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Darcy turned the page to her story so engrossed that she didn’t realise that Chelzi was sneaking up behind her.

β€œNo way,” Darcy gasped quietly, β€œHow did I not-ahhhh!”

Darcy leapt from her seat and Chelzi bent over at the waist laughing.

β€œYou bitch!” Darcy said, β€œWhy would you do that?”

β€œBecause it was too good an opportunity to miss,” Chelzi giggled, β€œSorry. I couldn’t help it,”

β€œYou could have given me a heart attack,” Darcy said dropping onto the chair, β€œRight before the end of the book,”

β€œWhat are you reading?” Chelzi asked sitting down, β€œYou used to read stupid romance books when we were kids. That looks like a crime.”

Darcy smiled, β€œYes, well I had to grow up quickly when you left. But I still like a stupid romance every now and then,”

β€œSo what are you reading?”

β€œA crime book I found in the library,” Darcy said, β€œHana recommended it,”

β€œDarcy,” Chelzi said, β€œI am sorry for what happened. I did come back for you when I had the money, but Martin had already moved away with you,”

β€œI know,” Darcy said, β€œWhen dad sold me to pay off his debts, I asked around the girls to see if you had walked with them but they said they had never heard of you,”

β€œWell, that’s because I never did walk the street,” Chelzi shrugged, β€œI went straight into strip clubs because that was the safest way to make money. Then I came across Freya and she got me the job at the club. I’ve been there ever since,”

Darcy smiled, β€œIf only I had gone to that. It would have been easier on me,”

The doorbell sounded and Chelzi groaned, β€œCan we not get a break? Axel knocked himself out and Jason won’t come out of his room,”

Chelzi walked out of the room and Darcy opened her book again to start reading, but something felt off. She bit into her lip and closed the book, leaving the room. Her eyes went wide at the man standing in the doorway and felt her blood run cold.

β€œWhat are you doing here?” Darcy said, β€œYou aren’t welcome,”

β€œI need to talk to you,” Martin said.

β€œI have nothing to say to you nor do I want to hear anything you have to say,” Darcy said, β€œHow the hell did you find us?”

Martin rubbed the back of his neck, β€œWell, I saw you out in town so I followed the car home. It’s important,”

β€œJust leave,” Darcy said, β€œWe already have enough problems as it is,”


β€œHurry up and talk then,” Chelzi snapped, β€œGet inside and if you try anything stupid, then I am going to shove a gun down your throat,”

Martin nodded and followed Chelzi into the room they had come from. He sat down on the edge of the sofa looking around the room.


β€œI’m here to ask for forgiveness,” Martin said, β€œI...I’m not proud of what I have done to you girls but I was struggling and I became addicted to drinking and gambling. I feel that it was my fault that your mother died and-”

β€œIs that all you are here for?” Darcy said.


β€œDo you honestly think that we would believe that?” Chelzi scoffed, β€œThere is always an ulterior motive when it comes from you. It has been that since we were young,”

β€œFine,” Martin said, β€œI need to borrow some money. I have some gambling debts and drug debts to pay off. I will give it back, I promise but-”

β€œNo. You always do this,” Darcy said, β€œYou sold me off to pay your debt at 16 years old! It’s been paid off and-”

β€œWhy do you always have to turn this around on me?” Martin said, standing up, β€œI had a problem and you were the only thing I could get rid of,”

β€œThing?” Chelzi said, β€œDon’t you dare talk about her like that,”

β€œAnd what about you? You ran off leaving her behind. How are you any better than I am?”

β€œBecause I love my sister!” Chelzi yelled, β€œI came back for her but you knew that and ran away!”

Martin grabbed Chelzi by the hair, β€œDon’t fucking talk to me like that you disgusting whore. I will get my money whether you like it or not,”

Darcy whacked Martin with her book and he let Chelzi go, turning on Darcy. She didn’t have enough time to avoid the punch Martin threw at her. Darcy grunted in pain and dropped to the floor.

β€œIf you lay another hand on them,” Blake said, making them all jump, β€œI will pull the fucking trigger,”

Darcy was helped to her feet by Zeke and Chelzi hugged her, glaring at their father.

β€œSit the fuck down,” Blake said, pushing the gun harder against his head, β€œI think we need to have a chat,”

Darcy wiped the blood from her mouth and swallowed painfully. Her eyes never left Blake's face and she felt so much respect towards him. Despite their arguments and falling outs, she still loved him.

Zeke dropped a suitcase onto his lap, β€œThere is enough money in there to pay off your debts. If you have any sense, you will take that money to the people you owe,”

β€œWhen you leave this building you will have no more ties with Darcy or Chelzi,” Blake said, β€œIf you come near them again, I will kill you. Do you understand?”

Martin nodded, β€œY-yes. I understand,”

β€œThen make it clear that you won’t ever contact them again. They are no longer your family,” Blake snapped, β€œTell me you won’t contact them again!”

β€œI won’t contact them again!” Martin said, clutching the case tight to his chest, β€œI won’t. I promise,”

β€œGood,” Blake said, lowering the gun, β€œLeave,”

Martin nodded and got to his feet, glancing at the girls quickly. He glanced back at Blake and Zeke, then back at the girls.

β€œFuck you,” Martin said and spat at them.

β€œYou fucking bastard!” Blake yelled and knocked him to the floor, smashing his fist into the mans face over and over again.

β€œZeke, do something!” Chelzi said.

Blake sighed, β€œI don’t want to get hurt. Even though he looks frail, he can really punch,”

β€œIf you get Blake off him, I will spend a night with you,”

β€œOk, Blake,” Zeke said, wrapping his arm around Blake's neck, pulling him off, β€œTime to take a breather,”

β€œThat was easier than I had thought,” Chelzi muttered.

β€œWanker!” Blake said stomping on Martin's dick, β€œZeke, find out who the debt collectors are. Tell them we have a fucking present for them,”

Darcy let go of Chelzi and ran into Blake's arms, hugging him tightly. She felt the tension drop from his body and he hugged her back.

β€œThank you,” She whispered.

β€œI’ve told you from day 1,” Blake said, β€œI look after my number 1 girl,”

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