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Sky paced back and forth chewing her bottom lip as she tried to figure out how she was meant to tell Axel about the unexpected pregnancy. As she reached her bed, Sky ran her hands through her hair and dropped onto the bed, letting out a frustrated sigh.

β€œFuck,” She said quietly.

There was a knock on the door making her jump and the door opened. Jake stood in the doorway with no emotion and she felt her heart race.

β€œDownstairs,” He said and closed the door.

β€œDouble fuck,”

When she got to the living room, everyone was sitting down in silence and her stomach rolled on her. Jason was looking pale but he sent her a weak smile as she sat down on the edge of the sofa. No one said anything and Sky wanted to run.

β€œWe received this in the mail,” Blake said and handed the envelope to Sky, β€œWe thought you could probably figure it out for us. Jason is still resting and you are the next best thing,”

β€œI called Reece but he is up to his neck in gang-related homicides,” Jason said, wincing.

Sky flicked through the pages biting into her bottom lip, β€œI don’t understand why you were sent these,”

β€œFinley is unhinged,” Axel said, β€œHe had an obsession with stupid riddles and sat in the garden with small animals when my parents weren’t home. They could never answer him, obviously, so he used to just kill them,”

β€œDo you think this is a threat?”

β€œYes,” Axel said, β€œFinley has already shot you and Jason. He is getting excited with this game he is playing and now, he has just stepped it up,”

β€œSo,” Darcy said, β€œLet’s say that he manages to get one of us, he will use riddles on us?”


β€œAnd if they are wrong he will kill us?”

Axel nodded, β€œMaybe not at first. He would just play with you, hurt you until you begged for death,”

β€œAnd you didn’t kill him when he was a kid because?” Chelzi scoffed, β€œIf Darcy was like that, I would have killed her,”

β€œGee, thanks,” Darcy said, β€œYou practically did anyway when you ran off without me!”

β€œWe have spoken about that,” Chelzi said, β€œI told you I was coming back and when I did, Martin packed your shit and moved. I looked for you,”

β€œStop talking,” Sky said, β€œI’m trying to think,”

Zeke took the paper from Sky and read aloud, β€œA man was found dead with a cassette recorder in one hand and a gun in the other. When the police came in, they immediately pressed the play button on the cassette. He said β€œI have nothing else to live for. I can’t go on,” then the sound of a gunshot. After listening to the cassette tape, the police knew that it was not a suicide. How did they know?”

β€œI give up,” Sara said, β€œI’m a pretty face with no brains,”

β€œGot it,” Sky said.

β€œWhat?” Sky said, β€œAlready?”

β€œYes,” She said.

β€œWell tell us, for fuck sake,” Blake said.

β€œIf it was suicide, who rewound the tape?” Sky smirked.

β€œDamn,” Zeke said, β€œI wouldn’t have thought about that. I thought the guy recorded it, shot the gun and...ah. Yeah. That’s more logical,”

Jake rolled his eyes and took the paper from Zeke, β€œThis one has Finley's name in it. As well as Sky's,”

β€œFinley, also known as Blade, invited a prospective victim to his place. She was called Sky and she was beautiful. They ate together and after the meal. He offered her an apple. When she refused, he insisted that they share the apple. So, he took the apple and cut into two halves. Both of them started eating the apple. As soon as her guest ate the apple she died. If both of them had the same apple, how come one died and one survived?” Zeke frowned, β€œDon’t eat any apples from now on,”

Sky frowned and tapped her lip. Whilst everyone was discussing she was thinking about how that would be possible.

β€œClever,” Sky muttered and the room went silent, β€œThe knife was coated in poison. One side of course, so when Finley ate the apple, he was safe,”

β€œThat is crazy,”

β€œCan I go back to bed now?” Jason said, quietly, β€œI don’t feel great,”

β€œI’ll take you,” Sky said.

β€œNo!” Jason said quickly, β€œI, thank you. You relax,”

β€œBut we need to-”

β€œAxel,” Jason said, sucking in air as he got to his feet, β€œDidn’t you want to talk to Sky about something?”

Axel frowned, β€œYeah but it can wait. It isn’t important. I was just about...something,”

β€œJesus fucking christ!” Tyler said getting to his feet, β€œAxel get that stupid ass to your office and Sky, get that fat ass in there as well,”

β€œBitch, who you calling fat?” Sky said narrowing her eyes, β€œYou’re the one with a pooch,”

β€œTake that back or I will punch you,”

β€œI dare you,” Sky said standing up.

β€œSky,” Jason said, β€œNot a good idea. You shot...ow. God. I need to sit back down,”

Sky sighed and looked over at Axel, β€œAlright. We can chat,”

With one last look at her brother, she followed Axel to his office. She played with the necklace she had on and Axel turned to face he, rubbing the back of his neck.

β€œI have an appointment for my first session with a psychiatrist,” Axel said, β€œI know that this is important if we want to work out. I need to apologise as well. You tried so hard with me and were so patient. Then I said I would change and I didn’t. I forgot or just ignored your feelings,”


β€œNo, let me talk. Please,” He said, β€œI agree with everything you have said. I’m an asshole. I know I’m controlling but it’s because I want to protect you but that isn’t the right thing to do. Shit, look. I will change but I know that I won’t be like the stories you read. I read those books and how could you read that? The men were pussies! How could they protect their woman if one punched knocked them the fuck out? Did you really think they were perfect men?”

β€œNo,” Sky said, β€œThey are perfect for other women. Not me. You-”

β€œAnyway, I would like you to be there for my first session. It might make me calmer but who the fuck knows and if I get angry you can hold me back because I might blackout and hit something and if I accidentally hit you then-”

β€œThat might not be a good idea,” Sky said, swallowing the lump in her throat.

Axel frowned, β€œWhy not? You’ve taken plenty of hits before. I’ll try to-”

β€œI am telling you that it isn’t a good idea to-”

β€œI won’t hit you. I’ll hit something else but I am just warning you that you are the only-”

β€œAxel I’m pregnant!” Sky said loudly, cutting him off, β€œSo...yeah. Surprise,”


β€œAxel?” Sky said, β€œAre...are you fucking kidding me?!”

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