tried to kill me, I forgave her. I protected her as much as I possibly could. I even took a fucking beating for her and I held her as she was dying,”

β€œYou lie,” Sharon screamed, β€œYou-”

β€œShe was dying anyway,” Sky said quietly, β€œBut that stupid idiot jumped in front of me as Nico shot at me. I held her as she died and she fucking smiled at me. So don’t you dare tell me that I was the reason why she died. She made her choice and there was nothing I could have done about it. Do you think I don’t dream about that every night? I feel guilty that she is dead,”

β€œYou should have died,”

Sky sighed and shook her head, β€œOk. I guess I will just tell you in front of everyone. You’ve come on your period and there’s blood on your skirt,”

Sharon gasped and quickly ran out of the room.

β€œSky,” Axel said standing up, β€œAre you-”

β€œI’m fine,” She shrugged, β€œIt’s about time she told me how she really felt. I just know I won’t be eating her food anytime soon. She might poison it like last time,”

β€œDid you want me to get rid of her?” Blake asked.

β€œNo. She has every right to be angry at me,”

β€œI would have punched the bitch,” Chelzi said, β€œIt isn’t your fault Erin died,”

β€œJust open the envelope,” Sky said, running her hand through her hair.

Axel shrugged and ripped the envelope open, pulling out the contents. His blood ran cold and he gripped the photos tightly.

β€œSky,” He said standing up, β€œI thought you fucking knew if you were being followed,”

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