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After the doctor left, Sky sat on Axel's lap hugging him tightly. They sat together in comfortable silence, enjoying being together and without arguing.

β€œWe need to tell everyone,” Axel said wiping his eyes free of tears, β€œAnd if you tell them I cried, I’m kicking you out again,”

β€œDon’t be stupid,” Sky said climbing off his lap, β€œI won’t say anything. Everything that was said in this room stays in this room,”

Axel nodded, β€œCan...can I touch your belly?”

β€œUh, s-sure,”

Axel pulled her closer and placed his hands onto her belly, β€œIt’s getting round,”

β€œI’m 10 weeks pregnant,”

β€œYou’re going to be so squishy. I can’t wait,”

β€œShut up,”

β€œHow did you not notice you were pregnant? Did you not see your belly becoming flabby?”

β€œDid you want me to hurt you?”

Axel smirked, β€œSorry. Hey little thing inside mummy’s tummy,”

Sky's heart felt like it was about to burst as Axel spoke to her belly. She felt so much love towards him that sometimes it scared her.

β€œI’m your daddy,” He said quietly, β€œI know you’re only tiny and still growing, but I already love you. It won’t be easy to come into this world but I will do everything to look after you. You won’t need to worry about anything. I’ll buy you anything you want. I’ll protect you with my life and you will grow up to be a strong person like your mummy and daddy,”

Sky swallowed back her tears.

β€œLife won’t be easy but we will try to make it as easy as we can for you. Daddy is a bad man who does bad things. But I will never hurt you,” He said, β€œMummy will kick my ass if I do. I promise that I will love you and I will love mummy with everything I have. I can’t wait to meet you,”

β€œWho are you and what have you done with Axel?” Sky said, sniffling slightly.

β€œI told you I would work on myself and now we are bringing in a little one into this world, I need to make myself a better person,”

β€œYou are a better person,” Sky said, β€œI never wanted you to change that. I just wanted you to change how controlling and possessive you are. It can be suffocating,”

β€œI will. Junho will help and I know I have a problem,”

β€œI do understand why you always want to have control in your life,” Sky said, β€œIf Finley was standing in front of me right now, I’d beat him within and inch of his life, stop that disgusting dick off and shove a bat with nails in right up-”

β€œOk. I get it,” Axel said, β€œNot something I want to visualise. I’ve seen you stomp one dick off. I don’t want to see another,”


Axel sighed, β€œOk. Let’s break the news of our pregnancy and stand in front of me so Tyler doesn’t punch me,”

β€œIt’s ok. You can admit you are scared of him,”

β€œI’m not fucking scared of him,” Axel said opening the door for her, β€œHe just punches hard,”

Sky chose not to say anything and let Axel walk with his hand on her lower back.

After convincing everyone to meet them in the main room, Axel cleared his throat getting everyone’s attention.

β€œI need to say something so if any of you fuckers interrupt me, I’m going to shoot you,” Axel said and patted the gun at his hip, β€œZeke, hands off Tyler's lap. Save that for later,”

β€œH-he wasn’t touching m-me!” Tyler exclaimed.

β€œLook,” Jake said, β€œWe all know you two fucked. Don’t be so shy about it,”

β€œWhy did I not know about this!?” Sky asked.

β€œYou were too busy riding Jason,” Sara giggled and elbowed Jason gently, β€œI bet she rode your dick well. It looked like you both enjoyed it from the photos,”

β€œShut the fuck up,” Axel said, β€œNo more talking about Sky riding Jason,”

β€œOr you fucking Sharon?” Jenna muttered under her breath.

β€œNo. This is fucking important so shut the fuck up,”

β€œSomeone is on their period,” Freya said, β€œI might have a spare tampon but you might be a sanitary towel kinda guy,”

β€œI swear to-”

β€œTampons hurt the vagina,” Sara said.

β€œOnly because you don’t know how to insert them,”

Sky held back her smile as she realised her friends were enjoying pissing Axel off.

β€œAt least you have periods,” Chelzi sighed, β€œAfter my surgery I-”

β€œTalking about periods,” Darcy said, β€œDoes anyone have a tampon?”

β€œShut the fuck up!” Axel exclaimed.

β€œI ran out and I’m not sure I want to go to the shops,” Darcy said ignoring him.

Sky rolled her eyes and stood up next to Axel to try and help him out, β€œI’ll deal with it,”

β€œYou better cause I’ll fucking shoot then,” He muttered.

β€œI’m pregnant,” Sky said loudly.

β€œHow am I not inserting them properly?”

β€œYou don’t. I just know it,”

β€œI’m pregnant!” Sky yelled and the room went silent, β€œThat is what is so important. Axel and I are going to have a baby,”

β€œWhat. The. Fuck,” Tyler said getting to his feet and he glared at Axel, β€œYou got my sister pregnant?”

β€œHe did,”

β€œ fucking asshole!”

Sky jumped to the side as her brother ran at Axel. He punched him square in the jaw but then wrapped his arms around him hugging him tightly.

β€œI’m so fucking happy!” He said kissing Axel hard on the lips, β€œI’m going to be an uncle!”

β€œDid you have to kiss me!?” Axel said scrubbing at his lips, β€œFor fuck sake!”

Sky let Tyler hug her, β€œAre you happy?”

β€œOver the moon. Mum and dad would be so proud,”

β€œYeah,” She said trying not to cry, β€œAlso, you and Zeke?”

β€œNot discussing that with you,” He said, β€œI need a drink! Wait...bad sister! You were drinking and training and fighting. Are you stupid?”

β€œI didn’t know!”

β€œI suppose my present is even better now,” Jake said frowning, β€œI guess I can take you to meet them now,”

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