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Jason opened his front door and he tripped over his doormat, face planting the floor. Sky snorted with laughter and stepped over him, closing the front door.

β€œYou’re so stupid,” She said almost slurring her words and she smacked her cheeks, β€œSober up girl,”

β€œI can see you’re concerned for my wellbeing,” He said getting up, β€œGood thing I’m drunk,”

β€œSexy drunk,” Sky said, β€œBed time! Wooo!”

Jason kicked his shoes off and one went astray and hit Sky in the back of the head, β€œO-oh. I’m so sorry!”

β€œI would say ow, but I didn’t feel too much of it,”

β€œGood,” He said taking his watch off, β€œQuick thinking!”

Sky yelped as the watch was thrown at her but she quickly caught it, β€œBehave. Naughty boy,”

Jason smirked, β€œYou love it bitch,”

β€œLoser,” Sky mumbled and took her shoes off with a happy sigh, β€œBed time. Naughty boy, you as well,”

β€œAre you going to tuck me in?” Jason giggled and followed her upstairs.

β€œIf you want to be smothered with a pillow to hide your cuteness, then sure,”

β€œCome on,” Jason pouted and grabbe her as they reached the top of the stairs, β€œI’ll be good,”

Sky sighed, β€œAlright. To your bedroom!”

Jason opened his door and was quick to yank his clothes off making Sky stare at his ass.

β€œNice butt,”

β€œThanks. I do squats,” Jason grinned, smacked his ass and fell face first onto his bed, β€œThis feels amazing,”

β€œMove over then,”


β€œI don’t wanna be alone tonight and...I want cuddles from my bestie,”

Jason grunted and moved to the other side of the bed, pulls the covers back for her, β€œYou can’t sleep in that,”

Sky nodded and pulled the dress over her head tossing it across the room. She grabbed a top of Jason's that was folded on his chair and slipped it on. Jason wolf whistled at her and she climbed in next to him.

β€œThanks,” Sky mumbled, β€œYou’re too good to me,”

β€œIt’s what friends do,” He said turning the light off and got comfy, β€œYou lost that bet though so you know. I’m pulling you up on it,”

β€œAlright, alright,” She said leaning over him, β€œPucker up pretty boys,”

Sky lowered her lips to his, kissing him gently but when she tried to pull away Jason grabbed the back of her head deepening the kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Sky held back a groan and kissed him back.

He tapped her thigh slightly and she swung her leg over him to straddle his lap. Sky felt her body heat up with excitement and even though she felt guilty she was being turned on, they were both single and drunk. They deserved a good end to the night.

Jason firmly ran his hands up her back and with one quick motion, snapped her bra open. Sky felt free from constraint and gripped his hair, rolling her hips against Jason's growing erection.

She pulled away from the kiss and sat up, breathing heavily as they both stared at each other, waiting for one to put a stop to this.

But no one did.

Sky grabbed the bottom of the top and dropped it onto the floor followed by her bra. Jason bit into his bottom lip and traced circles on her waist with his thumbs.

β€œDo you want to back out?” Sky asked quietly, as his hands stopped moving, β€œBecause once we have done this, it could-”

β€œI don’t want to back out. It won’t change anything between us,” Jason said running his hands to her breasts, β€œYou want it just as much as I do. You’ve had one night stands before right? So why would I be any different?”

β€œWe are friends,”

β€œSo? We always will be,” Jason said playing with her nipple between his fingers, β€œDo you want this or not?”

β€œI-I want it,” She gasped as Jason pulled her down to lick her nipple, β€œC-condom,”

Jason pulled a condom from the drawer and they both stripped the last of the clothing. Sky sat above him again and slowly lowered herself onto Jason.

They both groaned as he penetrated her and she put her hands on his chest bracing herself. Jason held her hips as she moved and he bit into his lip again trying to maintain control of his moans.

β€œF-fuck,” Sky shot out and Jason lifted his hips catching her by surprise. Every time Sky bounced down, he thrust his hips up hitting every nerve that made her body burn with pleasure.

The room was filled with pants and their skin slapping against each other. Jason didn’t like the lack of control so flipped them around and started thrusting deep and slow with her legs wrapped around his waist.

It didn’t take long for both orgasms to make an appearance and Sky cried out as it hit her, arching her back as Jason sped his thrusting up. He dropped his head to her shoulder, pounding her hard until he spilled onto the condom grunting into Sky's ear.

β€œSky,” He muttered, β€œDon’t c-clench,”

β€œSorry,” She whispered and winded as he pulled out to lay next to her, β€œWow. You were right,”

β€œAbout what?”

β€œYou never leave a girl disappointed,”

Jason laughed lightly, β€œYou still remember that? That was when I had to sneak out the fire escape,”

β€œYup but I mean, at least you weren’t lying,”

Jason threw the condom out and handed Sky her underwear and top, while he stepped into boxers.

β€œGood end to the night?”

β€œAmazing,” Sky sighed with a smile on her face, β€œI might wake up and feel guilty,”


β€œAxel,” She whispered, β€œAnd I feel as if I used you,”

β€œAxel can fuck off and you didn’t use me. If anything, I felt as if I used you,”

β€œYou didn’t,”

β€œThen there we go. Now, shut up and go to sleep or I’ll...I don’t know how to get people to sleep. Put the top on as well.”

There was a deep chuckle in the room and they both sat up quickly. Sky held the duvet to her naked body and the light came on.

Fear shot through Sky's body but she glared at the man in the room.

β€œI know how to get people to sleep,” He grinned with no emotion, β€œYou help them with a bullet. That way, you never have to worry about them waking up again,”

Sky's eyes went wide and her scream wasn’t heard when he pulled the trigger of his gun.

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