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A phone ringing tore Sky from her sleep and she groaned, covering her face with her arm. It rang for a few more minutes before it cut off and she pulled the cover over her head, letting out a sigh. It had taken her a while to fall asleep and get comfortable, but she also thought she had turned her phone on silent.

So when it rang again, she kicked the cover off in anger and turned her phone off, not caring who was calling her. She dropped the phone onto the table and tried to get comfortable again. But it wasn’t her day.

β€œWhy are you still sleeping?”

β€œI’m not,” She said from under the cover, β€œI’m trying to because I didn’t sleep well last night,”

β€œI told you that the bed was yours,”

Sky sighed and moved the cover from her face, β€œHow can I kick a married couple out of their bed?”

Reece rolled his eyes, β€œWe have slept in worse places, Sky. Did you want breakfast?”

β€œI’m not hungry,” She said quietly and pulled her knees up to her chest, β€œThank you for letting me stay,”

β€œIt’s ok,” He said, β€œI’m glad you called. Jason told me what Axel could be like and I was worried for you,”

β€œI don’t know what his problem is,” She said, β€œI understand that he is worried for my safety, but he doesn’t need to yell at me or try to tell me what I can and can’t do. I honestly thought he was changing to make our relationship work. But I guess I was wrong,”

Reece sighed and sat on the armchair, β€œRelationships aren’t easy. Especially if they are with the boss of The Red Devils. I’m surprised you got this far with him,”

β€œIt’s over now so there isn’t much I can do about it. If he isn’t willing to control his anger and possessiveness then it won’t work,”

β€œYou can always work for me again. That captain spot is open for you,”

β€œI also can’t go back to being a cop,” Sky smiled softly, β€œReece, why did you keep it a secret?”

β€œYou mean Tom?” He asked and Sky nodded, β€œDo you know how difficult it is to be in my position and be married to a man? If people found out then I would lose respect. Not many people agree with having a gay man running the squad,”

β€œI don’t think you should hide it,” Sky said, β€œHonestly, I don’t think anyone would care. They would be happy for you. Tom is really sweet. The complete opposite of you,”

Reece laughed and nodded, β€œI have an image to keep but I also need a strong squad. With the world we live in, I need cops that know what they are doing and know when to keep their cool. Unless, of course, it comes to you. I could never control you,”

β€œI have a mind of my own,” Sky said, β€œDid you know Hugo was like that?”

Reece scoffed, β€œIf I knew about him then he wouldn’t be a cop anymore. That bastard was lucky to make it to court. I’m surprised you didn’t do anything to him,”

β€œOff the record, I was the one that made his bone stick through his skin,” Sky said, β€œThose bruises, cuts and other broken bones were me,”

β€œJesus Christ,” Reece said, β€œWhat the hell did you do to him? Beat him with a metal bat?”

β€œPushed him down the stairs,”

β€œDamn,” Reece said shaking his head, β€œImpressive,”

β€œGood morning, beautiful,” Tom said walking into the living room sorting his tie out, β€œI’m late for work. Again. Don’t wait for me. I have a long day and a lot of meetings. Sky, make sure you eat and you don’t have to cry quietly. I understand you are hurt by Axel. He can be a bastard at times but don’t take it to heart. He was raised to be a monster and clearly, you are the only one to break down those walls of his. He was always a pain in the ass growing up. Anyway, I will see you later!”

Tom rushed out of the door and I turned to Jae.

β€œHe knows Axel?”

β€œDid you want tea?” Reece said standing up.

β€œDon’t walk away from me,” Sky said following him to the small kitchen, β€œAnswer the question,”

β€œI don’t have to answer,”

β€œYes. Yes you do,” Sky said, β€œYou know damn well I can find out myself but I’d rather hear it from you. So, how does Tom know Axel?”

Reece exhaled through his nose and rubbed his face, β€œThey lived in the same area growing up. If you want to ask him yourself, then he will be happy to answer,”

β€œBut I am asking you,” Sky said folding her arms, β€œPlease. Just tell me,”

β€œA while ago you came to my office and we chatted for a bit,” Reece said, putting water in the kettle and he looked at me, β€œI asked how Jake was. Yes?”

β€œI remember,”

β€œTom and Jake are close,” Reece said, β€œVery close. Well, they were close. They grew up together. That is why Tom knows Axel. There is your answer. Now, do you want something to eat because you don’t look well,”

β€œClose as in, close or in the sense of hiding the salami close?”

β€œSky!” Reece exclaimed, β€œFor fuck sake. No! That’s disgusting,”

β€œIt really isn’t,” Sky said, β€œGay people have sex all the time so-”

β€œThey are brothers!”

β€œO-oh,” Sky said quietly, β€œHoly fuck. I did not expect that. I’m sorry. I mean, ew! Why would I even say that?!”

β€œYou have been working around men for too long,” Reece said, β€œWhat woman says those sort of things? Maybe I do need more ladies on the squad,”

β€œThey wouldn’t last,”

β€œProbably not,” Reece muttered, β€œSo there is your answer. Jake and my husband are brothers. They used to be close but went separate directions in life. Jake went against the law and Tom fights for the law,”

β€œI bet the family reunions are fun,”

β€œI’d rather stick splinters under my nails,” Reece said and his house phone began to ring. He walked away to answer it and came back with the phone, β€œFor you,”

Sky frowned, β€œHello?”

"You called Reece? You bitch! Do I mean nothing to you?"

β€œHey, Jason,” Sky rolled her eyes.

"Don’t even start with the hey Jason. I’m coming to pick you up. Get your shit together. You can stay with me,”

Jason ended the call and Sky looked at Reece who was smirking.

β€œIt isn’t funny,”

β€œI have to agree with Jason,” He said, β€œYou called your old boss who you used to hate instead of one of your good friends. If I was in his position, I’d be pissed as well,”

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