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The music was loud and so were the girls. As soon as they stepped into the bar, they hit the bar and had a few shots. After ordering some drinks, Freya led them to a roped-off area with comfy seats and waitresses.

โ€œYou got us seats?โ€ Sky said over the music, โ€œI only had to ask Jin to reserve us them! You didnโ€™t need to pay for them,โ€

โ€œI had the money,โ€ Freya grinned, โ€œOh! Hey! There are the guys,โ€

Sky looked up to see 5 guys walk over to them. The girls jumped up and hugged them and Jason elbowed her.

โ€œWho are they?โ€ He asked.

โ€œNo fucking clue,โ€ Sky said, โ€œThey are friends but I think they invited them to make you not feel like the gay best friend,โ€

Jason laughed, โ€œAt least I might have a decent conversation. Iโ€™m fed up of them talk about tampons and heavy periods. It freaks me out,โ€

Sky laughed, โ€œWhen did you hear me talk about that?โ€

โ€œYou havenโ€™t but you were still agreeing with them,โ€

โ€œOh shut up,โ€

โ€œMy booby goddess!โ€ Sara said grabbing hold of Sky, โ€œCome meet the boys,โ€

Sky was introduced to everyone and everyone settled down for drinks and chatter. Jason didnโ€™t budge from his seat next to Sky and Saraโ€™s friend Aron said on the other side of her, making small talk with them both.

โ€œTime to dance!โ€ Darcy said jumping to her feet, โ€œSky, you. With me. Now,โ€

โ€œNo, no, no!โ€ Sky said shaking her head, โ€œYou know I donโ€™t dance!โ€

โ€œDoes it look like I give a crap?โ€ Darcy said pulling her to her feet, โ€œYou donโ€™t need to hide away anymore. Jason, you agree right?โ€

โ€œWhat?โ€ Jason said, looking up, โ€œI donโ€™t know what you were saying?โ€

Darcy rolled her eyes, โ€œTell her that she needs to get her sexy ass on the dance floor,โ€

โ€œShe doesnโ€™t dance,โ€

โ€œTell this gorgeous girl she needs to shake her ass on the dance floor or I will cut you!โ€ Sara said, pulling his cheek.

Jason threw his head back and nodded, โ€œSky, you gorgeous girl, dance your sexy ass on the dance floor,โ€

โ€œAnd you can dance with her,โ€ Jenna said, yanking him to his feet, โ€œLetโ€™s go boys!โ€

Darcy dragged Sky to the dance floor and swung her arms back and forth holding her hands.

Sky awkwardly looked around to see if anyone was looking at her but was pleased when no one was looking her way. Arms wrapped around her body and she looked over her shoulder to see Sara. She laughed and held Saraโ€™s wrists and moved her butt side to side at the same time as Saraโ€™s.

โ€œYes, girl!โ€ Freya shouted in excitement.

Everyone loosened up a bit more and Sky began to enjoy herself as she danced with her friends. Jenna had started to grind on one of the boys, who Sky saw was clearly enjoying it, Sara and Darcy were together. Freya was dancing between Sky and the others, while Chelzi had disappeared with one of the other boys. Sky glanced at the faces to see it was her friend Dan.

โ€œJason, come dance with me!โ€ Sky said, grabbing his hands. He rolled his eyes and put his hands on her hips, โ€œWhatโ€™s wrong?โ€

Jason sighed and shook his head, โ€œGina is here,โ€

โ€œWhat? Where?โ€

โ€œDonโ€™t look around,โ€

โ€œDid you want me to kick her ass?โ€ Sky grinned, โ€œOh! What about I plant some drugs on her and make a call?โ€

Jason laughed, โ€œPlease donโ€™t do that. She would know it was me,โ€

โ€œBut it wouldnโ€™t be you,โ€ Sky said squishing his cheeks, โ€œIt would be me,โ€

โ€œHonestly, she isnโ€™t worth it but Iโ€™m kinda hurt to see her move on so quickly,โ€

โ€œI know how that feels,โ€ Sky said hugging him, โ€œDonโ€™t worry. Iโ€™ve got your back,โ€

โ€œYou always have,โ€ Jason said, โ€œNeed another drink? I could do with a strong one,โ€

Sky held Jason's hand and dragged him to the bar. She spotted Gina at the bar being touched up by some guy and she felt Jason tighten his grip on her hand. Sky smirked and pulled him to the bar. She bashed into Gina and ordered some shots and drinks for them both.

