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The next morning Sky woke up early and headed downstairs for some breakfast. To her surprise, Tom was sitting at the breakfast bar staring at his coffee mug.

β€œMorning,” Sky said, β€œDid you sleep well?”

β€œNo,” He sighed, β€œI guess being here makes me on edge. Jake wouldn’t let me talk to him after dinner and I can’t sleep without Reece next to me,”

β€œYou could always get him to stay with you?” She said, and her dogs trotted into the kitchen and rushed over to her for attention, β€œI’m sure he would prefer being here with you and no one will say anything about it. We are working together to bring down Axel's brother,”

β€œI’m not sure he would feel comfortable staying here with Jake around,”

β€œCan I ask why?”

Tom ran his hand through his hair and shook his head, β€œIf you didn’t already know, Reece and Jake hooked up a few times. I had no idea what went on because Reece and I didn’t know each other all those years ago. Of course, Jake knew he was a police officer at the time and was older by a few years but he didn’t care. Reece went off the grid because he went undercover and Jake came to me. He wanted to talk about how he felt about this man and that he believed he didn’t feel the same way about him,”

Sky sat down beside him and her dogs sat there watching her with their tails wagging.

β€œI guess Reece gave up because he never spoke about him again. I always thought he had found someone else to hook up with,” Tom smiled sadly, β€œIt was about 3 months after and I met Reece. It was a party with cops and associates, and when I walked into the hall, he was the first person I saw. I had never seen someone so handsome standing there before. Reece looked almost edible in his suit and the way he smiled just brought butterflies to my stomach,”

Tom sighed and put his hands around his coffee mug.

β€œReece and I got to know each other more. I told him I had a younger brother and he told me about his family,” Tom shrugged, β€œA few months later we were serious and got engaged. It was a fast engagement and I don’t regret it at all but then I invited Jake round for dinner to meet my fiance and that was when I realised that Reece was the man my brother had been talking about. I asked so many questions and Reece told me that he had no idea that we were brothers. He kept saying how sorry he was and that Jake was only someone to have sex with. Reece also said that he told him that when they first hooked up. I felt bad for my brother and Reece. He never expected for Jake to fall in love with him and never expected me to fall for him either,”

β€œThat’s complicated,”

β€œTell me about it,” Tom rolled his eyes, β€œJake and I have always had a rocky relationship. Our father was a drunk who liked to hit us around, including our mum. Even then he would smile and get on with the day. When he met Axel as a teen, things started to go downhill. He stayed out late or didn’t come back for days. He constantly argued with our mum. Dad wasn’t having any of it and when Jake came back one night, drunk, dad punched him,”

β€œOh wow,”

β€œJake snapped. I had never seen Jake so angry before and mum was screaming at them both to stop fighting. No one was listening,” Tom closed his eyes, β€œAs I went to stop Jake from killing him, mum ran forward and pushed dad away, screaming at him. She said that enough was enough and she wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her boys again,”

β€œYou don’t have to-”

β€œNo. I need to get it off my chest. Reece knows everything but that is it. I’ve kept it a secret for so long,” Tom let out a shaky breath, β€œJake was so angry. He ran to the kitchen as dad punched mum and he came back with a knife. He stabbed dad in the shoulder and moved mum away before she could take another beating,” He paused and a tear ran down his face, β€œDad was high on drugs and was drunk, so he didn’t feel much of the stab. He yanked it out and went to stab Jake but-”

β€œMum pushed me out of the way and dad killed her instead,” Jake said making them both jump. He walked into the kitchen and sat opposite them, β€œI was the reason why mum was killed,”

β€œYou aren’t to blame for what our dad did,”

β€œTomy, I was the one to start on dad. I was the one to bring a knife into a fistfight. I was the one who got her killed,”

β€œI’ll leave you to it,” Sky said quietly, β€œI don’t want to intrude,”

β€œIt’s fine,” Jake sighed, β€œI should apologise to you as well for speaking to you like that. None of this is your fault and you were concerned for my brother. Tom, I know mum never blamed me for what happened but I still carry that guilt around,”

β€œI do as well,” Tom said, β€œI never tried to stop him,”

β€œHe would have killed you too,” Jake ran his hand through his hair.

β€œI’m sorry. For everything,” Tom said, β€œIf I had known who Reece was before-”

β€œShut up,” Jake laughed slightly, β€œYou can’t help who you fall in love with. He and I were too different. I knew from the moment I saw the two of you together, that you were meant to be. It was something I’ve dealt with but I don’t hate you for it,”

β€œI still-”

β€œTom, if you don’t stop talking I will punch you in the face,” Jake said, β€œIf you are meant to be then things will always work out for you. Reece and I were nothing more than hookups. Right now, I want to focus on myself and getting rid of Finley. No one apart from me fucks around with my family,”

β€œCan I ask you something?” Sky said and the brothers looked at her, β€œWow. Ok. That was creepy. Do you have any idea how similar you are?”

β€œYes,” They said in unison.

β€œWow. Ok,” She said, β€œRight. I have to focus. Can I ask what happened to your dad?”

Tom sighed, β€œTo be honest with you, I have no idea. After he killed mum, he ran and we never saw him again. I should probably call Reece. Um, I will speak to you later, Jake,”

Sky waited for Tom to go back upstairs before she turned to speak to Jake, β€œBottom of the ocean?”

β€œIn pieces,”

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