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The cars skidded to a stop outside Jason's house and Axel almost flew out holding his gun tightly in his hand. His friends followed closely and they entered the house ready to shoot their gun.

Axel jogged upstairs and checked every room until he stepped into the room where the photo was taken. He clenched his teeth in anger at the sight of Sky's clothes scattered around the room and searched the room to see if they were hidden. He stood at the foot of the bed and saw the bullet holes in the wall above the headboard. A few had hit the headboard and he moved around to take a closer look.

Blood splatter.

He followed the blood splatter on the bed and it trailed along the floor. He was trying to control his anger but it was a struggle for him. Jake was standing in the doorway and swallowed hard at the bloodstains on the bed and floor.

β€œWe couldn’t find them,” Jake said.

β€œFuck,” Axel said through gritted teeth, β€œZeke. Find them. Now,”

β€œI’m on it already,” Zeke said holding the phone to his ear. He was talking to someone and Axel ran his hands through his hair, turning his attention back to the bed. He scowled at the discarded condom wrapper and clenched his fists.

β€œThere isn’t enough blood for them to be dead,” Blake said, β€œIt looks like he was playing with them. No signs of a fight. He probably wanted to scare them,”

β€œI know my brother,” Axel said, β€œOnce he starts to play with them, he gets worse. Being shot dead will be a gift to them,”

β€œAxel,” Zeke said, β€œSomeone said they saw them drive off. Naked though,”


β€œThey are sending me the address now. The car has been tracked and they are...well. They are at Sky's house,”

Axel climbed out of the car into the expected rainfall, and looked at the house surrounded by wooden boards telling people to keep out of the construction site. He swept his wet hair from his face and Blake pushed the wooden board, swinging it open. He pulled his gun out when he saw the padlock had been cut and they quietly walked towards the door.

Axel used the barrel of the gun to open the door and was met with silence. Jake tried to turn the lights on but nothing worked. They moved through the ground floor finding nothing so went upstairs. The first few rooms were empty but Sky's old bedroom’s door was closed.

The door was wrenched open making everyone jump and hold their guns up but had two barrels of guns pointing at them catching them off guard. Axel stared down the barrels into the dark eyes of Sky. There were blood splatters on her face and there was blood soaked into the top she was wearing. A small bandage was on show and he felt sick.

β€œWhat the fuck?” Sky said, lowering the guns, β€œWhat are you doing here?”

β€œWe were sent a picture,” Blake said, β€œOne of...well, you and Jason were in a very compromising position,”

β€œThat...that fucker!” She exclaimed, β€œNot only did he take pictures, but he also fucking shot us!”

β€œWhere is Jason?” Jake asked.


β€œNot any longer,” Jason mumbled and they walked into the room to see Jason laying in a pair of joggers and a large bandage wrapped around his shoulder. In the corner of the room, laid piles of blood-soaked towels and there was a bullet sitting on the bedside table.

β€œYou look like shit,” Zeke said.

β€œI feel it,”

β€œWhat happened?” Axel said, looking at Sky.

β€œIf you are about to give me a lecture about sleeping with Jason, then leave,” Sky said, β€œI’m not with you and you moved on quickly with Sharon so, you know,”

β€œJust tell me what happened. I won’t give you a lecture. I...just talk,”

β€œAfter we, you know, finished having sex,” Sky said, her cheeks going red, β€œThere was a chuckle and Finley stepped out from behind the door and went to the end of the bed. Then he shot at us. It was obvious he missed on purpose but we were both hit. One bullet grazed my arm but Jason took a hit in the shoulder,”

β€œHow did you get away?” Blake asked, β€œYou were naked,”

β€œJust because we were naked doesn’t mean I can’t fight,”

Blake grinned, β€œYou fought him naked?”

β€œOf course!” Sky said, β€œI broke his nose, split his lip and the only reason why he didn’t run after us is that I stabbed a pencil into his shoulder. Just under the collar bone. He was caught out and we ran,”

β€œBet that was hot,” Zeke said.

β€œHottest thing I have ever seen,” Jason said wincing as he tried to sit up.

β€œI drove us back here without thinking,” Sky said, β€œI should have gone to the hospital but I wasn’t thinking. I had to dig the bullet out and stitch him up myself,”

β€œGross,” Blake said.

β€œComing from the man who will happily dismember a body to get rid of the evidence,”


β€œWe need to get you somewhere safe,” Axel said, β€œNow that Finley has a taste for your blood, he will stop at nothing to get you,”

β€œWe can go into witness-”

β€œNo,” Axel said, β€œI don’t trust the cops enough to protect you,”

β€œAnd you could do a better job?” Sky glared at him, β€œI would rather stay here,”

β€œWe might not see eye to eye at the moment, but trust me, this is for your best interest. I don’t want you ending up like my pet dog,” Axel said, β€œHe wouldn’t mind wearing your face as a mask,”

β€œThat is disgusting,” Jason said, β€œHas that happened? That is some serious Texas Chainsaw Massacre shit,”

β€œNo comment,” Axel said, β€œJust...please, don’t fight me on this,”

Sky's tension dropped from her face and was replaced with tiredness and sadness.

β€œOk,” She said quietly, β€œBut don’t expect me to go back to-”

β€œI wouldn’t expect anything,” Axel said, β€œYou are your own person. There is nothing I can do to keep you in the house, but for now, you need to stay in there as long as you can. I don’t trust my brother,”

Sky looked away from him, β€œAre my things still in the room?”

β€œI moved them back to yours,” Axel said, β€œNow, hurry up. I feel like a duck in hunting season. Zeke, Jake. Help Jason to the car. Blake, call the doctor. They both need to be seen too,”

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