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The room was silent. No one’s breath could be heard as they stared at the photos on the laptop screen. Sky had worked violent cases before, where victims heads had been blown apart with shotguns, and partial dismemberment. Even a teenager stabbed so many times you could have used his body to strain pasta.

But this was something else.

Sky glanced at Jason who was studying the photos and she sat beside him, making him look at her.

β€œAny ideas?” She asked.

β€œNot yet,” He sighed, β€œI can’t tell who it might be. The face has been completely removed. The photos are a little blurry but if you look here, the teeth have been removed. In this photo, the hands and feet have no nails. Whoever this was, has been scalped as well almost to get rid of any identity,”

β€œWe know it’s a she,” Sky said, β€œEven though she has been dismembered to the point where it would take an expert to put the pieces back together, whoever it was managed to resist the urge to take her breasts away, so this might not be for sexual gratification.”

Jason shook his head, β€œThis is sick. I’ve never seen anything like it. No wonder Freya passed out. It’s disgusting,”

"I can't see if her vagina has been sewn up or not. The pictures aren't very clear."

"Do you think this is on purpose?" Jason asked.

"Yes. They want us to study the photos. That might be the sexual gratification part but I can't be sure."

β€œWe all know who did this,” Axel said, β€œI am going to kill that bastard, if it’s the last thing I do,”

β€œWe need to call Reece,” Jason said, β€œThis is way beyond what I’m trained to do. These cases always went to you and Dexter,”

β€œI’ll need to see the body to have any inkling on the next move,” Sky said, β€œHowever, I’m not sure Finley would be willing to give the body up. He has probably thrown her to the bottom of the ocean or fed her to the animals,”

β€œSky,” Chelzi said biting into her nails and walking back and forth in front of them, β€œI think I know who it is,”

β€œWho?” Axel asked.

β€œIt might be Ali,”

β€œI thought the police had her body,” Zeke said.

β€œSo did I!” Chelzi exclaimed, β€œIt was bad enough seeing what happened to her in the first place! And now this?”

β€œTry not to panic, ok?” Sky said calmly, β€œWhy do you think this is Ali?”

Chelzi let Darcy sit her down and she shook her leg, β€œAli had quite a few tattoos and the one we used to laugh about the most was on her lower back,”

Sky flicked through the photos until she found one of the body lying face down, β€œIt doesn’t happen to say β€˜behave yourself’, does it?”

β€œI knew it. I fucking knew it!”

Sky and Jason shared a knowing glance.

β€œDid you want to explain what that look meant?” Blake said, β€œAnd don’t bullshit us with your cop lingo,”

β€œReece told me that Ali was with the forensic team,” Sky said, β€œOne way in, one way out. Unless a body is being delivered. The trucks pull into the basement parking, and a small hatch is opened where the body is placed with all their details. There would be someone on the other side to bring the body in on a conveyor belt,”

β€œThe delivery team have to sign in when they go into the basement parking and sign out,” Jason said, β€œIt’s a long process because they have to go to see whoever is in charge that day to do the same thing. Sign in, head to the basement to have their documents signed and then sign out before they leave,”

β€œYour point?”

β€œIf Ali’s body was taken from the morgue, then there is a dirty cop,” Jason said, β€œYou can only get in with a swipe card and if there is a different truck driver, then their details are taken. Often cops have to move the body but there is so much paperwork,”

β€œYou think someone on the inside is working for my brother?” Axel asked.

β€œMore than likely,” Sky said, β€œI can talk to Reece at the station and-”

β€œNo,” Axel said, β€œYou aren’t doing anything that is going to stress you out. I won’t have you leave this place. It’s too risky,”

β€œAxel, honey, Koala, controlling-bastard,” Sky said making him smile slightly, β€œI will be ok. If you are worried, then come with me. My two babies can come as well. They won’t let anyone hurt me. Will you? No, no you won’t!”

Odin and Rocky barked and shook their tails as Sky ruffled their ears, staring at her with so much love.

β€œUm, guys,” Jason said as the laptop pinged, β€œWho is this?”

β€œFuck,” Jake said, β€œAre you fucking kidding me? That god damn sick son of a mother fucking bitch!”

Jake stormed out of the room and Sky excused herself to follow him. It wasn’t hard to find him because he was throwing things around in the other sitting room that was rarely used.

β€œAre you ok?” Sky asked softly.

β€œWhat do you think?” Jake snapped, β€œThat bastard is not only terrorising this family, but he is now threatening to kill my brother!”

β€œYou need to call him,”

β€œAre you crazy?!”

β€œWhat do you think?” Sky smiled, β€œI’m still here so I must be,”

β€œLook, Sky, I understand that you want to help but I can’t call my brother,” Jake said, β€œWe don’t like each other. We are enemies,”

β€œOnly on paper,” Sky said, β€œJake, I’m sure he will understand. Tom isn’t stupid and if you call him, then it is serious,”

β€œThe last time I spoke to him, I was using him as a resource to find you,”

β€œAnd now you need to call him because he is the one that needs protecting,” Sky said, putting her hands in his, β€œEven though you don’t like each other, he is still your brother and I’ve met him. He is a total sweetheart. Just like you,”

Jake sighed, β€œWhy can I never say no to you?”

β€œBecause I’m like your annoying little sister,” Sky said, hugging him, β€œCall him. He isn’t like you who can look after himself. Tom needs your protection and who knows, you can try working on your relationship,”

Jake laughed bitterly and shook his head, β€œThat will never happen. Trust me,”

β€œCan I ask why?” Sky stepped back, β€œYou don’t have to tell me,”

Jake swallowed hard and nodded, β€œI...Reece and I met before,”


β€œAnd...we kinda, you know, fucked,” Jake said quietly, β€œI stupidly fell in love with him but he ended up falling for my brother,”

β€œWow,” Sky whispered.

β€œFucked up right?” Jake said shaking his head, β€œI should go and call my brother,”

A/N: This is what Odin and Rocky look like fyi (if you can't see the picture, it's 2 Rottweiler's):

I freaking love rotties. They are such beautiful and soppy dogs.

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