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It had been a long week for Sky.

Jason was still in a lot of pain and she made sure he ate and rested as much as he could before he had to get up and face everyone. Sky was dragged from her room by the girls and every time she walked into the same room as Axel, he practically ran away.

She had no idea why he ran from her but she wanted to find out why.

Sky opened his office door slightly and saw him sitting behind his desk staring into space. She swallowed hard and knocked making him jump.

β€œS-Sky?” He said jumping to his feet, β€œAre you ok? Do you-”

β€œI’m fine,” She said, β€œCan we talk?”

β€œRight now?”

Sky nodded, β€œNow,”

β€œSure. I guess. Sit down,”

Sky gripped the bottom of her shirt tightly as she sat down and Axel came to sit on the other sofa.

β€œDid you want a drink?”

β€œOh. No. I’m good,”

β€œThen what’s wrong?”

β€œWhy do you keep running away from me?”

β€œAh,” He said, β€œCause we aren’t together anymore and...fuck. I just didn’t think you’d want...want to be in the same room as me,”

Sky lifted her eyebrow slightly, β€œSo you just run like your ass is on fire?”

β€œYeah,” He said quietly.

β€œAxel, just because we aren’t together doesn’t mean you have to avoid me,”

β€œI didn’t think you would want to be around me after everything,”

β€œWe are both adults,” Sky shrugged, β€œI know you want to ask know,”

β€œYou and Jason?” He said through gritted teeth, β€œWell, it isn’t my business. We weren’t together when it happened so you can fuck whoever you want,”

Sky almost smirked, β€œBut it hurt you, didn’t it?”

β€œWhat do you fucking think?” He snapped, β€œDid you fuck him to get back at me?”

β€œDid you fuck Sharon because you saw me smiling with another man?”

Axel's eyes widened slightly, β€œWho told you that?”

β€œDoesn’t matter,” Sky said standing up, β€œI think you need help. Honestly, serious help,”

β€œI am,” He said and tutted, β€œBut that isn’t any of your business. You aren’t my girlfriend,”

β€œOh, I see,” Sky said, β€œYou are being childish. That’s cool with me. I would rather deal with a child than an angry controlling Axel,”

β€œI’m still pissed off with you,”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œFeeling’s mutual. When you decide to grow up, come find me. Until then, I will be trying to figure out how to take that brother of yours out. He has taken it way too far and to stand there watching Jason and I fuck is just weird!”


β€œHe was probably jacking off the sick bastard,” Sky shivered in disgust, β€œI didn’t know he was taking photos,”

β€œIf he wasn’t there, would you have told me that you let Jason fuck you?”

β€œIt was mutual. We both wanted it. Just like you and Sharon wanted to fuck,”

β€œIt was a mistake!” Axel exclaimed, β€œI was so fucking angry! I...I got you flowers,”


Axel ran his hands through his hair, β€œI went out to get you flowers to say sorry. I booked a table at the restaurant you like and I even booked a room someplace nice. My private jet was ready to go but then I saw you laughing with some guy and I needed to...I felt like I needed to get you back,”

Sky swallowed back her tears, β€œWhy...why didn’t you just come into the restaurant?”

β€œI don’t know. Probably because I thought you would just punch me,”

β€œThat goes without saying,” Sky said walking over to Axel. She poked his cheek, β€œAre you really getting help?”

Axel nodded and closed his eyes, β€œI am. I realised that if I want to keep you in my life, I can’t act like a fucking idiot. I’m just so used to having control and getting what I want. I was told that a relationship doesn’t work like that. I’m still learning. I make mistakes...a hell of a lot but I want to try. I want to become the perfect man for you,”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œI want to become the man you read about,” Axel said looking up at her, β€œThe men in those books are perfect. They are romantic and they know how to treat a woman and-”

β€œStop. I never said I wanted a man from a novel,” Sky said, β€œI have never said I want what you think is perfect. I always wanted you. Even with the asshole attitude and controlling nature. I fell in love with you. Not a god damn fictional character,”

β€œBut you always said they are the perfect man,”

β€œYes, but not the perfect man for me,” Sky said, β€œAxel, despite who you are and what you do, you are the perfect man. But I told you that I can’t keep this relationship alive if you aren’t willing to do so. I love you Axel and I always will, but unless you change, I can’t get back with you,”

β€œI want to work things out,” Axel said, β€œI love you and I...I need you,”

Sky shook her head and stepped away, β€œTry working on your own demons before you try to battle another challenge. Because that is what our relationship was. A challenge,”

β€œSky, I-”

There was a knock at the door and Jake came in, β€œSorry to disturb you but the doctor is in the medical room. He wants to talk to Sky and give her a checkup,”

β€œI’ll be right there,” Sky said and she looked back at Axel, β€œEven though we aren’t together, we can’t avoid each other. Can we at least be friends?”

Axel forced a smile, β€œYeah. Friends. Sure. I...I’m ok with that,”

After the checkup, Sky went upstairs and into Jason's room. She sighed and went over to help him put on a shirt. He muttered thanks and he frowned at Sky.

β€œAre you ok?”

β€œYeah. I spoke with Axel,”

β€œDid you clear the air?”

Sky nodded, β€œAs much as I possibly could. It feels like he wants to change but I can’t be sure until I see it,”

β€œAxel loves you,” Jason said, β€œHe just has some serious fucking issues that he needs to work on before he drags you down as well,”


β€œHow did it go with the doctor?”

Sky let out a shaky breath and folded her arms, β€œUm, I’m pregnant,”


β€œJason?” Sky asked with wide eyes, β€œOh god. You passed out!”

Sky dropped to his side and almost squealed when she saw blood seep through his shirt and she quickly ran to open the door.

β€œHelp!” She screamed, β€œJason needs help!”

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