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Sky didn’t have the strength to lift her head to see the people walk into the room she was in. She had lost any sense of time as the room she was locked in, had no windows or even air. It was hot, humid and her stomach rolled in nausea and hunger.

Sky tried to stay as calm as she could knowing that the accident could have harmed her baby but she pushed any negative thoughts away. She had to stay as positive as she could. She had to stay strong.

For herself. For her brother. For her unborn baby and for everyone waiting for her at home.

The words the men were speaking were blocked out and she couldn’t hear anything over the ringing in her ears. Her jaw was grabbed and was lifted, making Sky open her eyes slightly.

Finley was smiling at her, β€œHello, princess. Did you sleep well?”

β€œFuck you,” She muttered.

β€œThat is no way to speak to me. Don’t forget that you are carrying my nephew or niece,”

β€œDon’t forget that you will never get to meet my baby,”

Finley tutted and let her head drop back down, β€œWe will see about that. Clean her face up. I want her to look half-decent for the photos. I want to expand my photo album and I can’t have her looking like that. Got it?”

β€œYes, boss,”

β€œGood,” Finley stroked her hair and laughed when he realised it was dry with blood, β€œOh, this is so thrilling! I don’t want to wash my hands anymore, but I have a lady friend and I don’t want to scare her away with blood,”

β€œPoor girl,” Sky whispered.

β€œPoor girl, indeed,” Finley giggled, β€œShe won’t go back to the streets, that’s for sure. But it doesn’t concern you because you won’t agree to be mine,”

β€œI’d rather die,”

β€œShame. You would be the only one I treat with respect,” Finley sighed, β€œWe could be good together. I’m very attractive and you aren’t too bad. If you had met me before that asshole brother of mine, we would have been able to take over the world. I am very powerful and you have good contacts,”

β€œFuck. You,”

β€œMaybe if you are a good girl,” Finley said leaning down to kiss her on the cheek, β€œI’m the only one who will make the choice to keep you alive or to tear you apart. I’m attracted to you, princess but not the way Axel is attracted to you. For me, it’s all about power. I would like to see what you would do for me to avoid punishment,”

Sky scoffed, β€œI’d kill you before you’d lay your hand on me,”

β€œOh, dear,” Finley sighed, β€œIf you think I would kill you, then you are wrong. I’d make you wish you were dead and I wouldn’t have to lay a hand on you. Anyway, I can’t keep that whore waiting and I’m itching to hurt someone and get off with their screams and pain. If you behave, I will feed you,”

The door slammed and Sky tried not to cry as someone put their hands on her face.

β€œSky,” The voice said quietly, β€œI’m going to get you out of here. I swear to you,”

Axel sat in his armchair, spinning a knife around in one hand and nursing a large glass of whiskey in the other. The fireplace was alive with a fire that his mum lit a few hours ago and he sat, getting lost in the twisting orange and red flames, casting dark shadows across the room.

He felt like he hadn’t slept in days and even the whiskey didn’t help him. It only made him angrier and less patient. The girls were avoiding him after he unintentionally threw a glass at the wall. Of course, his parents gave him an earful and told him to apologise.

β€œAxel,” Darcy whispered and he jerked out of his trance to look up at her, β€œAre you ok?”

Axel pointed at the empty bottle of whiskey and he scoffed, β€œYou tell me,”

Darcy nodded and sat on the sofa, β€œI know Finley is insane and will do anything to break you, but for some reason, I don’t think he would kill her,”

β€œWhat makes you think that?” Axel tutted, β€œHe’d kill anyone to break someone. He has been like that since he could walk,”

β€œI understand that,” She said, β€œI just have a feeling that he will just use her to bring you out of hiding. If he kills her, then he doesn’t have any leverage against you,”

Axel looked at her, β€œGo on,”

β€œYou won’t go anywhere near him if he has Sky,” Darcy said, β€œIt’s just a thought but he wants you distracted with Sky so that he can attack you,”

Axel exhaled through his nose and downed his drink in one gulp, β€œ are probably right,”

β€œSky is probably giving them hell right now,”

β€œYeah,” Axel said almost smiling.

β€œJust like she did when you shut her in the basement with Jason,”

Axel laughed slightly and nodded, β€œYeah. She is one stubborn, smart-ass bitch. But...I wouldn’t have her any other way. I love her and I...Darcy, thank you,”

β€œFor what?” She frowned.

β€œFor making me remember that she will never go down without a fight,” He rubbed his face, β€œI need to say sorry for what has happened over the past few days. I was angry and I took it out on you and the girls. My friends are used to it and I didn’t mean to scare you,”

Darcy smiled and put her hand on his wrist, β€œIt’s almost 4 in the morning and you didn’t scare me. I’m used to men being angry and you weren’t angry at us. I avoided you to give you some space. It was obvious you needed it,”

Axel nodded, β€œWell, thanks. I should probably give my shrink a raise,”


β€œYou should go back to bed,” Axel said, β€œBlake is probably going to worry if you aren’t next to him,”

β€œWho cares?” Darcy shrugged, β€œThe guy is an asshole anyway,”

β€œHe always has been,” Axel said standing up, β€œBed. Now. I’m still your boss. Now...fuck off,”

Darcy rolled her eyes and walked to the door before stopping, β€œHey, Axel,”

β€œWhat? I told you to fuck off,”

β€œIf you could choose, what would you have- a girl or a boy?”

Axel looked at her, β€œI don’t care as long as the little shit respects their mother, is healthy and isn’t anything like Finley. Now-”

β€œFuck off. Yes! I know,” Darcy said, β€œGo to bed as well before I send your mother downstairs,”

Axel smiled, showing his dimples, β€œI fucking dare you to wake that beast up. You think Blake is bad but you have no idea,”

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