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Sky slept better than the night before because Jason had a spare bedroom for her. He gave her clean sheets and vacuumed around before she was allowed in there. He had recently moved from his small flat into the house and there were piles of boxes everywhere and Jason told her that he couldn't be bothered to sort them out.

The sun was peeking through the curtains and she stretched her arms above her head. Sky rubbed her eyes and climbed out of bed, pulling on a pair of shorts that sat a few inches below her ass. She hopped across the room yanking on a pair of fluffy socks and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Jason was still in bed so she took her chance to raid the cupboards and fridge to find something to cook for breakfast. It was the least she could do for freeloading until she could find her own place. The house that she and Tyler grew up in was being renovated and was unsafe to live.

The cupboards were mostly empty and remembered that Jason said he needed to go shopping but had no time with the cases he was given. There were eggs, bacon and a few other bits of food but Sky was a good cook. She pulled all the food out and started to prepare the food.

When she was cutting up the bacon, Jason yawned widely and came into the kitchen scratching his bare stomach. He jumped and blinked a few times staring at Sky. He sat at the breakfast bar and ruffled his hair.

β€œI forgot you were here,” He said in a sleepy voice, β€œI was ready to kick ass when I saw you standing there,”

β€œUh-huh,” Sky said, turning her attention back to cutting bacon, β€œYou could try to kick my ass,”

β€œExactly,” Jason smiled, β€œSo...”


β€œDid you want to talk about it?”

Sky sighed, β€œNot when I have a knife in my hand,”

β€œI’m going to go over some of my cases, is that cool?”

β€œIt’s your house,” Sky said, β€œHey, where is the seasoning?”

β€œI only have salt and pepper. I might have soy sauce, but it is probably out of date,”

Jason left the kitchen and came back with a pile of folders. He dropped them onto the side and flicked through them. A few seconds later he pushed the folder away and dropped his head.

β€œThis sucks,” He sighed, β€œReece has given me cases that Hugo was supposed to do. Assaults, petty thefts and a rape case that he must have left at the bottom of the pile. I called the victim and she asked to talk to my supervisor,”


β€œWouldn’t be surprised if he hurt her,” Jason said and walked around to see what was in the pan, β€œWhat are you cooking?”

β€œBreakfast quesadilla,” Sky said, β€œThere isn’t a lot in your cupboards,”

β€œI’ve been living off takeouts for a while,” Jason said, β€œDid Axel leave those bruises on your arm?”

Sky looked down and frowned, β€œI didn’t realise I had them,”

β€œHe has been pushing all the wrong buttons with me recently,” Jason muttered and took her arm gently, looking at the bruises, β€œHe has some serious anger issues and-”

β€œWhat the fuck is this?”

Jason and Sky looked up in surprise to see a girl standing there, with her hand on her hip.

β€œGina?” Jason said, in a higher pitch than normal, β€œI didn’t you were coming round today,”

β€œWell, here I am,” She said looking Sky up and down, β€œSo the hell is she?”

β€œThis is Sky,” Jason said, β€œA good friend of mine,”

Gina scoffed, β€œYeah. A friend,”

β€œAnd what is that supposed to mean?” Sky asked, β€œDo you have a problem with Jason being friends with other women?”

β€œYou better watch your mouth,” Gina snapped.

Sky sighed, β€œWe worked in the same squad together. I was practically his boss,”

β€œSo why are you here?”

β€œI don’t want to cause any problems for you and Jason. I don't want to break a couple up just because my ex is a prick,” Sky said, β€œI can just find a hotel to stay at and-”

β€œI have a room, Sky,” Jason said, β€œOne you don’t have to pay for. Maybe Axel will realise what a prick he has been. He might even say sorry and make a change for once,”

Sky scoffed, β€œThat bastard doesn’t know the meaning of saying sorry. The same thing will happen over and over again,”

β€œAre you just going to ignore me?” Gina said.

β€œSorry, babe,” Jason said, β€œShe just went through a horrible breakup,”

β€œWell, men are dicks,” Gina said, sending him a nasty smile, β€œWhen you two have done flirting, I need to speak to you, Jason,”

Jason sent a look to Sky and followed her out of the kitchen. Sky turned her attention back to the food. A few seconds later, the front door slammed and Jason came back rubbing his face.

β€œShe seems...nice,” Sky said, β€œHow long have you been together? You kept that quiet,”

β€œI wasn’t sure where it was going,” Jason mumbled and sat back down.

β€œAnd where is that going?” Sky asked cautiously.

β€œOut of the door a few seconds ago,” He shrugged.

β€œAh,” Sky said, β€œIt wasn’t me, was it?”

β€œDon’t be stupid,” Jason laughed, β€œShe wanted to move in and I wasn’t ready. Then she said that she stopped taking the pill so we could have a kid. I freaked out and stopped having sex with her and the times we did go to have sex, she got pissed because I put a condom on,”

β€œHow long were you together?”

β€œ5 months...maybe?”

β€œAnd you didn’t tell me,” Sky gasped, β€œI am offended!”

Jason smiled, β€œMy bad. But I am also offended that you didn’t call me. You called Reece,”

β€œI’m making it up to you by cooking breakfast,”

β€œWhere you belong. In the kitchen,”

Sky tutted and placed the food on a plate and sat next to Jason. Jason reached over her to grab the cutlery and knocked her breast, making her yelp.

β€œOh, god. What’s wrong?” Jason asked with wide eyes, "Oh fuck. I touched your boob! I'm sorry!"

β€œIt's just a boob,” Sky said, β€œHow’s the food?”

Jason frowned at her, β€œIt’s good. What is wrong? You yelped as I hurt you,”

β€œI guess you just made me jump,” She said forcing a smile, β€œEat up because we are going shopping after,”

Jason groaned, β€œGod damn. I’d rather spend time with Gina, who by the way, went back to her ex,”

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