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A week later, Sky and Jason had gotten over the awkwardness between them after their drunken kiss. She still felt hurt that Axel was so quick to jump in bed with someone else, especially Sharon. Sky had a feeling that Axel wasn’t aware of the call but it still hurt.

There was a knock on the door and Jason poked his head in. He kicked the door shut with his heel and sat down on the chair, stretching his long legs out.

β€œBad day?” Sky asked.

β€œYeah,” He mumbled, β€œI’m working on the old lady murder case. I’ve come to a dead-end with the others. Jae has given me permission to talk to Hugo in jail so we can go over his case and try to get to the bottom of it,”

β€œDo you think he will be any help?”

Jason shrugged, β€œIt’s worth a shot,”

β€œI guess. Want me to come with you?”

β€œYou only want to come so you can scare him,” Jason smirked, β€œOh, by the way, there is something downstairs for you. It was on the doorstep when I got home,”

β€œAh,” Sky said putting her book down, β€œBomb? More photos?”

Jason rolled his eyes and stood up, β€œJust go and see. I need to get out of my uniform and have a shower,”

Sky nodded and went downstairs to hear giggling. A smile broke out on her face when she walked into the living room to see the girls.

β€œSurprise!” Jenna said.

Sky hugged them all tightly, β€œDoes Axel know you have left the house?”

β€œWho gives a shit what that tosser knows or doesn’t know?” Chelzi said, β€œThat bozo has no say in what we do. Anyway, Spencer drove us here so we are all good,”

β€œLooking good, my booby-goddess,” Sara grinned and grabbed Sky's boobs in a hard grip making her wince.


β€œSorry,” Sara laughed, pulling her hands away, β€œI suppose I’ve missed them and squeezed too tightly,”

β€œIt’s alright,” Sky smiled, β€œSo why are you here?”

β€œJason called,” Darcy said, β€œHe might have mentioned you were feeling low and needed your girls,”

β€œHe is so sweet!” Freya said, β€œIf only he was interested in me,”

β€œDid you want a drink or anything?” Sky asked.

β€œNo,” Jenna said, β€œWe need you to take your butt to the shower and then get ready for a night out,”

β€œWhat? No, I don’t think-”

β€œNo thinking,” Freya said, β€œJust get that butt into the shower or we will get Sara to help you,”

β€œAnd I will be more than willing to wash your back,” Sara said winking at Sky.

β€œCan I at least know where we are going?”


Sky sighed, β€œAlright, alright. I can’t say I’m too happy about it,”

β€œOnce you get some booze in you, you will be fine,” Darcy said, β€œJason is joining us and some men that these girls know. It will be fun,”

β€œYou could even rebound as Axel did,” Freya muttered.

β€œYou know about that then?”

The girls sighed and nodded.

β€œDid you know she called me during their session?”

β€œShe did what?” Darcy said, β€œThat fucking bitch! No! We didn’t know that part,”

Chelzi cracked her knuckles, β€œOk. That bitch is going down. She so did that on purpose and I will kick her ass on purpose,”

β€œShe isn’t worth it,” Sky shrugged, β€œEver since Erin died, she has had it out for me. I even caught her putting rat poison in my food,”

β€œWow,” Jenna said, β€œAnd you didn’t kick her ass then and there?”

β€œAgain, the girl wasn’t worth it,” Sky said, β€œHonestly, I’m upset about it because he couldn’t even wait to jump into bed with someone else, but we weren’t together. I can’t hate him for it,”

β€œI would,” Darcy said.

β€œYes, but you have problems with Sharon and Soojin,” Chelzi said.

β€œYou need to do something back. To let him know how it feels,” Freya said, β€œWait before you say anything, ok? I know that this is very difficult for you and you might not believe it, but it is difficult for Axel as well,”

β€œSure it is,”

β€œSky, trust me. It is,”

β€œHow am I supposed to believe that?”

β€œBefore I became a dancer at the club, I studied to be a counsellor,” Freya said, β€œBut something happened and I had to quit my course. Axel got drunk 2 nights ago and I found him crying into his arms on the desk,”


β€œI sat with him waiting for him to calm down before I spoke with him,” Freya said putting her hands on Sky's shoulders, β€œHe was drunk. Seriously drunk and I have never seen him that drunk before and I have never seen him cry. I got him to open up to me and he said that he is so scared to hurt you even more and sleeping with Sharon was because he thought you moved on with someone else,”

Sky frowned, β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œHe said he saw you with some good looking guy at a restaurant,”

β€œJesus,” Sky said rubbing the bridge of her nose, β€œHe was an old friend of mine. I haven’t seen him in years and we were catching up. Jason was with me as well!”

β€œWell, he was jealous and thought that taking that frustration out on Sharon would help. Turns out it made him feel worse. He regrets it and he throat slammed her against the wall. Made her shit her pants, then fired her and kicked her butt out,”

β€œI don’t know what you want me to say about this,”

β€œLook,” She sighed, β€œI’m not on anyone’s sides, of course, I am on your side but we don’t tell anyone that,” Freya winked, β€œAxel is a very...difficult person. I’m not condoning his actions but he needs help. Serious help if he wants to work this through with you. He has some serious childhood trauma. His mum came round and-”

β€œYou saw his mum?”

β€œShe’s nuts,” Jenna said, β€œThe woman is off her rockers but I love her,”

β€œShe slapped him,” Sara grinned, β€œBam! Right in his face,”

β€œCan’t say he didn’t deserve it,” Darcy said, β€œThen yelled at him saying that he ruined a great relationship and if you walked away for good, she wouldn’t blame you. She then walked away cussing him out in a different language,”

β€œIt was fucking beautiful,” Sara sighed, β€œI almost followed her out to confess my love for her,”

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