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The sun had set by the time Jake led his brother into the dining room where everyone was waiting to start dinner. Tom dropped his bag by the door trying to avoid catching anyone’s eyes. Jake tutted and walked past him to sit on the free chair.

Sky got to her feet and walked over to Tom, who finally lifted his head, β€œI’ve set an extra plate if you are hungry?”

β€œI could eat,” Tom said, β€œI heard the news. Congratulations. Are you happy?”

β€œDid you really fucking ask her that?” Jake said.

β€œShut up, Jake,” Sky said, β€œCan you blame him for being uncomfortable? He helps put you guys behind bars. I was no different,”

β€œTrue but we thought you were a hooker,” Zeke grinned.

β€œNo one is going to say anything to you, Tom. If they do I will kick their asses,”

β€œNot while you’re pregnant you won’t,” Axel said, β€œI’m not risking our baby because these guys can’t hold their tongue. Listen up pricks, Tom is a guest. If you don’t like that then fuck off. Finley is a threat to us all. Got it?”

Everyone mumbled and Sky made Tom sit beside her with Jason on the other side. The silence was shortly filled with the sound of scrapes on the plates and murmurs of how good the food was.

β€œI knew I should have made you cook for me,” Tom said, β€œYou are a very good cook,”

β€œThank you but to be honest, you were much better than me. Good cooks run in the family,”

β€œJakey was always better than me,”

β€œDon’t,” Jake said, β€œDon’t fucking call me that,”

β€œJake!” Sky exclaimed.

β€œNo, it’s ok,” Tom said, β€œI’ve not exactly been a good older brother to him. But I would like to start over. We are brothers whether you like it or not and I want our family back,”

β€œIt’s too late for that,”

β€œCan we not even talk?”

β€œNo. I don’t want to mend our relationship anymore. Too many things have happened and I can’t just start fresh,”

β€œMum would be upset,”

There was a loud thud and everyone turned to see Jake. Sky's eyes widened slightly when she saw a knife embedded in the table.

β€œDon’t you dare talk about mum,” Jake said quietly, β€œI don’t want to hear her name,”

β€œJake, it wasn’t your fault and no one blames you,”

β€œIf you want to keep your tongue, shut the fuck up!”

β€œCan we just-”

β€œNo!” Jake yelled, β€œI don’t wanna fucking hear it. You are only here because Sky felt sorry for you and that you are now a target!”

Sky calmly reached for a bread roll and looked at Jake who was red in the face with anger. She tossed it into the air slightly and caught it, before launching it across the table. It hit Jake on the forehead and he stumbled back in shock.

β€œI don’t want to get involved in your sibling argument but since you dragged me into, you are going to shut up and let me talk,” She said, looking at Tom and Jake, β€œLet’s get something straight before you pop off again. I didn’t feel sorry for Tom... I was scared for him. So don’t lie,”

β€œSky, it’s ok,” Tom said.

β€œI’m not finished talking,” Sky said, β€œIf you didn’t want him here or you didn’t care about him, then why did you react the way you did when you saw the photos? There must be some sort of love still in there for your brother,”

β€œYou don’t get it,” Jake said, β€œWe are too different to become brothers again,”

β€œNot true,” Sky shook her head and stood up, β€œI think you look alike. You have the same smile and the same laugh. Both of you are great cooks and you are both so god damn stubborn that it does my nut in,”

β€œYou’re one to talk,” Tyler said under his breath.

β€œDo you have any other family?” Sky asked, β€œA dad, uncle or anything like that?”

β€œNo. We just have each other,” Tom said, quietly.

β€œThen why the fuck are you at each other’s throats? I understand that you are angry at each other and I won’t argue with that, but the only family you have by blood, is your brother. You should learn to deal with the differences you have,”


β€œDon’t even attempt to finish that sentence Jake,” Sky said, β€œGod only knows what I would do if I was sent a picture of Tyler dead on the floor or even a gun against his head. He is my only living relative and the dumb ass gets on my last nerve, I’d do anything to protect him and keep him near. If you two don’t sort your shit out through words, then have a punch up. That always works,”

β€œNot when people are fighting you!” Blake said, β€œI have seen you knock out a grown man with one punch,”

β€œThat was a lucky punch. I got a nerve,”

β€œIf you think fighting will work, then I will do it. Jake has so much resentment towards me that maybe a punch or two won’t hurt,” Tom said, β€œJust avoid hitting me in the face. My face is too beautiful to be covered in bruises,”

β€œAnd my face isn’t?” Jake scoffed, β€œI’m not having my face ruined by you,”

β€œThe resemblance is uncanny,” Freya laughed.

β€œI know right?” Sara said, β€œIf you two weren’t gay,”

β€œI feel blessed breathing the same air as them,” Chelzi said, fanning her face with her hand.

β€œI would enjoy playing spin the bottle with you two hot species of men,” Jenna said, β€œBut whoever the bottle lands on has to kiss me,”

β€œSpin the bottle?” Darcy said, β€œHow old are you?”

β€œHey, watch your tongue. I lived a very sheltered life until I reach secondary school,”

β€œYou should have got out more,”

β€œWhat do you brothers say we disappear upstairs and, you know, get to know each other?” Sara said.

β€œThey wouldn’t turn straight for you,” Freya said.

β€œAnd why not?”

Freya turned to grin at her, β€œBecause why would they want you, when I am sitting right here?”

β€œWhy would they want mutton when they could have steak with me?”

β€œI only eat sausage,” Tom said, β€œAnd I’m a married man,”

β€œIt was worth a try,” Sara shrugged, β€œPreggo, eat before I eat you,”

β€œStop trying to turn my girlfriend into a lesbian. She has the perfect dick sitting right here,” Axel said.

β€œYou got that right,” Everyone said in unison.

β€œNo! You fucking pricks. I’m talking about my dick and you know what? I’m fucking done with this stupid conversation,” Axel tutted, β€œJake, sir the fuck down and eat. Sky, I want to see that plate clear,”

β€œYes, dad,” Sky rolled her eyes.

β€œI think you mean daddy,” Jenna said, β€œBut you do you,”

"I'm going to fucking shoot you one of these days," Axel mumbled under his breath.

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