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Axel laid back on his bed with his hands behind his head and watched Sky squeeze into her bra. He bit into his lip as she complained about her bras not fitting properly.

β€œThis is ridiculous!” She exclaimed, β€œI was never gifted with ample breasts and I came to terms with that, but now look at them! They don’t fit into my bra and they are bulging out. If you don’t let me go shopping then I will go without a bra and let everyone look at my nipples through my tops,”

β€œRight,” Axel said as she pulled a top on, β€œOnly if I’m allowed to go with you,”

β€œWho else is going to pay?” She snapped and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

β€œThe fuck did I do?!” Axel said loudly, β€œFucking pregnant girls are crazy,”

He quickly got dressed and jogged downstairs to see Sky in the kitchen. She grabbed a mug and it slipped out of her hand, smashing against the floor.

β€œYou fucking piece of shit!”

β€œIf you start yelling at inanimate objects, I will get my shrink to talk to you,” Axel said, β€œDon’t touch it. I’ll clean it up,”

β€œWhat is wrong with me?” She said, β€œI’m the last week I have smashed more plates and mugs than I have in my whole life!”

β€œDoes it fucking matter?”


Axel sighed and rubbed his face, β€œIf it’s bothering you that much we will go get some more,”

β€œOr plastic plates,” Blake said walking into the kitchen, β€œIsn’t it a bit early for you to be yelling?”

β€œGo lay on a sun bed you pale vampire looking person!” Sky said and stomped out of the kitchen.

β€œThe fuck did I do?” Blake asked, β€œDid you do something to her?”

β€œWhy does everyone think I’ve done something?”

β€œBecause you usually do,”

Axel tutted and cleaned up the broken glass.

β€œI’m confused,” Zeke frowned and Axel looked up to see him leaning on the doorway, β€œHave you done something to Sky?”


β€œThen why did she come into the living room, stare at the animal on the TV and burst into tears? I asked if she was ok and boom. It’s like she suddenly turned into beast mode. I had to run for my life before she gutted me,”

β€œAre you sure you didn’t do anything to piss her off?” Blake asked.

β€œNo! She’s upset because her tits have got bigger and they don’t fit in her bras anymore,” Axel tutted.

Zeke grinned, β€œOh really?”

β€œKeep your hands off them. They are mine,”

The drive into town was quiet and Sky was staring out of the window at passing cars. Axel took her hand and she looked at him.

β€œUh...are you ok?”

Sky shrugged, β€œI don’t know. My emotions are all over the place. I cried over an animal on an advert. I have never done that. Being pregnant is making me emotional,”

β€œI’m no expert with pregnant people, but you can talk to my mum...if you want,”

β€œMaybe. We still need to tell your parents,”

β€œWhat if I don’t want to?”

β€œTough shit,” Sky smiled.

β€œCan we just wait until the time is right? With everything that is going on, I don’t wanna cause anymore problems,”

β€œWe can wait until next week? We find out what we are having so I think it will be a nice surprise. But not telling your parents that I’m 16 weeks pregnant might be a bit mean,”

β€œMaybe but I just...look, I want to surprise them. I want it to be special. The shit that is going on is too much and I want to tell them over dinner,”

Sky opened her mouth to say something but quickly shook her head, β€œI’m looking forward to it,”

β€œOk,” Sky sighed, β€œWhat the fuck did I do?”


β€œThen why are you in a bad mood? Shit. What is wrong?”

β€œI’m just...” Sky paused, β€œI just wish my parents were here to see me start a family. They would be so happy and I guess I need my mum. It’s hard,”

Axel pulled her into him, β€œThey would be happy but not happy with the guy who fucked you and got your pregnant,”

β€œYour parents changed their opinion of me,”

β€œMy dad knew you were a cop from the beginning,”

β€œHe what?” Sky exclaimed.

β€œUh, I didn’t say that,”

β€œAnd you forgot to fucking mention this to me for what reason?”

β€œCalm down. There- ”

β€œDon’t fucking tell me to calm down. Why the hell didn’t you mention this and how did he know? And why the hell didn’t he mention this to you?”

Axel bit into his lip, β€œCause he saw how much I loved you when you first met them and he thought I knew,”

β€œWant to tell me how he knew?”

β€œFor fuck sake,” Axel sighed, β€œYou were part of a fun bust and you managed to tackle one of the main dealers to the floor. He was twice the size of me and you took him down with no problems,”

β€œHoly shit. He was there!?” Sky exclaimed, β€œThat dumbass I knocked over was a suspect of mine for at least two years and then when I knocked him down, my trousers tore up the crack,”

β€œHe may have mentioned that,”

β€œGreat. Your dad saw my ass that day. Can’t say I had suitable underwear one but that was Ty's fault for not-”

β€œWait. He didn’t mention that! What underwear did you have on?”

Sky blushed, β€œ was red,”

Axel smirked, β€œRed thong?”

β€œYes! But I don’t like-”

A loud screeching of car tires drowned Sky's words and the car was t-boned, sending their car skidding across the road. Their bodies jerked in pain again when the car slammed into a parked car.

Axel groaned loudly in pain and blinked away the blurriness from his eyes, β€œEveryone ok?”

β€œF-fuck,” Spencer grunted, β€œI think m-my leg is broken,”

β€œBabe?” Axel coughed and looked over at Sky slumped over in her seatbelt, blood trickling from the side of her head, β€œSky!”

Axel gritted his teeth as he undone his belt and almost cried out in pain reaching over to check the pulse on her neck.

β€œSpencer, call the boys,”

The door was ripped open and Axel looked up into his brothers face.

β€œHello brother,” Finley giggled, β€œI’ve come to collect my bargaining chip,”

A gun was pressed against Axel's head.

β€œDon’t reach for your gun or I will blow your brains out,” A new voice said.

β€œDon’t fucking touch her!” Axel yelled as his brother as he pulled Sky out of the car.

β€œI’d you don’t want me to play with your precious woman,” Finley said, β€œOr break a few more bones, you will stay there until I call you. Oh, tell our dear old parents that they are next on my list,”

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