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A waitress put a few bottles of champagne on Axel's table and a bottle of whiskey for him, before rushing away. Axel grabbed his drink and stared at the girl dancing on the stage trying to get attention from all the men. He wasn’t interested but clearly, Zeke was. He was leaning forward running his tongue over his bottom lip.

Axel rolled his eyes, β€œJake, where is Julius?”

β€œHe said he will send for you,” Jake said, β€œJust enjoy the music and the girls on stage. You know, since Sky told you to fuck off.”

β€œShe’ll get over her anger,” Axel said, β€œThat girl does nothing for me,”

β€œNo girl can top Sky for you,” Zeke said, β€œShit. Look at how flexible that girl is!”

β€œDream on,” Blake said, β€œShe’d never agree to fuck you. Trust me,”

β€œShe’s probably too boring anyway,” Zeke sighed and leaned back in his chair, β€œTo be honest with you, I don’t want pussy right now.”

β€œNo, you want a dick that belongs to a certain someone’s brother,” Blake smirked, β€œHow is that going?”

β€œHe runs every time I go near him,” Zeke said, β€œI think I’m making progress though and I have to say, I will not be disappointed.”

β€œWhat do you mean by that?”

Zeke sighed, β€œDo you remember that one time I came home drunk?”

β€œShit,” Jake said, β€œWhat did you do?”

β€œNothing!” He exclaimed, β€œBut I walked into the wrong bedroom and, I kinda caught him jacking off.”

Blake burst into laughter, β€œThat shit is gold!”

β€œNot for him,” Jake said.

β€œIf I do finally get my teeth into him, then I will not be disappointed. I found myself staring at his dick until he noticed I was there and he started throwing things at me,” Zeke said, β€œI had to jerk off when I got back to the room because-”

β€œShut the fuck up,” Axel said, β€œI don’t want to fucking hear about this,”

β€œSomeone needs to get laid,” Blake muttered under his breath.

There was a change in the music and Axel looked up to see Chelzi dancing on stage. He downed his drink and spotted Spencer across the floor looking around. Axel frowned to see him with a few girls and saw a familiar face.

β€œThat fucking lying bitch,” He said throwing his glass onto the floor and got to his feet.

β€œWhat’s wrong?” Jake asked as he walked away, β€œAxel!”

Axel stormed forward pushing people out of the way to follow Spencer into one of the back rooms. People started to argue with him but realised who it was and quickly walked away. He could feel his anger build-up and he shoved the door open, to see Spencer enter another room.

β€œHey!” He yelled and Spencer leaned out of the room, staring at him with wide eyes, β€œWhat the hell are you doing here?”

β€œUh, I, um-”

β€œTell Axel to come out of that room, or we are going to have problems.”

β€œYes, sir,” Spencer said quietly and Sky came out, β€œSorry,”

Axel shot him a look and he stepped back into the room, closing the door leaving Sky alone with Axel.

β€œDid you want to explain why the fuck you are here?” Axel said almost snapping at her.

β€œDid you want to explain why you are here?” Sky asked, folding her arms, β€œI thought you weren’t going near Julius anymore?”

Axel grabbed the top of her arm, β€œYou told me you were sick. Don’t bullshit me right now. I’m not in the fucking mood.”

β€œThen go have a wank,” Sky said, pushing his hand away from her, β€œI’m sure that will help you relax.”

β€œYou shouldn’t have left the house,” Axel said, β€œI’ve told you how dangerous it is right now for you,”

β€œYou’ve told me fuck all,” Sky said, glaring at him, β€œI know nothing about your brother or why he is so dangerous. So, I’ve decided that since you are keeping your mouth sealed, I will do some research of my own.”

β€œYou’ll get yourself hurt.”

β€œDo you really care?” Sky asked and Axel didn’t say anything, β€œI want to trust you because I love you. But you aren’t helping me out in any way.”

β€œI want to protect you,”

β€œThen tell me what is going on,”

Axel shook his head, β€œThe less you know, the better,”

β€œThen have a great night,” Sky said, walking away, β€œI don’t need you to tell me anything because I can find out myself,”

β€œDon’t walk away from me,” Axel said walking after her, β€œYou need to-”

β€œI’ve found out what I needed,” Sky shrugged, β€œI will go home and relax now. Have fun watching the girls dance,”

Axel clenched his fists as she walked away, β€œNo fucking way am I letting you walk away from me,”

β€œTry to stop me, Axel!” Sky said slamming the door behind her.

β€œSir,” Spencer said making Axel turn around, β€œI’m sorry but she left me no choice,”

β€œIt’s fine,” He muttered, β€œIt’s better that you were with her than her being alone,”

β€œI don’t think she wanted to lie to you,” Spencer said, β€œBut Sky is headstrong and won’t back down. If you want to know about your brother, ask her. She found out something you might want to know,”

Axel gritted his teeth, β€œI want you and Ellis to follow her when she leaves the house. I don’t want her to know that you are doing it,”

β€œShe’s an ex-cop,” Spencer said, β€œShe will catch on,”

β€œThen make sure she fucking doesn’t!” He hissed, β€œI want her protected at all times,”

β€œShall I follow her now?”

β€œNo,” Axel said, β€œShe isn’t leaving this place without me and if she does, she’s going to be punished for lying to me,”

Axel turned on his heel and went back outside to see Sky at the bar, with a few men around her. She was showing no interest but they were still trying to chat her up. Axel ran his tongue over his teeth and walked towards the bar.

β€œLeave her alone,” Axel said and Sky looked up at him, β€œIf you value your fucking life, you will walk away,”

β€œDon’t be jealous that we’ve got the pretty girl and you don’t,” One of the guys laughed and smacked her ass, β€œDamn, that is a sweet ass. Especially in that outfit,”

β€œWhy thank you,” Sky said, grabbing the back of the boys head and slammed his face onto the bar, making him scream out in pain as broken glass stuck in his skin, β€œBut this sweet ass already has someone to smack it,”

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