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After a few hours of shopping, Jason begged Sky to take a break for some lunch. They had been seated at a floor to ceiling window in a new restaurant that had opened a few roads from the street she pretended to prostitute at. She recognised a few of the girls and they sent a polite nod to each other.

β€œI can’t believe you dragged me shopping with you!”

β€œShut up. You loved it,” Sky grinned, β€œOh, by the way, I looked at a few of your cases when you were having a shower. The murder one?”

β€œThere were two murder cases,”

β€œThe old lady murder,”

β€œOh, that one. The massive pain in my ass,”

β€œHave you spoken to her neighbours son?”

β€œI didn’t realise she had a son,”

β€œShe isn’t proud of her son,” Sky said sipping her drink, β€œI know it said in your report that she denied having kids, but I looked up her last name and came across this,”

Sky slid her phone over to Jason and he tutted.

β€œShit. This was why you were the best on the squad. I didn’t think,” Jason said, β€œHe has a long history of assault, petty theft and two years ago he was arrested for attempted murder but was released because there wasn’t enough evidence. The cop on the original case said he suspected foul play. Something about insiders getting rid of the evidence that points at him,”

β€œExactly,” Sky nodded, β€œThis has his name written all over it. Even the has the same MO. You should try and find him,”

β€œI’ll call the station,” Jason said, β€œI’ll be right back,”

Sky nodded and leaned back in her chair, staring out the window watching people walk by. She slurped her drink loudly and someone chuckled beside her.

β€œYou will never change,”

Sky looked up and a big grin appeared on her face. She jumped up and hugged him.

β€œOh my god,” She said, β€œIt’s been years!”

β€œI know. How have you been?” He asked, β€œCan I sit for a bit while your date is on the phone?”

β€œSure but Jason is a friend."

"How have you been? Still a cop?”

β€œI quit,” Sky shrugged, β€œIt wasn’t for me anymore,”

β€œToo bad,”

β€œSo, Mark,” Sky grinned, β€œStill with that crazy girlfriend of yours?”

Sky laughed, β€œHell no. She was too crazy for me. I left her, what? Like 2 years ago,”

β€œOh wow. It’s been that long?”

β€œIt certainly has,” Mark smiled, β€œWhat about you? Anyone in your life?”

Sky shook her head, β€œNot anymore. Bad breakup,”

β€œShame. He will regret it. So far, you’ve been the best girlfriend I’ve had,”

β€œAw, how sweet,” Sky laughed, β€œHas it been that long since you have found someone good? We dated when we were 18,”

β€œStill the best girlfriend I’ve had,” Mark winked.

β€œMr Turner. Are you trying to flirt with me?”

β€œMiss Channing. Would I be stupid enough to flirt with you?”

β€œHard to say with you,”

Mark’s phone rang and he apologised then answered.

β€œHey...really? Yeah no worries. I’m on my way,”

Sky tilted her head, β€œYou look annoyed,”

β€œI was having fun with you but my boss told me that someone called in sick and I have to cover,” Mark sighed, β€œGive me your number and we can catch up another time,”

β€œSounds good,”

Axel clenched his fists as had as he could, his nails digging into his palms. He forced himself to look away from Sky's smiling face. Axel turned around and stared at the big bunch of roses in the car. He reached in and threw them into the bin.

Axel climbed into the car and told his driver to take him home. His knee was shaking in anger and when the door opened, he realised he was home. He slammed the door shut and stormed into his house.

β€œWhere did you go?” Blake asked, ruffling his wet hair with a towel.

β€œWhere is Sharon?”

Blake lifted his eyebrow, β€œNot saying. I won’t have you-”

β€œI don’t give a shit what you think. Where the fuck is she?”

β€œNot getting involved in your heartbreak. Fucking Sharon won’t help you make it right with Sky,”

β€œWhat I do is none of your business. You fucked her when you were with Darcy, so why is this any different?”

Blake scowled at Axel, β€œBecause I regret it. You want to live with that regret? Then fine. But be smart enough not to fuck even more things. Sky would be stupid to get back with you if she finds out what you have planned. You want to say bye to her forever? Go ahead but I’m not getting involved with your shit anymore. I’m not going to stand up for how pathetic and cruel you have been to her. I’m done,”

Blake bashed his shoulder as he walked by and Axel headed to his room. As he reached the top of the stairs, Sharon was leaving Zeke's room with a bag of rubbish.

β€œYou. Get in my room. Now,” Axel snapped walking past her. Sharon’s eyes went wide in surprise and dropped the bag on the floor, walking into his room before him.

β€œMaster, what do you-”

β€œStop fucking talking before I change my mind,”

Sky paid for the food and left the restaurant feeling full and happy.

β€œWhere now? Please don’t say more shopping because I really need to go home and have beer. Plus, it’s probably not safe for you to be out for too long,”

β€œTrue. Alright. Let’s go home and have some beer,”

They headed towards where Jason was parked and her phone buzzed in her pocket.


"Oh god! M-Master you’re so g-good!"

Sky's heart stopped as she heard Axel telling Sharon what a good slut she was.

"Yes! Fuck me harder! Right there! Yes, I’m going to-”

Axel quickly hung up the phone and Jason looked at her with a frown.

β€œIs everything ok?”

β€œY-yeah,” She whispered, tears brimming in her eyes, β€œIf you...if you think listening to Axel fuck Sharon is fine,”

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