โ€œYou did that on purpose,โ€ Jason said to Sky, โ€œYou know she is going to turn around and start something,โ€

โ€œI started it,โ€ Sky shrugged, โ€œAnd I will finish it,โ€


Jason ran his tongue over his teeth, โ€œGina. What a surprise,โ€

โ€œDo you wanna tell your new bitch to apologise to me?โ€

Sky turned around, โ€œDid you want to tell your new bitch to stop checking me out?โ€

Gina went red in the face with anger, โ€œWhy would he want to check you out? You look like some hoe. No class at all,โ€

โ€œOh, sweety,โ€ Sky smiled, โ€œMy vagina isnโ€™t on show and my nipples arenโ€™t fighting to stay in my bra,โ€

โ€œYou fucking-โ€

โ€œWait,โ€ The guy said, โ€œSkyla Channing?โ€

โ€œWho wants to know?โ€ Sky asked.

โ€œIโ€™m Simon,โ€

โ€œI donโ€™t...wait. As in Simon Chan?โ€

โ€œYes!โ€ He said, moving Gina out of the way, โ€œI canโ€™t tell you how excited I am to see you again. Itโ€™s been years since I have seen you. You look amazing,โ€

โ€œWow. have really grown up. Holy shit,โ€ Sky said hugging him, โ€œLook at you! How are your parents?โ€

โ€œDad had a heart attack 2 years ago and mum has retired. She says the stress is too much especially with everything going on. Dad canโ€™t work anymore so she is his carer,โ€

โ€œThatโ€™s awful,โ€ Sky said, โ€œSend my love to them and say that I miss them,โ€

Simon smiled, โ€œI will. Hey, um, sorry about Gina. Sheโ€™ know, hates other women,โ€

โ€œOr because Jason is the ex,โ€

โ€œAh,โ€ Siwon said, โ€œUm, I didnโ€™t know. Iโ€™m sorry,โ€

โ€œDonโ€™t say sorry to those dick heads,โ€ Gina snapped, โ€œThat bitch was the reason-โ€

โ€œOh shut up,โ€ Sky said, โ€œYou should only open your mouth when you are sucking dick!โ€

Gina gasped, โ€œYou bitch! Take Jason. He was a waste of time and Iโ€™m glad I left his sorry ass,โ€

Sky stepped into Gina, their noses almost touching, โ€œYou should watch what you say around me, sweetheart. Really careful. If you say anything bad about Jason again, you and I will have more problems. And trust me, that is something you do not want,โ€

Gina stepped back and tried to open her mouth but Sky put her finger against her lips, shaking her head.

โ€œIf you were smart, which I doubt you are but use the last brain cell in that head of yours and leave. Probably, you should leave Simon as well because he is a sweet guy that doesnโ€™t need to be disrespected by you. Now, if you donโ€™t mind, I would like to have a great time with your ex. Might get drunk, make out a little and see how it goes. You donโ€™t have a problem with that, do you?โ€

Gina frantically shook her head and walked away.

โ€œSky,โ€ Jason said putting his arm around me, โ€œIf you wanted to make out with me, you just had to ask,โ€

โ€œShut up,โ€ Sky laughed.

โ€œYou really are a bitch,โ€

โ€œDid I go too far?โ€ Sky asked, grabbing her drink.

โ€œNope,โ€ Simon said, โ€œGina has never had someone talk back to her. Oh! Hi. Sorry, Iโ€™m Simon. I was her old neighbour. Sky used to babysit me with her brother. Tyler and I were best friends growing up. Same age but he was smarter than me.โ€

โ€œIโ€™m Jason,โ€ Jason said shaking his hand.

โ€œWow, Sky,โ€ Simon said, โ€œYour boyfriend is really hot,โ€

โ€œOh, he-โ€

โ€œArenโ€™t I just the best?โ€ Jason grinned widely and squeezed her tightly.

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