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The pain wasn’t sharp like a needlepoint throbbing through her head. It burnt as if someone had thrown scalding water over her body. Sky was in so much agony that she had wished someone had shot her instead. It was an easier pain to deal with than what she was going through. Even when she tried to open her eyes, the stinging pain made her want to scream out in pain.

Every scenario floated through her head trying to figure out what had happened. She recalled speaking to Axel about a red thong and then the screeching of tires. Fear almost drowned her as she tried to put her hands to her stomach, but her hands were tied tightly to the side of the chair she was sitting on.

Hot tears streamed down her burning face and she opened her mouth, ignoring the pain shooting through her jaw. Sky screamed as loud as she could until someone would join her in the room she was locked up in. It didn’t take long for a door top open and she dropped her head, breathing heavily.

β€œSo the princess awakens,”

Sky swallowed painfully, β€œI’ll kill you,”

β€œAnd how are you going to do that?” Finley asked, β€œYou are tired to a chair and you are bleeding from your head,”

β€œYou are stupider than I thought,” Sky groaned in pain and managed to lift her head, to look at Axel's brother, β€œAnd uglier than I remember,”

Finley grinned widely, β€œI see why Axel likes you. But you won’t be seeing him again unless of course, you believe in heaven,”

β€œWhat do you want?”

β€œI want Axel to suffer for what he did to me,” Finley said sitting in front of her, β€œAxel ruined my life. He made people think I was insane. I’m-”

β€œYou are fucking insane!” Sky hissed in anger and pain, β€œYou are fucking crazy! You are the one that ruined Axel and his family. How could you ever think-”

Finley slapped Sky in the face, making her cry out in pain, β€œYou little bitch! You stupid, little bitch! Do you have any idea what I could do to you? I could cut you up like a Christmas turkey and keep you alive!”

β€œI-insane,” Sky mumbled.

Finley grabbed her hair and made her look at him, β€œDo you see this? This is my favourite knife. I used it on Ali and I’m sure I would enjoy seeing your intestines covering it. What do you say? Would you like to try it out?”

Sky's mouth went dry and she shook her head.

β€œTell me one reason why I shouldn’t slice and dice you right now?”

Sky closed her eyes as tears dripped from her chin, β€œI’m pregnant,”

β€œFind her!” Axel yelled and he threw his glass across the room, β€œWhy has nobody found her?!”

His friends rushed out of the room and the girls sat in the corner, crying with each other not sure on what to do to help.

β€œKoala, we are trying our best,” His mum said, β€œPlease, sit down before you do yourself any more damage,”

β€œI can’t just sit here mum!” He exclaimed, β€œFinley has my fucking girlfriend! Everyone knows what could happen to her. I don’t want to have her sent to me in pieces,”

β€œShe won’t,” She said, β€œSky is a strong girl. She will put up a fight and you know she will. Try not to-”

β€œMum, she’s pregnant,” Axel said, almost breaking down in tears, β€œSky is pregnant and he will hurt her. He will make her lose-”

β€œEnough,” She said softly, β€œPlease, sit down,”

Axel dropped to the seat beside her and his mum put her arm around his shoulder as he tried not to cry, β€œMum, I can’t lose her. She is everything I have ever wanted and I love her. It would kill me if she wasn’t here anymore. I can’t lose her to my brother. I can’t,”

β€œShh,” She soothed him, β€œKoala, we will get her back. Your dad has got the old troops together and they will find her,”

β€œI want to tear him apart,” Axel whispered, β€œI want to do to him what he did to my damn dog,”

β€œWell, I understand the killing part but I don’t want to see you playing with his ears,”

β€œI don’t know what to do,” Axel said, β€œI...I feel like I failed her,”

β€œYou didn’t fail her,”

β€œShe could lose the baby because of me!”

Sky's dogs moved from their spot on the floor and walked over to Axel.

β€œIf she dies, then I have to deal with these fucking dick heads,” He said stroking their head, β€œI don’t want that. They are hers and-”

β€œAxel,” Jake said walking into the room, β€œWe have a problem,”

Axel wiped his eyes and followed Jake to his office. He sat behind the desk and Zeke pressed the play button on the video.

"Helloooo? Is this on? JB, is this on?” Finley said into the camera, ”It is? Ok. Hello Axel. It's me. Your brother, Finley but I like being called Blade. Blade is cool. Very cool but I am cooler than him. Don't you think? I hope you are well...well enough to get ready to die. I have something that belongs to you and she is very interesting. Something I never would have thought you would do, considering you don’t like being touched. I wonder why that is? Oh yeah! Those men that sodomised you put you off for life,”

β€œI am going to kill him,”

"Here we go! Your object or girlfriend as you like to call her. Doesn’t she look pretty covered in all this blood? I must say, she was lucky she didn’t die when the car went into the side of you. It made my life easier with that. Sky was stupid to get involved with you. I have heard that she was a very good cop and one that was about to become the captain. The first female to overcome the men. Strange because only men should be in charge,” Axel watched as Finley lifted Sky's head up by her hair and he felt sick seeing the blood and bruises covering her face, ”Don’t worry. We have taken good care of her. She is still alive,”

β€œHave you found out where she is?” Axel asked, not taking his eyes away from the screen.

β€œWe are working on it,” Zeke said.

"This is a part of you that is still with her. She is only alive because of the little thing inside her tummy,” Finley said pressing the knife against her stomach and he giggled, β€œIf you don’t do what I tell you to do, then I will kill them both. Do you understand brother? You will wait for my instructions. Don’t bother trying to track this email. I’m not stupid so tell Zeke not to bother,”

The screen went black and the room was so silent, a pin could be heard if it was dropped on the floor. Axel closed his eyes briefly as he stood up and he felt every emotion drain from his body, leaving an empty void.

He opened his eyes and his friends were looking at him, β€œFind them,”

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